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Recent RPGBOT Updates

  • Announcing the new RPGBOT.Store!

    People have been asking for merch for a long time, and we finally made it happen. After a lot of stops and starts, we’ve launched the RPGBOT.Store via Teepublic. The store includes shirts, pullover sweaters, stickers, coffee mugs, and pins. We even made this cool announcement video with a kitten in it.

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  • Incoming Changes to RPGBOT Patreon Tiers

    Following the recent user survey, we set out to adjust our Patreon tiers to provide more things that our supporters want at a price point that helps support our work in a way that I can handle, and that lets you select the rewards that you want. First, we’re renaming tiers. Rather than the increasingly powerful Beholderkin varieties, the tiers are now named after divination spells, which reflect observing and interacting with things in more powerful ways. I think it’s clever, but my sense of humor is also notoriously dumb. Second, we’re adding a new $3 tier which provides access

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  • DnD 5e – Newly Updated Hexblade Warlock Handbook

    The Hexblade article was the first on the site written by someone other than Tyler. I submitted it a little over 3 years ago, when the only exciting optimization content was SCAG’s cute cantrips and Xanathar’s. It’s remained the most-viewed subclass guide on the website the entire time (something I’m very grateful for), demonstrating the popularity of the subclass in the eyes of the internet. The article was, however, somewhat… dated. There was a long section on races like the regular handbooks have because the Tasha’s race rules hadn’t come out yet. Our DPR calculator didn’t exist yet, nor did

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  • Bring the Attack to Life! dScryb’s Combat Collection w/David Schulman – RPGBOT.News S3E96

    On this RPGBOT.News, dScryb co-founder David Schulman joins us again to discuss dScryb’s exciting new Combat Collection. We discuss the unique challenges presented by describing attacks and how dScryb has solved them in a way that works for any character.

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  • 1985 Games’ Dungeon Craft – A Review

    The folks from 1985 Games were kind enough to send us review copies of some of their Dungeon Craft terrain pieces and their reusable BattleMaps, so I spent some time digging through them. What is Dungeon Craft? Dungeon Craft is a system of double-sided, 2d tiles used to represent specific items on your typical 1-inch grid. Tiles come in boxed sets with a thick stack of sheets with a huge number of tiles in them. The tiles are both wet erase and dry erase friendly, making them easy to do things like marking points of interest, numbering identical enemies, or

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