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About - RPGBOT Ad Policy

Last Updated: March 9th, 2019 displays paid ads. These ads are served through Ezoic, and while I have control over where they appear on the page and their dimensions, I have very limited control over the exact content of the ads. Like other online ads, these ads may be targeted based on personal information about you which is tracked by various companies using cookies (more about this is explained in the Privacy Policy).

I've put quite a bit of time into how the ads are displayed on the site. Ideally, none of them should cause the page to shift, mis-align, scroll, or otherwise be reformatted or disrupted by the placement of the ads. However, this is an ongoing effort and I am making frequent, rapid improvements in order to provide the best experience possible.

If you encounter any issues with these ads (they break the page, they display in a weird place, they show something offensive, etc.) please email me so that I can fix it.

Why do you display ads?

Short version: To fund the time I put into this site.

While the actualy costs of maintaining this site are small (I write my own code, and my hosting and domain casts are all small annual costs), I don't have a ton of free time between my day job and everyday responsibilities. Placing ads helps me invest more time in the site, and it helps me purchase the small mountain of sourcebooks it takes to keep pace with any single RPG so that I can provide the best content possible while keeping apace with the latest source material from multiple RPGs.

I don't like seeing ads

If you don't like seeing ads on the site, I totally understand, and I encourage you to install an ad blocker. I use Ad Blocker Plus, and I find it to be both effective at blocking ads and convenient for unblocking ads on sites that display ads in ways that don't bother me (like this one).

Does this mean that you're going to post "listicles" and clickbait?

Literally never.

Ezoic monitizes ads partially based on how long users are on a page displaying an ad. It's actually more effective for me to post long-form articles with dense, high-quality content that you want to read start to finish.

Also: listicles suck.

Why ads instead of crowdfunding (Patreon, etc.)?

In an ideal world, I want the content I create to cost nothing but the time it takes to read. I don't want to split my readerbase between patrons and non-patrons until I can find a suitable reward system that encourages patronage without making my site less useful for non-patrons. Unfortunately I haven't concieved a reward system which I think reaches that goal.

That said, I do have a Patreon. It is in extremely early stages, and I am doing nothing to promote it yet and providing no backer rewards currently, but as my site and my audience grow, I intend to expand the patreon when I can make it a worthwhile resource for patrons. If you want to get in early for some reason, feel free to support me on Patreon, but for the time being the best thing you can do to support me is to tell you friends about my site.