Supporting articles to help you be a better player in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. Beyond just building a good character, being a good player is key to success.

Party Composition

Even if each individual character is heavily optimized, you may find that your party struggles unless your party composition meets the needs of the game.

Party Themes

Sometimes it can be fun to build a party with a cohesive theme. This article provides several example themes, and suggestions for building functional parties around those themes.

Practical Guide to Alignment

A thoughtful discussion on 5e’s alignment system, what makes it good, what makes it bad, and how you can use it in your game without it becoming a problem.

Practical Guide to Dungeoneering

A conceptual guide to dungeon survival in DnD 5e. Grab your note pad and your 10-foot pole and get ready to learn.

Practical Guide to Starting Above 1st Level

Details on how to build your character without accidentally cheating and a wealth by level table to ensure that you have all the right items and gold.

Roleplaying Aids

Need some inspiration for a new character? Need some help turning your cool build into something more interesting than number on a page? Our collection of roleplaying aids offers some great ideas for your character based on your subclass.

Writing Homebrew Character Options

You have a great idea for a new character option that you want to bring into the game, but maybe you don’t know where to start. I’ll walk you through how I write, test, and improve my own homebrew character options so that you can create something that you’re happy to see in the game.