DnD 5e – Expanded Spell Lists for Non-Tasha’s Sorcerer Subclasses

Recent subclasses introduced in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything introduced a new mechanic: free spells known as part of your subclass. This adds 10 additional spells to the Sorcerer’s meager 15 spells known at 15th level. This addition dramatically expands the versatility of those subclasses compared to other subclasses, leaving room for the Sorcerer to learn more situational spells rather than sticking to reliable staples selected by nearly every other sorcerer.

Opinions on this addition have been mixed: while many applaud the expansion to the Sorcerer’s capabilities and the new-found tolerance for non-optimal spell choices, other find that this was an unneeded addition which robs the Sorcerer of their unique spellcasting capabilities (using a small set of spells and modifying them with Metamagic).

As a compromise, I propose meeting somewhere in the middle. For Tasha’s subclasses (Aberrant Mind and Clockwork Soul), allow the player to select just one of the two free spells at each spell level. For other subclasses, I suggest that the DM should generate a list of 10 spells (two at each spell level from 1 to 5) which fit the theme of the spell list, and allow the player to learn one of those spells for free at each spell level. This doesn’t touch on the retraining mechanic enjoyed by the Aberrant Mind and the Clockwork Soul, but I think that’s fine. They did it first, let them keep something unique.

But generating those spells lists is hard, and when you’re doing it for your own players it’s easy for players to feel cheated or to feel like you’re giving them intentionally poor options. Having the authority of a published book to blame is convenient because it feels impartial and it feels like whoever wrote it is authoritative enough that it feels more “fair”.

Well, I’m not a book, but I’m here and I’ve got this weird blog, so here we go:

Expanded Sorcerer Subclass Spell Lists

Below are presented 5 tables of spells for each of the 5 sorcerer subclasses presented in source books prior to Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. At the DM’s discretion, sorcerers may learn one or both of the spells at each of the 5 spell levels detailed in the table for that subclass.

Divine Soul

Spell LevelSpell 1Spell 2
2Lesser RestorationPrayer of Healing
3DaylightRemove Curse
4DivinationGuardian of Faith
5Flame StrikeGreater Restoration
Divine Soul Sorcerer Expanded Spell List

The Divine Soul Sorcerer does not receive a free spell at level 1. Instead, they gain an additional spell known from the Divine Magic feature. If you want the player to learn two spells at each spell level, grant them a second spell from Divine Magic based on the other component of their alignment. If the player’s alignment is true neutral, allow them to pick for themselves.

The intent of many of these spell choices is to offer access to iconic cleric options, including more “situational” options which may no be useful on a daily basis, such as Lesser Restoration and Divination. Divine Soul

Draconic Bloodline

Spell LevelSpell 1Spell 2
1Burning Hands
Cause Fear
Chromatic Orb
2Alter SelfDragon’s Breath
3FearIncite Greed
4PolymorphSecret Chest
5ImmolationSummon Draconic Spirit (UA)
Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer Expanded Spell List

Sorcerers get a lot of blasting options and it’s very easy to just make all of the Draconic Bloodline’s spells “here’s the fire option at this level”, but dragons are much more interesting than their breath weapons. Dragons are greedy, they’re scary, they like treasure, and some of them can change shape. I tried to lean into those concepts here. If this doesn’t work for you, grab Burning Hands, Dragon’s Breath, Fireball, Wall of Fire, and Cone of Cold, and make them match the damage type of your draconic ancestor.

I had some trouble picking good options at 5th level. If you have better ideas, leave them in the comments below.

Shadow Magic

Spell LevelSpell 1Spell 2
1Cause FearRay of Sickness
2Darkness (See Below)Blindness/Deafness
3FearPhantom Steed
4BlightDimension Door
Shadow Magic Sorcerer Expanded Spell List

Shadow sorcerers already learn Darkness for free at 3rd level, so that is included in the spell list above.

Shadow Magic is a very strong subclass, so I tried to avoid adding anything that’s going to be super powerful. I focused on some options that are spooky and fit the shadow-based nature of the subclass. There are very few “shadow” and “darkness” spells, so I did what I could.

Storm Sorcery

Spell LevelSpell 1Spell 2
1Thunderclap (cantrip)Thunderwave
2Gust of WindShatter
3Call LightningFly
4Storm SphereVitriolic Sphere
Conjure Minor Elementals
5Control WindsDestructive Wave
Storm Sorcery Sorcerer Expanded Spell List

As of writing this blog post, Storm Sorcery is the worst sorcerer subclass. Among the subclass’s other problems, they don’t get any spells for free that work with Tempestuous Magic, so you’re obligated to learn a few spells that qualify just to reach the baseline expectation of how the subclass should function.

The spells here are intentionally skewed toward powerful go-to options where possible in order to make Storm Sorcery more appealing. Thematically suitable spells are hard to find without simply duplicating Tempest Domain’s spell list (except at level 3, where there are numerous options).

This spell list notably includes a cantrip at first level rather than another 1st-level spell. It seems silly that a storm sorcerer wouldn’t know Thunderclap (even though Sword Burst is objectively better).

Wild magic

Spell LevelSpell 1Spell 2
1Chaos BoltMagic Missile
2Fortune’s FavorLevitate
5Far StepReincarnate
Wild Magic Sorcerer Expanded Spell List

Wild Magic is all about randomness and unpredictability, and I tried to lean into that as much as possible. I ran out of spells almost instantly, so I starting stealing from the Wild Magic table.


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