SPELL COMPONENTS (Remastered!) – Unshackle the True Potential of Magic in TTRPGs – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E57

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Show Notes

Wands, scrolls, and potions – oh my! In this remastered episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we dust off our spellbook and explore the fascinating world of Spell Components. As any seasoned player knows, magic in TTRPGs is not just about waving a wand and uttering a few words – it often requires specific material, somatic, and verbal components. But what do these components actually mean, and how can you make them more than just a list of necessary items? Join us as we explore the mechanics and lore behind spell components, and discover how you can add depth and intrigue to your spellcasting in Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

Special thanks to Mr. Gleam on the RPGBOT Discord for the question of the week this week.

This episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast was originally published on January 26, 2022.

Materials Referenced in this Episode

DnD 5e

Player’s Handbook (affiliate link)

  • Chapter 10: Spellcasting, under Casting a Spell > Components


Core Rulebook (affiliate link)

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