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Recent RPGBOT Updates

  • Get RPGBOT Ad Free on Patreon!

    Following the recent user survey, we set out to adjust our Patreon tiers to provide more things that our supporters want at a price point that helps support our work in a way that I can handle, and that lets you select the rewards that you want. First, we’re renaming tiers. Rather than the increasingly powerful Beholderkin varieties, the tiers are now named after divination spells, which reflect observing and interacting with things in more powerful ways. I think it’s clever, but my sense of humor is also notoriously dumb. Second, we’re adding a new $3 tier which provides access

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  • BULLETS & BEYOND: Incorporating the Technology and Magic of Firearms into TTRPGs – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E39

    On this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we dive into the exciting world of firearms in tabletop roleplaying games. Whether you’re a GM looking to incorporate guns into your game or a player wondering how to use them effectively, this post will cover everything you need to know. From historical accuracy to game mechanics, join us as we explore the use of firearms in the realm of tabletop RPGs. So grab your dice and let’s get started!

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  • THE NINE HELLS (Layers 6 – 9): Beyond the Gates: A Deeper Dive – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E38

    Welcome back to the depths of the 9 hells, where danger and treachery lurk at every turn. In this second of our two-part episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we explore deeper in the lore and history of these infernal planes in the world of Forgotten Realms. From tyrannical rulers to twisted creatures, join us as we journey through the dangerous landscapes of the 9 hells. So grab your weapons and prepare for adventure, as we explore the depths of these notorious planes. Follow us into our descent into the infernal realms now.

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  • FOLLOWERS AND NPCs (Tyler’s Version): Master Co-op Strategy and Use Unique Characters – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E37

    Welcome to the world of TTRPG followers! From loyal sidekicks to fierce minions, these NPCs can greatly enhance your gaming experience. On this remastered episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast we dig into the mechanics and strategies behind managing and utilizing cohorts, followers, and other unique characters in your TTRPG sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the team has something for everyone looking to bolster their party with powerful allies.

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