BARBARIANS Levels 5 – 20: Woohoo! Smash, smash, smashy smash! – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E77

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Show Notes

Welcome to part two of our comprehensive guide to optimizing your Barbarian character in D&D! In our previous episode, we covered the basics of the class and its features at low levels. Now, we delve into the more advanced features and abilities gained by the Barbarian as they level up. Get ready to unleash your inner savage and learn how to maximize your Barbarian’s potential!


In our second part of our guide to optimizing Barbarians, we talk about the features and abilities gained by the Barbarian class at levels 5 to 20. We explore the unique paths of Ancestral Guardian, Giant, and Wild Magic subclasses and their unique features. We also cover the Barbarian’s optional class feature, such as Instinctive Pounce, as well as different ability score improvements and feats.

In the final part of the conversation, we talk about the level 15-20 features of the Barbarian class. We highlight the improvements and new abilities gained at each level, such as increased Brutal Critical damage, additional resistances, and unlimited rages. We also discuss the limitations and drawbacks of certain features. We share our thoughts on playing a high-level Barbarian and express excitement for the upcoming episode on the Wizard class.

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