In addition to banner ad placements on, RPGBOT works with a number of affiliate programs, and also accepts sponsors for episodes of the RPGBOT.Podcast and issues of the weekly RPGBOT.Newsletter.

Advertising on RPGBOT.Net

If you are interested in advertising on via banner ads, please see our Direct Sales page and use the form at the bottom of the page. That will put you in touch with the wonderful people at Ezoic, who will help you through the process.

Advertising on the RPGBOT.Podcast

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Advertising on the RPGBOT.Newsletter

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Our Affiliate Partners

We use affiliate links for various companies. Supporting our affiliate partners using affiliate links below and and throughout the site helps support all of the RPGBOT content that you love.

We are very careful to indicate affiliate links wherever we use them. We want you to know when we might get something for your purchases or activity.

Affiliate links to our current affiliate partners:

  • Amazon – We try to use links wherever possible so that a portion of your purchases goes to charity.
  • Audible – The leading provider of spoken word audio. Use our link to get a free audio book.
  • Cantrip Candles – The original creators of tabletop gaming candles, Cantrip Candles produces candles and wax melts in a variety of exciting scents.
  • DMsGuild and DriveThruRPG – The leading source of PDF source books
  • dScryb – Proprietors of finely-crafted “boxed text” and other ready-made roleplaying aids. Use coupon code “RPGBOT” at checkout for 10% off your first subscription payment
  • Easy Roller Dice – Dice, dice trays, dice jails, and other tabletop gaming accessories. Use coupon code “RPGBOT” at checkout for 15% off your purchase
  • Ezoic – RPGBOT’s long-time banner ad provider. If you have a cool website, Ezoic is really great.
  • Heroforge – The premier provider of custom RPG miniatures
  • Humble Bundle – Buy bundles of games and game products at a massive discount and support both RPGBOT and charity