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Recent RPGBOT Updates

  • Get RPGBOT Ad Free on Patreon!

    Following the recent user survey, we set out to adjust our Patreon tiers to provide more things that our supporters want at a price point that helps support our work in a way that I can handle, and that lets you select the rewards that you want. First, we’re renaming tiers. Rather than the increasingly…

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  • VECNA, EVE OF RUIN (Warning: Spoilers!) – The RPGBOT.Review – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E56

    Hold on to your dice and brace yourselves, Vecna, the deadliest Lich in all the realms, has returned; and this time, he’s not playing around. In this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we’re reviewing this perilous new journey from Wizards of The Coast. As you face off against the ultimate evil in an epic battle to…

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  • Single-Class Parties: Oops All Artificers

    Introduction We’re taking a look at building single-class parties. Building a party around a single class presents unique challenges often due individual classes’ limited capabilities. DnD is fundamentally a game about a party of diverse characters pooling their abilities to become more than the sum of their parts. The single-class party flips that on its…

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  • ToV – New Wizard Class Guide

    The last of the classes with a Valiant 6 iconic character, we now turn our attention to the Wizard. The master of arcane spellcasting and magical utility, I was sincerely worried about the Wizard’s identity in the new ruleset. Despite sharing a full spell list with the Bard and the Sorcerer, the Wizard remains unique…

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