DnD 5e – New race handbooks for new(ish) genasi

All 4 genasi were updated and reprinted, and they all received changes of varying significance. I’m actually really happy with most of the changes. Each genasi feels mechanically distinct and has some interesting things to offer, and they even did something adventurous by letting the Earth Genasi cast Blade Ward as a Bonus Action a few times per day. The Fire Genasi is hot garbage, though.

I’ve updated the existing Genasi Handbook to include a Genasi Versions section, and since WotC is moving away from the concept of subraces, I’ve made individual pages for each variety of genasi. I’m aware that this creates some confusion, so all of the pages clearly explain what version they’re for and link to the other versions. It’s not ideal, but this is kinda what happens when we keep getting updates and reprints of the same content.

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