The RPGBOT.Podcast is a thoughtful and sometimes humorous discussion about tabletop RPGs, seeking to help players get the most out of tabletop games by examining game mechanics and related subjects with a deep, analytic focus.

The RPGBOT.podcast is hosted by Ash Ely, Randall James, Random Powell, and Tyler Kamstra, and is produced in association with The Leisure Illuminati.

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Podcast Episodes and Announcements

  • Copy Left IV – OGL 1.2 with Alex Kammer and Mark Greenberg – RPGBOT.Masterclass S3E7
    On this RPGBOT.Masterclass, we continue our discussion the Open Gaming License in part 4. We discuss the developments in OGL discussion since our previous episode, then dig into the first draft of OGL 1.2 and its various eccentricities.
  • RPGBOT.Quickstart S3E6 – How to Play Pathfinder 2e – Part 1: Concepts and Themes
    On this episode of the RPGBOT.Quickstart, we discuss the basics of Pathfinder 2e. We cover all the basics of the mechanics and how the game works so that you’re ready to play in a hurry.
  • Copy Left III – OGL 2.0 and the ORC with Alex Kammer and Mark Greenberg – RPGBOT.Masterclass S3E5
    On this RPGBOT.Masterclass, we continue our discussion the Open Gaming License in a somewhat unexpected part 3. We discuss the recent OGL 1.1 leaks, the implications of the events surrounding it, the community response, and the optimistic future of the ORC License.
  • Upcasting Spells – RPGBOT.Podcast S3E4
    On this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we discuss upcasting spells in DnD and Pathfinder. Casting a spell above its base spell level is a crucial mechanic in both DnD 5e and in Pathfinder 2e, and understanding how it works and how to put it to good effect is crucial to understanding spellcasting.
  • Keith Baker on Eberron – RPGBOT.Masterclass S3E3
    In this RPGBOT.Masterclass, we talk to Keith Baker, creator of the Eberron setting, about the setting, its real-world history, and how to tell amazing stories in it. Keith shares insights into one of the most complex and interesting official settings, as well as years of experience and insight telling exciting pulp/noir stories in a setting so novel that it defines the “dungeonpunk” genre.

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