Published by Paizo under the Open Gaming License, Pathfinder is an update to Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 to improve balance and playability. It has since been succeeded by Pathfinder 2nd Edition, but much like 3.5 it still has anthusiastic players.

How to play

New to Pathfinder? Having trouble with the rules? I’m here to help.

Character Optimization

A comprehensive guide to character optimization including feedback, guidance, and example builds.

Player Resources

General resources for players looking to play better or to get more out of their games.

Game Master Resources

Support for Game Masters hoping to improve their games and some homebrew rules and mechanics which give you some extra options at the table.

Variant Rules

Some homebrew variants to address small issues in gameplay.


Open-source web tools to improve your game.

Errata Wish List

A personal wish list for fixes, clarifications, and errata which I feel would make meaningful improvements to Pathfinder’s balance and playability. Many of the issues are relics from d20/3.5, but some are design issues, open questions, or typographical errors specific to Pathfinder.

Supported Content

A brief explanation of the content which I cover on this site.