How to Play DnD 3.5

DnD 3.5 is a magical fantasy roleplaying game of “swashbuckling fantasy”, which means that there is a lot of high action fighting and adventure.

DnD is d20-based, success and failure are determined by rolling a d20+modifiers against a target number (or “DC” in the case of DnD 3.5).

Whenever you need to round in DnD 3.5, always round down unless the rules specifically say otherwise.

Characters in DnD 3.5

Characters in DnD 3.5 are defined by their level, race, and class. You might describe your character as a “Level 5 Elf Wizard”. While this doesn’t tell you all of the great details of your character, it helps to explain to everyone else roughly what your character is and how it works.

More information on characters, including how to make one, will be covered later in this guide.

Combat in DnD 3.5

Combat in DnD 3.5 is turn-based, so each character takes one turn to act in each round. More information on Combat will be covered in later sections of this guide.

Getting Started With DnD 3.5

DnD 3.5 physical copies are out of print. The core rulebooks are available from

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