The newest version of DnD, 5e is a throwback to the best bits of AD&D 2e and 3e, with many of the best parts of 4e, but with simplified, streamlined mechanics that are easy for new players to learn, familiar for veterans, and enjoyable for players of all experience levels.

Book Abbreviations Guide

Alphabetized list of abbreviations used to indicate source material throughout my other articles.

How to play

New to DnD 5e? Having trouble with the rules? I’m here to help. In this article series, I’ll provide a full walkthrough of the rules in simple, approachable terms, as well as general advice and insight on how to get started with the game.

Character Optimization

A comprehensive guide to character optimization including feedback, guidance, and example builds, detailing every aspect of building your character.

Player Resources

General resources for players looking to play better or to get more out of their games.

Dungeon Master Resources

Support for Dungeon Masters hoping to improve their games, including detailed analysis on complex, mechanical aspects of the game.


Automated tools to improve your game.


An article on how to write for DMsGuild and links to my own DMsGuild content.

Recent Blog Posts

  • DnD 5e – New Class Handbook for MCDM’s Beastheart
    MCDM Productions released Beastheart and Monstrous Companions in late 2021, a PDF supplement which introduces a the Beastheart, a new class built around their Monstrous Companions system. I published my Practical Guide to Monstrous Companions yesterday, so a class handbook for the Beastheart probably isn’t a surprise. I really like the Beastheart. There’s a good
  • DnD 5e – New Guide to MCDM’s Monstrous Companions
    MCDM Productions released Beastheart and Monstrous Companions in late 2021, a PDF supplement which introduces a new class (The Beastheart) and a system for bringing Monstrous Companions into your game so that your party can have monsters like gelatinous cubes and hellhounds as pets or sidekicks. The mechanics for Monstrous Companions are good. They’re fun,
  • RPGBOT.News January 20th, 2022
    In this episode of RPGBOT.News, we discuss the recently-released Absalom: City of Lost Omens, the upcoming release of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes in the D&D Rules Expansion Gift Set, and the 2022 gaming convention circuit, including which cons we’ll be attending.