The RPGBOT.Podcast is a thoughtful and sometimes humorous discussion about tabletop RPGs, seeking to help players get the most out of tabletop games by examining game mechanics and related subjects with a deep, analytic focus.

The RPGBOT.podcast is hosted by Ash Ely, Randall James, Random Powell, and Tyler Kamstra, and is produced in association with The Leisure Illuminati.

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Podcast Episodes and Announcements

  • DEATH MECHANICS: From Tragic Defeat To Heroic Sacrifice – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E11
    Death is a common occurrence in the world of tabletop roleplaying games. Whether it’s a heroic sacrifice or a tragic defeat, the concept of death is ingrained into the heart of these immersive adventures. But what happens when a beloved character meets their untimely end? In this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we explore the various death mechanics found in TTRPGs and how they can add depth and meaning to your gaming experience. So gather your dice and prepare for a journey through the realm of death in roleplaying games.
  • Unleash the Untamed Fury of Fire, Air, Water. and Earth! Elementals – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E11
    Looking for a new challenge in your tabletop games? Why not try summoning an Elemental to aid you in battle? Just make sure you know what you’re doing, these creatures can be unpredictable. So join us on this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast as we investigate the world of Elementals and explore their origins, abilities, and role in the TTRPG world. This staple of fantasy tabletop roleplaying games for decades, Elementals embody the very essence of fire, air, water, and earth. But what makes these beings so fascinating? From the elemental planes to the elemental chaos, we’ll uncover the secrets of these powerful entities and discuss how they can enhance your gaming experience. So grab your dice and get ready to summon some Elementals as we dive into this exciting topic!
  • Investigation (Remastered) – Finding Clues, Gathering Intel, and Cracking the Case! – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E10
    Show Notes In this remastered episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, the team delves into the world of Tabletop Roleplaying Games and explores the often underestimated skill of Investigation. From uncovering secrets to finding lost treasures, this is a fundamental skill for
  • Skilled Skullduggery for your Devious Deceiver! Rogues Levels 11-20 – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E9
    Show Notes In this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we continue to shine a spotlight on building one of the most intriguing classes in the game: the Rogue. With their sneaky tactics and manipulative ways, Rogues add an essential element of
  • Build the Ultimate Scoundrel! Rogues Level 1 – 10 – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E8
    Are you ready to delve into the mysterious world of the Rogue? From sneaky sneak attacks to masterful manipulation, these cunning characters are essential additions to any adventuring party. In this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we break down the key elements to consider when building your own Rogue, so get ready to level up your game with this first part of our two-part series on Rogues.

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