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  • Welcome to the New RPGBOT.net

    After nearly a year of work, today we are moving to the new version of RPGBOT.net. If you’re reading this, you’re already here. I’ve spoken about the transition in previous blog posts, but rather than send you chasing through those, I’ll summarize the key points. Why? To be brief: Adding content to the old site was a pain. I wrote everything in raw HTML, and while I’m pretty good at HTML that made it difficult to bring in other authors. Random Powell has written several excellent 5e subclass handbooks for the site, and I want that to happen more often.

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  • RPGBOT.Podcast Episode 9 – Death

    Show Notes In this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we discuss character death in tabletop RPGs with special guest Wolf. We discuss preparing for planned deaths, handling unplanned deaths, and how to come back from both (both literally and figuratively). Wolf also gives us some insight into the world of Live Action Roleplaying (LARP). Special thanks to @pugmonzz for this week’s question of the week, and to @bearded_pilgrim for the monster of the week. Special thanks to Asher Ely of the Critical Fails Podcast on the Monsterizer winner assist. Materials Referenced in this Episode Middleground, a Pacific Northwest LARP Venue DnD

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  • DnD 5e Dwarf Handbook – Updated assessments and improved advice

    Selected in last month’s Patreon Poll as the next 5e race handbook to receive an update, I’ve given the Dwarf Handbook the usual post-Tasha’s updates. A lot of people figured this out early, but the Mountain Dwarf’s combination of medium armor proficiency and two +2 increases makes it a very powerful and versatile race option. For MAD classes and for poorly-armored casters, it’s an excellent go-to choice. The Hill Dwarf is less flashy and impressive, but it’s still a solid choice for SAD builds with poor durability that might not need medium armor. Either way, with the custom origin rules dwarves are

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  • DnD 5e Goblin Handbook – Updated assessments and improved advice

    Selected in last month’s Patreon Poll as the next 5e race handbook to receive an update, I’ve given the Goblin a significant update. It’s not quite as big an addition as the Centaur, but the Goblin Handbook now includes coverage for the custom origin rules. A recurring theme throughout the Goblin Handbook: Nimble Escape is really good. If you can combine it with Booming Blade it gets even better. https://rpgbot.net/dnd5/characters/races/goblin

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