Wisdom represents a character’s awareness, insight, mental fortitude, and ability to assess a situation.

Wisdom also affects a character’s Perception.

Wisdom and Skills


Skill at treating wounds, diseases, and other maladies non-magically. Even in a game where magic healing exists, Medicine is crucial.

See also: Practical Guide to Medicine and Practical Guide to Post-Combat.


Knowledge of the environment, fauna, flora, geography, weather, creatures of natural origin like animals and fey, and natural planes including the material plane, the First Wold, and the elemental planes. Also the ability to command and interact with animals.


Knowledge of divine agents, divine planes, theology, obscure myths, theology, creatures of religious significance like fiends, celestials, and undead. Also knoweldge of the outer planes like celestia, the 9 hells, and the positive and negative energy planes.


Skill at living in the wilderness, including the ability to subsist by foraging and hunting, to navigate, to track other creatures, and to avoid being tracked.

Wisdom in Combat

See also: Perception.

Recall Knowledge

Try to remember a bit of knowledge regarding a topic related to that skill. This is commonly used in combat to recall facts about a creature like its special abilities, vulnerabilities, and resistances.

Will Saves

Will saves are rolled to resist effects which harm a creature mentally.

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