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  • Baldur’s Gate 3 – New Elf Handbook
    Elves in BG3 stick very close to the TTRPG rules, and have many of the same powerful build combos as they did in the 2014 Player’s Handbook. But there are a few pit falls like being stuck with Fire Bolt on a low-Intelligence character, and there is room to optimize. BG3 Elf Handbook: Baldur’s Gate
  • New Worlds to Discover: A Look at Paizo’s Gen Con 2024 Release Lineup
    Paizo is debuting their lineup of new releases and updates at GenCon in Indianapolis this year. On August 1st, Paizo will unveil the highly anticipated Pathfinder Player Core 2 rulebook and the groundbreaking Starfinder Second Edition Playtest materials. Additionally, the remastered books are being published under the ORC License and the possibilities for creativity and collaboration for Tabletop Roleplaying Gamers and Designers are endless.
  • DEATH MECHANICS: From Tragic Defeat To Heroic Sacrifice – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E11
    Death is a common occurrence in the world of tabletop roleplaying games. Whether it’s a heroic sacrifice or a tragic defeat, the concept of death is ingrained into the heart of these immersive adventures. But what happens when a beloved character meets their untimely end? In this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we explore the various death mechanics found in TTRPGs and how they can add depth and meaning to your gaming experience. So gather your dice and prepare for a journey through the realm of death in roleplaying games.
  • PF2e – New Remaster Warpriest Example Build
    If you want to wield spell and sword to spread the word of the lord, try our build guide for the remaster Warpriest Cleric in Pathfinder 2e. We’ll be going over some of the feat choices that will help you succeed in your crusade without becoming a martyr. The build itself shows off a rather
  • DnD 5e – New Undead Warlock Handbook
    After the underwhelming response to The Undying, WotC later published The Undead, a subclass with a confusingly similar name and a lot of thematic overlap. The subclass’s features are considerably more interesting, but they’re just as unusual as nearly every other warlock subclass, and so is our example build. Undead Warlock Handbook: DnD 5e Subclass

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