Charisma represents a character’s charm, persuasiveness, and force of personality. Charismatic characters thrive in social situations and are often charming and well-liked.

Charisma and Skills


Skill in decieving, misleading, misdirecting, or otherwise fooling other creatures. Includes the ability to create diversions, to feint in combat, to impersonate other creatures both and without a disguise, and to lie.


Skill in negotiation, flattery, and influencing other creatures. Includes the ability to gather information about a subject, to make a favorable impression, and to make requests of other creatures.


Skill in influencing other creatures’ behavior with threats. Includes the ability to coerce creatures into acting how you wish and to frighten enemies in combat.


Skill in performance art such as dancing, singing, or playing an instrument.

Charisma in Combat


Use the Intimidation skill to make a creature Frightened 1, making them both less effective with attacks and more vulnerable to attacks and abilities.


Use the Deception skill to make a creature Flat-Footed. A staple option for rogues.

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