Intelligence represents a character’s raw ability to think analytically, to recall facts, and to solve problems analytically. Characters with high Intelligence are Trained in more skills at level 1.

Intelligence and Skills

In addition to adding your Intelligence modifier to checks with certain skills, each character adds their Intelligence modifier to the number of skills in which they are Trained at level 1.


Knowledge of arcane theiories, magical traditions, magical creatures of arcane significance, and arcane planes.


Skill at crafting and repairing items.


Specialized knowledge of a specific topic. You can have multiple Lore skills for different subjects.


Knowledge of ancient mysteries, esoteric lore, obscure philosophy and mysticism, supernatural creatures of occult significance, and esoteric planes.


Knowledge of the people and systems that make civilization run, and the historical events that make societies what they are today.

Intelligence in Combat

Recall Knowledge

Try to remember a bit of knowledge regarding a topic related to that skill. This is commonly used in combat to recall facts about a creature like its special abilities, vulnerabilities, and resistances.

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