About the Random Treasure Generator

The RPGBOT 5e Random Treasure Generator leans heavily on the rules provided in the Dungeon Master’s Guide to generate random treasure. Special care has been taken to avoid reproducing actual rules content for legal reasons, so you will still need a copy of Dungeon Master’s Guide to use any items generated here which are not included in the System Reference Document (SRD).

A Note Regarding Item Details

The four item details tables can add a lot of fun flavor to magic items, but it obviously doesn’t make sense to roll them for every magic item the players encounter. If every item has a million details about it, eventually the details become meaningless noise, and the items return to being featureless stat blocks.

I recommend reserving magic item details for permanent items which require attunement. Since players can only use a fixed number of these items, they should feature more prominently in your players’ minds, and deserve a bit of flair to distinguish them from every every +1 pointy stick which they find.

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