Definitely a base. Permanent? Probably not. Defensible? Absolutely.

DnD 5e – New Practical Guide to Defending a Permanent Base

Have you ever found yourself adventuring through the ruins of a long-forgotten keep and been completely distracted thinking about how you’d redecorate? Have you ever thought to yourself “yeah, questing is cool and all, but I really just want a fantasy story for my Bloons TD game?” Are you the sort of person to create an incredibly cursed map squeezing 144 doors into a 40-foot square? Then do I have an article for you. If you remember the Practical Guide to Wish, my conclusion was to build a base and live there forever. As it turns out, some people want to do that before they can cast Wish, so I wrote a guide on how to optimize it.


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  1. Hannah Fisher October 11, 2023