PALADIN Levels 5 – 20: The Path to Paladinhood; Character Build Tips and Tricks – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E33

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Show Notes

Enter the world of fantasy and embark on a heroic journey as we uncover the mysterious and powerful class of the Paladin in tabletop roleplaying games.  Unwavering in their devotion and fearless in battle, the Paladin is a class that strikes awe and admiration in the hearts of many tabletop roleplayers. With their righteous cause and unbreakable code of honor, these holy warriors stand ready to defend the innocent and vanquish evil. So grab your dice and join us as we explore the origins and incredible abilities of this revered class in the realm of tabletop RPGs. In part two of this this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we unlock the secrets of the Paladin and journey into a world of fantasy and adventure like never before.

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Randall James (01:11:13.875)

The play of sunlight over the Dragonborn’s jet-black scales is the first thing you noticed about the paladin standing before you, imposing in his height and heft, as well as the scrapes and scuffs of his war hammer on chainmail, signs of recent combat. Yet his eyes, a reptilian slitted green, seem entirely incapable of embracing malice, an observation that is reinforced by the holy emblem displayed prominently on his burnished shield. This scene

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Randall James (01:11:58.491)

Welcome to the RPGBot.podcast, I’m Rannell James, building an oath of conquest paladin, and with me is Tyler Kamstrah!

Tyler (01:12:05.926)

ready. I’m building an oath of redemption and I will need to be redeemed after I do so.

Randall James (01:12:11.039)

Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Also with us is actually Eli.

Ash (01:12:16.822)

My name does not matter. It belonged to a different person in a different life when I followed an ancient creed that I realized was beneath me. Now I embrace the one true God, he who shall not be named, the whispered one, Vecna. I am the knight. I am an oath.

Tyler (01:12:38.998)

You are level five.

Ash (01:12:41.842)

Hey, shut up guys! I’m trying to play a character here, okay? He’s really strong and edgy, and I want you to take him seriously. Hehe

Tyler (01:12:54.346)

God. Oh.

Randall James (01:12:55.495)

I was really hoping like you’re just like, you know, an unnamed God. Randy. I was getting so excited. It’s okay. Vecna is cool too. You know, edge lord. Anyway.

Tyler (01:13:00.588)


Ash (01:13:01.314)

That would have been better. That would have been a better joke.

Tyler (01:13:07.216)

Oh, yeah.

Ash (01:13:10.255)

It’s topical. Fact is coming out soon.

Tyler (01:13:10.84)


Yep. God, the number of people I’ve had play those characters in games. Yeah. All right. Oh.

Ash (01:13:17.674)

Yep. Don’t be a edge lord. Edge lord’s not fun.

Tyler (01:13:22.95)

Like, okay, if you’re… Yes.

Randall James (01:13:24.147)

Unless you do it mockingly, like if you-

Ash (01:13:25.718)

Yeah, unless you’re deconstructing it, then go for it.

Tyler (01:13:29.734)

Yeah, yeah guys, I’m gonna go over by over here by myself and brood want to come with me Yeah All right. Okay. So welcome back. We are now level five Just like any good martial character. We now have extra attack Randall

Randall James (01:13:39.279)

Let’s all go be alone together.

Tyler (01:13:55.186)

Randall got two attacks at level four because a polar master see he could be smiting twice a turn now The rest of us are catching up. But look at Randall now. He’s got three Yeah

Randall James (01:14:04.339)

Yeah, I am the sleepiest boy who has ever lived.

Tyler (01:14:10.791)

Just burning through those spell slots turn one. Yeah. Ah.

Randall James (01:14:12.456)


Ash (01:14:15.246)

That is kind of funny, like a character who’s just very like, do rush me and then just hits really hard is just like, OK, I’m going to go back to sleep now. A sloth. A sloth paladin, please make that someone, please make a like an anthropomorphized sloth paladin. I would love that.

Tyler (01:14:25.998)

Mm-hmm. The five minute of entering day. Hehehehe

Randall James (01:14:29.427)

Wait, wait, wait.

Tyler (01:14:37.461)


Tyler (01:14:43.926)

Okay, all right. All right, so also at this level, we get more subclass spells. So I’m Oath of Redemption, and I’m all about not fighting if I can avoid it. And appropriately, I get Calm Emotions and Hold Person. Now Hold Person will paralyze a humanoid for up to a minute. Calm Emotions makes all of the affected creatures chill.

Randall James (01:14:44.687)

We should continue.

Tyler (01:15:09.575)

It suppresses charm and frightened effects and makes hostile creatures indifferent to you. So…

Ash (01:15:15.918)

So you basically are like the kindergarten teacher or the meteor. Like, hey, stop it. Everybody just chill. We’re going to talk this out.

Tyler (01:15:22.924)


Tyler (01:15:26.326)


Randall James (01:15:26.739)

So one of the kindergartners in a headlock floating above the ground though, because.

Ash (01:15:32.614)

I say that and now I want to play a camp counselor redemption paladin because that sounds incredible. He just runs around in short shorts and the t-shirt is just like, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop fighting. No, bad. Yes, yes, with a whistle, with a whistle.

Tyler (01:15:38.198)


Randall James (01:15:39.333)


Tyler (01:15:43.295)

I’m out.

Randall James (01:15:48.299)

tell you right now short shorts and a flannel it’s got to be short shorts and a flannel and they’ve got they’ve got the floppy brim hat absolutely wide on the nose absolutely name of that character

Tyler (01:15:51.718)

Yeah. Yep. Whistle. Oh yeah. Yep. Gotta have that sunscreen. Randy!

Ash (01:15:59.238)

Yeah. He cast Randy or Charles. Hey, guys, it’s Charles. Yeah. You get you. But you could call me Chuckie. Midwestern accent, maybe. And he’s got a whistle. And basically, that’s really his only weapon. He’s got a stick that he used to boot people. But he uses his whistle as his arcane focus with his holy symbol, with which to cast his spells, just.

Tyler (01:16:06.591)


Randall James (01:16:07.775)

Chuckie? Little Chuckie here.

Randall James (01:16:13.302)


Ash (01:16:25.974)

blows the whistle, hold person. No, bad. Uh.

Tyler (01:16:31.574)

The whole person is just really high stakes red light green light

Ash (01:16:38.835)

I want this I want to play this kid. I know we were we were we were Dumping on redemption paladins before but that’s a great character. That’s a fantastic character

Tyler (01:16:45.65)

Uh… Yeah. Uh… Alright, so what spells did you guys get?

Randall James (01:16:55.023)

also got hold person, I’m going to use it more effectively. And then partnered with that, and I’m actually really excited about this spiritual weapon. Yeah.

Tyler (01:17:03.178)

Ooh, yeah. That’s real good. All right. How about you, Ash?

Ash (01:17:09.786)

I have Crown of Madness, which is great, and Darkness to match the darkness within my soul. Which darkness, especially if I plan to go Hexadon, very good. Combine it with Devil’s Sight.

Tyler (01:17:21.586)

Yeah, all right.

Tyler (01:17:32.634)

Yeah. Yep. Ha ha ha.

Ash (01:17:35.523)

Oh, and if I’m an elf, I can also take elven accuracy, which would be even more fun. I’m looking at you, Quasit. Yeah, that’s right.

Tyler (01:17:40.33)

Sure could. Ha ha

Tyler (01:17:50.59)

For the record, Curious Closet is one of our Patreon supporters hanging out in the chat while we record. Also in one of Fascist Games.

Ash (01:17:52.686)

Ehh, ha ha!

Ash (01:17:57.93)

I have to do a little bit of a rant right now, okay? I killed his character again in Planescape and he comes back with this build, which is a hexaden first off, of the Raven. Vengeance, not Oathbreaker, doesn’t really matter, they’re kind of the same. Darkness, Elven Accuracy, also blind fighting. So even when they get shut down, like…

Tyler (01:18:01.031)


Ash (01:18:23.062)

and also the square of Salamina thing so they can just give themselves advantage whenever they want. So, yeah, I was like, you built this character just to spite me, didn’t you? Because I killed your character twice.

Tyler (01:18:28.764)


Tyler (01:18:36.641)

No, no, he built the character just to smite you.

Ash (01:18:40.498)

Yep. Also Shadrachai, yes, and Precise Strike. Yeah.

Randall James (01:18:40.655)


Tyler (01:18:44.246)

But… Yep. Beautiful.

Tyler (01:18:52.298)

Okay, all right. So I kind of blew past this, but we get second level spells at this level. So like level five, great as a Paladin. Tons of fun, you get extra attack. Paladin second level spells honestly don’t have a ton of great options, but among the ones we do get, Find Steed, everybody’s favorite. Yeah, in, yes.

Randall James (01:18:53.084)

Everybody’s having fun.

Randall James (01:19:17.8)

on a horse.

Tyler (01:19:20.186)

In previous editions, Paladins got a special Paladin mount, which was by default a warhorse. Like in third edition, boy, it wouldn’t be nice if I could spell steed as I try and pull up the stats. In third edition, it was by default a warhorse, but you could get like a riding dog, you could get a pony. If you were an aquatic race, you could get like a dolphin, I think. So you could get something that was appropriate to your character. So,

Looking at 5e, you can get a warhorse, a pony, a camel, an elk, or a mastiff. Like mastiff is a riding dog if you’re coming from previous editions. It’s just a really, really big dog. Yeah.

Ash (01:20:02.334)

It’s for it’s for halflings and gnomes specifically.

Randall James (01:20:07.743)

You know that gnome paladin, camp counselor.

Ash (01:20:11.538)

It’s also if you want to play a chevalier, you should go half lane and take a mastiff because it’s the only way that you can bring your animal, your mount into dungeons.

Tyler (01:20:22.986)

Kind of is, yeah. Now I will point out, all of these things are made of paper. The thing with the most hit points is the warhorse at 19 hit points. At this level, anything that looks at your warhorse funny is probably going to kill it unless you have a way to protect it. So if you were building a paladin intending to spend a lot of time in how to combat, get your mount armor. Take the protection or interception fighting style.

Oath of the Crown is really good. The mounted combatant feat helps, but it’s not enough. Protecting your horses hard. But at the same time, don’t do any of those things. Just don’t.

Randall James (01:20:59.155)

Don’t do any of this. Don’t. No, just, yeah. Pick. Oh, you want to, you want to spend a lot of your time in mounted combat. What we’re going to do is choose a new game.

Ash (01:21:05.272)


Ash (01:21:11.006)

Yeah, or just if you want to do mounted combat, your only option really is Chevalier, that’s it. For fine state is for getting around, it’s not for fighting, it’s for getting around, that’s it.

Tyler (01:21:11.924)


Tyler (01:21:25.714)

Yeah, unfortunately.

Randall James (01:21:27.271)

You get to the entrance of the dungeon, you slaughter the horse, you go in.

Tyler (01:21:31.666)

Yeah, let’s see, so it raises your horse’s intelligence to six, which is kind of neat. Like, they’re not as smart as you with your eight intelligence. They’re pretty close. Yeah.

Randall James (01:21:44.529)

But they’re close.

Ash (01:21:45.538)

They’re close. They’re only two points off. Yeah. Hi, oh silver away.

Tyler (01:21:48.552)


Randall James (01:21:50.171)

And hey, you can’t jump that high, so it’s fine.

Away from what?

Tyler (01:21:54.931)

Alright. Alright, so that’s level five. Level six, very excited for this one. Aura of Protection. This is another just absolutely like iconic Paladin feature. They’ve had this for a super long time, at least since third edition.

You get to add charisma to all of your saving throws as long as you’re not incapacitated. And you get to share that with all of your allies within 10 feet. So like that seed that you just summoned, your wizard riding behind you on the warhorse, like the rogue who you’re dragging behind the horse, like all of them. If they’re within 10 feet, they get that bonus. Now, it’s important. This is a bonus on all saving throws. This includes

death save, so if you’re standing next to a dying creature, you can give them the bonus.

Ash (01:22:51.626)

Also something to keep in mind, Jeremy Crawford confirmed this, you count as your own ally for this purpose. So you get to add double your charisma modifier, essentially. Well, like you get to add your charisma modifier, double your charisma modifier to saves, to charisma saves. But you get to add your charisma modifier to all of your saves.

Tyler (01:23:02.166)


Randall James (01:23:12.139)

Okay, I see what you mean. So you would get your charisma modifier. Let me, let me.

Ash (01:23:15.35)

for charisma and then you add it again on top of that to your charisma. But charisma saves are not that. It would be your decks.

Randall James (01:23:20.315)

And if it were a deck save, yeah, if it were a deck save, you would add your decks and then you would add your charisma.

Ash (01:23:26.498)


Tyler (01:23:29.116)


Tyler (01:23:36.338)

Yes. Bah, blah. Okay, so just so we’re clear, we’re not saying that you add the bonus from aura protection twice. Okay. Yeah.

Randall James (01:23:48.063)

That’s right.

Ash (01:23:48.778)

No, you’re just adding it once. But I said double your charisma on a fire to charisma saves, which is where we got tripped up because you’re adding charisma, your base charisma plus your charisma again. But then charisma is not a huge save. But again, like if you have if you go Hexadot again and you have a plus five to charisma, that means a plus five of an honor saving throws, which is incredibly powerful. Yeah.

Tyler (01:23:55.85)

Got it. Yeah.

Tyler (01:24:13.682)

Yeah. Ha ha ha.

Randall James (01:24:14.059)

down. But somebody hits me with a fireball. I add my Paltry Dex modifier, then I get to add my Charisma modifier, and ideally I’m only taking half damage.

Tyler (01:24:21.575)


Ash (01:24:24.783)

Yeah, I mean it balances out because we talked previously you’re probably going to dump your dexterity so you probably have a negative modifier so this just kind of balances it out a bit. But yeah.

Tyler (01:24:33.366)


Randall James (01:24:37.415)

Yeah. But everyone around you is having a great time. Yeah, there’s a little bit of a fallacy here though, that like, you know what requires saving throws? AOE attacks. So don’t necessarily crowd the Paladin, just be excited to take advantage when you happen to be next to the Paladin. It’s, oh, I want to be close to your order. It’s like, cool, a target.

Ash (01:24:41.004)

Oh yeah.

Tyler (01:24:41.687)


Tyler (01:24:55.806)


Tyler (01:24:59.278)

Yeah, that is the tactical decision you constantly have to make. Like, do you stay close for protection? Do you scatter for also protection? Yeah. All right.

Tyler (01:25:14.954)

All right, level seven. So we get another subclass feature. What does everybody get? Ashley look excited.

Randall James (01:25:22.195)

Go ahead, Doug.

Ash (01:25:23.142)

I get I get R of hate. I just like the name. It’s a pretty rad name. Yeah, the Paladin as well as any fiends and undead within 10 gains a bonus undead within 10 feet of the Paladin gains a bonus to melee weapon damage rolls equal to the Paladin’s charisma modifier.

Tyler (01:25:26.25)

Ha ha ha!

Randall James (01:25:27.071)


Tyler (01:25:29.214)

good name.

Randall James (01:25:31.373)

We don’t care what it does, that’s great.

Ash (01:25:46.082)

The creature can benefit from this feature only from one pallet at a time. So basically I can hit things more consistently and my minions can as well. So not only am I adding my strength modifier, I’m adding my charisma modifier. So that’s going to be fun. Oh, and also if I go Hexden, that means I add get to add double my charisma fire to it, which is. Woo. So that means if I, if I max out my charisma as a Hexden.

Tyler (01:26:08.288)


Ash (01:26:15.61)

I get a plus 10 to all of my attack rolls, which is insane.

Tyler (01:26:21.438)

Look, if you go far enough into both Oathbreaker and Hexblade, you can add your Charisma to damage on a weapon attack four times.

Ash (01:26:32.042)

Yep. Yeah, hex blade y’all, hexaden.

Tyler (01:26:34.967)

Yeah. It.

Randall James (01:26:36.843)

Don’t even roll dice, just take the fixed damage, that’s enough.

Tyler (01:26:39.974)


Ash (01:26:40.894)

It’s Oathbreakers on their own. Very good. Oathbreakers multiclassed into Hexblade. Unstoppable. They’re very good. Everybody goes with vengeance. I say, no, go Oathbreaker and Pasha. We are not here for Polybian builds. We are here for epic level builds. So go.

Tyler (01:26:47.894)


Tyler (01:26:54.326)


Tyler (01:26:59.702)

But look, you go oath of vengeance so that you can, as your channel divinity, tell someone you hate them and then smite.

Ash (01:27:10.698)

No! Oathbreaker!

Tyler (01:27:14.073)

Alright, that’s fair.

Randall James (01:27:16.883)

Alright, so I have the Aura of Conquest. I don’t know what that means. Starting at seventh level, you constantly emanate a menacing aura while you’re not incapacitated. The aura extends 10 feet from you in every direction, but not through total cover. If a creature is frightened of you, its speed is reduced to zero while in the aura, and that creature takes psychic damage equal to half your paladin level if it starts its turn there. At 18th level, this extends to 30 feet. So…

Tyler (01:27:21.578)


Randall James (01:27:42.267)

We already had a bit ago, I could use channel divinity, create great big old aura of being frightened of me. Now, if you’re within 10 feet of me and you’re still frightened of me, you can’t move. And so it makes it very easy for me to just walk along, stab, smite, bonus action, pole arm hits you with a stick, oh, 1d4, but then I smite. And then you’re dead, and then I go kill your friend next turn.

Ash (01:28:07.406)

Hey, Randall, are we the baddies?

Randall James (01:28:09.251)

Yeah, a little bit. Yeah. For the class that it’s like, oh, it’s the lawful stupid. Yeah, you know, the good align characters right now. We’re we’re the baddies.

Tyler (01:28:12.266)

Ha ha ha!

Ash (01:28:15.793)


Tyler (01:28:21.59)

the baddie.

Ash (01:28:23.674)

With the token, good teammate and Tyler. Although I will say, I would like to see someone play an evil aligned redemption paladin, because that could be very interesting. It could be very interesting. I’m not sure how you would end up doing it like a pacifist evil person. Like a person who ultimately thinks that they can accomplish more by avoiding violence and manipulating people, which is quite scary. Yeah.

Tyler (01:28:35.774)

Yeah… okay.

Randall James (01:28:36.179)


Randall James (01:28:41.96)

What I think that.

Randall James (01:28:49.611)

I think it would have to be an evil campaign. Like, so what you’re doing is you’re trying to convince the good people that the party is conquering, that it’s like, stop resisting us, we’re going to kill you anyway. It’s like, welcome Thanos, your lord and savior.

Tyler (01:28:52.361)

Eh, anyway.

Ash (01:28:52.447)

It would be.

Ash (01:29:02.391)


Yeah, you’re kind of like a diplomat for the for the Tyrant or something, the evil bad guy. And now we’re yeah, now we’re playing Tyranny, which is great game. Don’t get me wrong. But that is that could be fun. I ran an evil game. Yeah, I ran an evil game and one of my players played a celestial warlock. And the way they reconciled, that was very cool and very interesting. But I never saw someone play in Redemption Paladin. I think that could have been really cool.

Tyler (01:29:12.19)

The mouth of Sauron. Yeah.

Randall James (01:29:20.967)

You gotta be super dogmatic.

Tyler (01:29:22.928)


Tyler (01:29:35.094)

That would be really hard with the Tenants, but yeah. All right, okay. So keeping my trend of being a goody two shoes and never hurting anybody, I get Aura of the Guardian. If a creature within 10 feet of me takes damage, it doesn’t have to be an ally. It does not have to be an ally. It can be literally any creature. If they take damage, I can use my reaction to magically take that damage instead. So, yeah, yes.

Ash (01:29:37.214)


Ash (01:29:44.43)


Ash (01:30:01.631)

Oh, such a martyr. Stop fighting.

Randall James (01:30:05.371)

It doesn’t have to be an ally. Tell me, tell me about the optimal situation where it’s like, you know, I, your evil friend just stabbed somebody and it’s like, no, don’t give, give me that pain. Why’d you do that?

Tyler (01:30:15.074)

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Ash (01:30:16.674)

Yeah, going back to our camp counselor, Randy, stop, stop fighting. If you want to take out your aggression, take it out on me. Do it. Lay your punches on me. I’m here to absorb your sins.

Tyler (01:30:26.732)


Tyler (01:30:33.117)

I feel like this weird Randy cannon hit us

I’m out.

Randall James (01:30:41.072)

Campground Jesus anyway, okay.

Tyler (01:30:42.482)


Ash (01:30:42.586)

Like campground Jesus. I mean the redemption paladin is basically essentially Jesus. Let’s be honest here

Tyler (01:30:50.946)

Yeah. Oh, okay. Alright, so that’s level seven. Level eight, we get another ability score increase or feat. I’m gonna be boring. I need that plus two Charisma. How about you guys? Alright.

Randall James (01:31:09.227)

plus one strength plus one charisma.

Ash (01:31:12.29)

Who’s ready for great weapon master? I am. Yeah, it’s on now. Have a good time.

Tyler (01:31:17.59)

There you go

Tyler (01:31:25.582)

Okay, Ashe’s leaning into the damage, Randall’s leaning into the stats, I’m being good. Level nine, boy, I’m sure trying. Level nine, third level spells. So third level spells normally include things like Fireball. We don’t get that, but we get Blinding Smite. You ever been so mad that you stabbed someone in the eyes? Paladins have.

Ash (01:31:33.762)

Good for you, buddy.

Ash (01:31:38.321)

Ha ha

Ash (01:31:42.517)


Ash (01:31:49.183)

Hey, it’s something.

Randall James (01:31:54.323)

Yeah, absolutely.

Ash (01:31:57.039)

Just a little peek behind the curtain for our listeners. I encouraged Tyler to pick the redemption paladin. So if he seems miserable, that’s why. I challenged him to make one that was very good.

Tyler (01:32:05.605)


Tyler (01:32:11.434)

Yep. Like, God, I’m looking at the Paladin Spell-o-ist, I’m like, this is a precision violence instrument, how do I… AGH! Which of these spells do I use for pacifism? It’s literally just my subclass spells. Like, calm emotions. Great.

Randall James (01:32:22.507)


Ash (01:32:29.298)

Hey, you know what? Blinding people makes it harder for them to attack each other. So there’s that.

Tyler (01:32:38.846)

I have to stab them first.

Randall James (01:32:39.016)


Ash (01:32:42.29)

Oh, but you know, we also. Hey. That that’s.

Randall James (01:32:43.071)

Yeah, there’s that.

Tyler (01:32:43.294)

I get crate food and water.

Randall James (01:32:46.123)

That’s pretty good. Yeah.

Tyler (01:32:48.127)

Revivify, which we established doesn’t require consent.

Randall James (01:32:53.5)

Where’s uh… where’s healing smite?

Ash (01:32:55.588)

Oh, Jesus. So those are the two spells you get for your subclass is create food and water.

Tyler (01:33:00.758)

No, no, those are just third level spells. I get counter spell and hypnotic pattern. Yeah. No magic-based violence. How dare you? I’m gonna counter that. And also hypnotic pattern, just like, hey, what if… just kumbaya.

Ash (01:33:06.826)

Hey, both of those are really good. Both of those are really good.

Ash (01:33:15.53)

whistle again.

Tyler (01:33:24.11)

instead of violence, what if everybody had a light switch rave?

Ash (01:33:28.494)

It’s like you’re fighting against a Sarak, you blow your whistle. Hey, Acy, I said no casting, no spell casting. I’m watching you. I’m going to tell your parents. No casting. I am the great armader of doom. Yeah, you can do whatever you want, buddy. Around here, we play safe, we play secure. I love this camp counselor, Randy. It’s going to be great.

Tyler (01:33:36.982)

I’m sorry.

Tyler (01:33:53.498)

Yeah! Oh god. Alright. Alright, what subclass spells are you guys getting? Please tell me they’re harmful. Okay.

Ash (01:33:58.137)


Randall James (01:34:06.727)

Yeah, bestow curse.

Ash (01:34:07.042)

Uh, oh, very nice. Yeah, yeah.

Tyler (01:34:10.006)

Okay, sure. Yeah.

Randall James (01:34:11.383)

That’s fun, right? Just getting out there, really hurting people’s feelings. Okay, and just to add to it, really important to have around fear.

Tyler (01:34:16.445)


Ash (01:34:21.158)

I figured that was going to be the other one. I was like, I can feel it come in fear. Yeah. I get bestow curse. Hey, look at that. It’s almost like V and Randall are copying each other’s homework. Yeah. But I also get animate dead. It is on. My undead army of the night has become forth. I just realized I’m doing a lot of minion builds in these episodes. I should really stop doing that.

Tyler (01:34:21.268)



Randall James (01:34:33.084)


Tyler (01:34:34.042)

Just make it look different, right?

Tyler (01:34:40.35)

There you go, yeah.

Randall James (01:34:41.646)


Tyler (01:34:46.425)


Tyler (01:34:51.275)

Look, when we get to Druids you can be Circle of the Shepherd. How about that?

Randall James (01:34:52.36)

No, they’re fun.

Ash (01:34:55.282)

A circle of the shepherds fun. I might go stars though, because stars is a lot of fun. But we’ll talk about that when we do true it.

Tyler (01:35:01.874)

I… Yes, another day. Another day I’ll show you how to summon cows in a tower. Alright. So your Aura of Hate, that works with Animate Dead, which is pretty great. So you get your skeletons, you hand them pikes, you have them stand behind you and attack with Reach and get the damage bonus while you’re doing the tanking with your AC. Just having any.

Ash (01:35:24.872)


Ash (01:35:28.086)

I am an undead general. I’m an undead general. That’s basically the vibe. Also, let’s not forget the anime dead, I can also still do control undead. So now I can just continue to add to my army. Don’t put me in a Strahd campaign unless you want to lose all of your minions DM.

Tyler (01:35:32.608)


Tyler (01:35:39.55)


Tyler (01:35:43.427)


Tyler (01:35:47.027)


Tyler (01:35:50.326)

Alright, okay so that’s level 7? No, that’s level 9. Where are we? Level 10. Alright, so we’re level 10. Randall, you know all those people you’ve been frightening? Stop it. Stop it. The three of us are all now immune to fear, as are any of our allies within 10 feet of us.

Randall James (01:36:03.899)

Yes. Nah.

Ash (01:36:05.879)

Bad boy.

Randall James (01:36:13.315)

If you had been behaving this whole time, I wouldn’t have had to have made you frightened.

Ash (01:36:17.858)

Oh, no, the power has gone to his head. Randall’s just over there petting his cat. He’s like, I did what I had to do. I did what was necessary. Yeah, it is. Yeah. No, Randall’s the tyrant who’s just like, I have this master plan and I’m and this is my this is my domain and I’m just this minion who’s just like, I just kill things.

Tyler (01:36:18.474)

That’s fair.

Tyler (01:36:30.683)

Just terrify everyone in the room. That’s what’s necessary. Thanks for watching.

Randall James (01:36:36.039)

Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Tyler (01:36:37.384)


Ash (01:36:47.566)

Whereas some room for some reason, we still have this pansy wandering around with us. It’s just like, but we have to redeem everybody, guys. No fighting.

Tyler (01:37:00.711)

There’s good in him, I know it.

Ash (01:37:03.266)

Don’t care, he’s gonna be undead now. Hahahaha!

Tyler (01:37:06.282)

That’s fine. All right, so we’re level 10. This brings us to the… This brings us to… That’s right.

Randall James (01:37:09.295)

a form of redemption. It’s kind of like redeeming cans, you know? You get the 10th sense back. In this case, it’s an undead minion, but either way.

Tyler (01:37:19.767)

Yeah, what’s the Michigan State rebate on zombies?

Randall James (01:37:25.867)

I think it’s still Tencent.

Tyler (01:37:26.231)

Oh, I okay, I was worried that I was worried it was a I Was worried it was a cider situations like sure it’s alcohol that comes in an aluminum can but legally it’s juice So there’s no repaint the hell Michigan

Ash (01:37:27.274)

Yeah, I think I think I got I think I get a tax break for every fifth zombie

Randall James (01:37:36.062)

It’s like.

Randall James (01:37:43.647)


Ash (01:37:46.445)

Yeah, you get five zombies, you get the sixth one free.

Tyler (01:37:52.57)

Alright, so level 10. We’ve got like we have a bunch of cool stuff. Like I feel like our characters have very much come into their own at this point. Ash, you’ve got a small squad of undead poking people with sticks. Randall, you’re here. You’re scaring people. Just yeah.

Randall James (01:37:55.359)

Dale’s discount on dead.

Randall James (01:38:13.743)

Yeah. People hate that I’m here. People absolutely. So yeah, peace myself.

Tyler (01:38:22.862)

Yeah, yes. Yes, Randall is a constant engine of fear. And I am over here just trying to be a good person and hoping to hold everybody to a higher standard, calming emotions, causing light switch raves, disappointing my fam.

Ash (01:38:38.976)

You’re a…

Ash (01:38:45.078)

You’re just, you’re sitting cross-legged under a tree with long hair going, welcome son, welcome to the day.

Randall James (01:38:46.234)

and us.

Tyler (01:38:47.2)


Tyler (01:38:56.397)

My name is Randy, welcome to camp, we advocate nonviolence.

Randall James (01:39:02.456)

You look over the shoulder and I’m just sitting there with my halberd. Ugh, smite.

Ash (01:39:05.442)

Praise the sun y’all praise that sun praise it praise the sun

Tyler (01:39:05.991)


Tyler (01:39:11.724)


Randall James (01:39:12.47)

Yeah, you’re the dude in the corner screaming about jolly cooperation while we murder everybody.

Ash (01:39:18.226)

Yeah. All right. If we’re going to if we’re going to murder people, we’re going to do them by the book. All right. We’re going to give them a chance to talk because we’re all about cooperation and conflict management here. Now, I want you to praise our savior. Praise the gods. All right. Praise him. If I don’t see you praising hard enough, I’m going to hit you with my little ruler.

Tyler (01:39:18.42)

Oh god.

Tyler (01:39:40.81)

Just alright We have offered them sufficient chances to redeem themselves and turn back to the light They politely declined so we will now politely hit them with a third level divine smite

Ash (01:39:54.538)

Hey look, Randy is nice, up to a point, but you get on Randy’s bad side, you’re gonna hear about it, master. I’m gonna open up a can of whoop ass on you, just like the savior himself. Oh.

Tyler (01:40:06.129)

hahahaha ah

Randall James (01:40:07.895)

I think my character is the camp chef that everyone’s afraid of because nobody knows where the meat comes from. People enter the cafeteria and immediately are just like, going through the line real scared like occasionally kids go, anyway, no.

Tyler (01:40:15.595)

Oh no.

Tyler (01:40:24.598)

This is we joked about paladins being boy scouts, but I did not expect any of this

Ash (01:40:31.554)

Well then Camp Counselor, it’s great. It’s perfect. It works great.

Randall James (01:40:34.651)

No, Jason, Jason Bortes.

Tyler (01:40:38.122)

The Paladin? Or the Camp Counselor or the Chef? What?

Ash (01:40:41.366)

of no

Randall James (01:40:47.583)

That’s fair. Actually, that’s fair. Okay. No, Friday, 13th. The dude with the hockey mask from Friday 13th. Yeah. Well, no, he wasn’t a camp counselor. He was a kid who died at camp because camp counselors weren’t paying attention because they were sinning. And so his mom came along in the first movie and killed everyone. And then somehow he came back.

Tyler (01:40:49.494)

Okay? Okay.

Ash (01:40:59.97)

Ah, yeah. Although I get you could classify Jason as a vengeance Paladin or you could classify him as a revenant. So six of one. Yeah, yeah.

Tyler (01:41:01.854)


Randall James (01:41:13.271)

He’s 100% a revenant actually, that’s right. I was more going, he definitely has a fear aura though, because if you think about it, like, he walks at a glacial pace, other people are sprinting and he still just shows up.

Tyler (01:41:14.59)


Ash (01:41:25.454)

So conquest then. Interesting. Okay.

Randall James (01:41:28.165)

Yeah. But I think you’re right with vengeance.

Ash (01:41:31.222)


Tyler (01:41:31.368)

He can only run off screen.

Randall James (01:41:35.061)

The camera fell to my elbow.

Tyler (01:41:37.058)

Yeah, just…

Ash (01:41:39.666)

One, the reason they don’t make Jason run is because one, it would look silly, and two, they have to give the camp counselors some advantage. It’s got to be fair.

Tyler (01:41:48.496)


Randall James (01:41:53.582)

Yeah. For versus Tyler’s character is definitely earnest scared, stupid.

Tyler (01:41:53.642)


Randall James (01:41:59.403)

It’s an old cut, but it checks out anyway. Okay, what love learning now.

Tyler (01:42:01.74)

Okay, alright. Level 11. At this level, the fighter gets extra attack, Barbarian continues to be sad, and we get Improved Divine Smite, which very cleverly has nothing to do with Divine Smite.

Ash (01:42:02.847)

Back on target.

Randall James (01:42:23.428)

That’s why it’s improved.

Ash (01:42:24.97)

Yeah, that’s so weird. I don’t know why they did. Yeah, whenever you hit a creature with a melee weapon, the creature takes an extra 1d radian damage. It’s pretty good. That’s better than I thought it would be.

Tyler (01:42:25.469)


Tyler (01:42:32.03)


Randall James (01:42:33.28)

I think the idea is it’s like you get the Divine Smite all the time, you just always get to deal the 1D8. That’s why it’s improved.

Ash (01:42:39.126)

Well, base level Divine Smite does 2d8, not 1d8.

Randall James (01:42:43.087)

Well, but it’s a free one to eight. And then like, you still get it when you do the, okay. Um, we should have just called it like consistent partial smite. Would that have been we, we smite. That’s what they should have named it.

Ash (01:42:45.486)

It’s like a half, it’s a half smite. Yeah, yeah, it’s not bad. It’s not bad.

Tyler (01:42:46.762)

Yeah, yeah, it’s half a smite. Yeah. Pfft. Hehehehehehe.

Tyler (01:42:57.109)


Tyler (01:43:01.089)

Yeah. Alright. Okay, so yeah.

Randall James (01:43:03.115)

It’s actually the name of this episode. Dan, write that down. We Smite. Okay, go ahead.

Tyler (01:43:07.594)

We isn’t small or.

Randall James (01:43:09.951)


Tyler (01:43:10.894)

Alright. Okay. So yeah, we get improved Divine Smite, which is pretty nice, especially for Randall with your polearm master nonsense, because you get to apply it an extra time per turn. Yeah, like all the efficiency of two-weapon fighting, none of the problems. Even better, you could do it with a one-handed weapon, so it’s like spinning a quarter-stapper spear around like a maniac. Smite, smite, smite.

Randall James (01:43:29.275)

Yeah, this is great.

Ash (01:43:38.698)

It also makes crits even more fun now.

Tyler (01:43:41.894)


Randall James (01:43:44.179)

I’m having a lot of fun right now. Yeah, this is great. Okay. Level.

Ash (01:43:46.402)

Paladins are fun. You don’t have to multi-class a paladin. Just straight paladin is really fun. It’s really fun.

Tyler (01:43:46.934)


Tyler (01:43:51.006)

Yeah. Very satisfying to play. I am a little sad. Like, 1 D&D, they’re renaming Improved Divine Smite. I can’t remember what to. And I believe they have limited Divine Smite to once per turn, so you can no longer, like, charge in Triple Smite and just nuke an encounter in one turn. Yeah. Because…

Ash (01:43:56.812)


Ash (01:44:14.392)

Boo! Why? Why do you ruin everything, Watsi? Don’t ruin my fun!

Randall James (01:44:18.771)

Why am I even here?

Tyler (01:44:20.83)

Because it made it too hard to balance encounters when the Paladin could just nuke the first encounter of the day and then demand that the party take a rest. I know! Uh huh. Yeah, I know! Look, if there’s-

Ash (01:44:27.126)

That’s why you play Paladins!

Randall James (01:44:28.843)

So Tyler, yeah Tyler, I would like to introduce you to my friend The Wizard. I don’t want to hear it.

Ash (01:44:34.474)

Yeah, wizards are wizards are only getting buffs in for in for or not fourth edition in 2024, 2024 rules. So screw the one martial class that was doing well. What the heck? Now I’m sad and angry.

Tyler (01:44:40.922)


Tyler (01:44:47.061)


Tyler (01:44:50.446)

Uh, okay, look, if there’s any… We had a question of the week about this, and I should have said this. If there’s anything you could take away from Fori, it’s that every encounter, you round Robin who’s gonna blow all of their resources to nuke the encounter. It’s the paladins turn to nuke stuff, it’s the wizards turn, it’s the clerics turn to spirit guardians and blender the encounter, and somewhere in there, you have a rogue.

Tyler (01:45:22.319)

But just pick off the stragglers. Yeah, pacing, it’s hard. Alright, level 12. We get another ability score increase or feat. What’s everybody doing?

Ash (01:45:33.546)

I’m gonna max out strength this time.

Tyler (01:45:36.958)


Randall James (01:45:38.735)

I think Strength and Charisma again probably would have been optimal. Move them up two at a time depending on whether I was getting the actual modifier. I would have thought about that when I was looking at the real numbers.

Tyler (01:45:42.454)


Tyler (01:45:47.37)

Probably. Yeah. Alright. I’m already at 20 charisma. I don’t need more strength, so I will probably go for Resilient Constitution to try and maintain concentration on my spell.

Now between, yeah, now between like I’ve got 14 constitution, now I’ve got proficiency and I’ve got aura protection, my concentration is pretty good. I’m pretty confident in that. Like especially with 20 charisma.

Randall James (01:46:03.497)

This guy’s casting spells.

Ash (01:46:20.734)

Yeah, you have a lot of concentration spells and not much else.

Tyler (01:46:23.334)

Yeah, yeah I do.

Ash (01:46:25.958)

um 13th level we get more free spells what are your free spells tyler

Tyler (01:46:32.098)

Ah, who’s ready to be disappointed? All right. I get OT Luke’s Resilient Sphere, which is, yeah, like you pick a creature, they’re in an impenetrable, nearly indestructible sphere of force. It could be me. Yeah. Like one sanctuary just isn’t doing the trick. Resilient Sphere.

Randall James (01:46:36.523)

Tick me!

Ash (01:46:37.575)

This guy.

Ash (01:46:42.904)

That’s pretty good, that’s pretty good.

Ash (01:46:51.598)

You’re going on a timeout. Time out, mister.

Ash (01:46:59.99)

Huh Can you cast it on an enemy can you cast that’s incredible

Tyler (01:47:02.687)

Uh, also, Stone Skin. Yeah.

Yeah. Okay, hang on. I’m gonna double check on that, but I’m pretty certain. Yeah, they get a deck save to avoid it, but it’s a deck save saver suck spell. Yeah.

Randall James (01:47:11.851)

I’ll get to you in a second, mister.

Ash (01:47:15.054)

Because if I remember, yeah, because if I yeah, if I remember if you’re when you’re in the nobody can hit you, but you also can’t hit anybody. Just time out the ultimate time out time out, Mr. You’re being onry. All right. So you’re going to time out. You’re going to think about what you did. Yeah. And it’s like, let me.

Tyler (01:47:25.83)


Tyler (01:47:31.322)


Tyler (01:47:37.377)

And then that whole time I can just talk to them.

Randall James (01:47:42.234)

Just work on the redeem.

Tyler (01:47:43.966)


Randall James (01:47:46.894)

That’s not the kind of language we like to use here, sir.

Tyler (01:47:47.028)


Ash (01:47:49.657)

You’re gonna use your words and you’re gonna be polite or I’m keeping you in the timeout

Tyler (01:47:56.286)

I also get stone skin, which is neat. Very expensive, but resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing for an hour.

Ash (01:48:04.498)

Oh, you’re going to be disappointed with my, uh, my 15th level feature then. Um, Randall, what do you get?

Randall James (01:48:15.039)

Dominate Beast, also Stone Skin.

Ash (01:48:17.12)


Tyler (01:48:19.186)

Okay, a little late for Dominate Beast.

Ash (01:48:20.29)

The how does that make sense for a conk for conquest? That’s so weird. Okay.

Tyler (01:48:24.978)

You got a tank man, you got to get in there like to a two hander reach weapon. Yeah.

Ash (01:48:28.486)

I guess. I get blight and confusion. Eh.

Tyler (01:48:40.323)

I have played so many editions of D&D, I’ve played so many video games with confusion in them, and never once have I looked at confusion as a good idea. Like I’ve tried. No.

Ash (01:48:50.599)

It’s fine.

Randall James (01:48:50.859)

the final fantasy like six and seven era I feel like confusion could be used to reasonable like

Ash (01:48:55.894)

That’s a different type of confusion because confusion in JRPGs is like the creature has a good to fair chance of hurting itself, which I’m like, that’s cool. I like that. If there was a thing like that in the confusion where it’s like a creature hurts itself if there’s nobody in range, I’d be on board with confusion. I would be like, that’s cool. I like that.

Randall James (01:49:05.223)

Random chance. Yeah.

Tyler (01:49:21.563)

it hurt itself in its confusion.

Tyler (01:49:26.166)

Alright, so not a ton of great spells all around. I, weirdly, I feel like I got the best spells and that feels wrong. ..

Ash (01:49:33.33)

You did. You did get the best spells.

Randall James (01:49:35.751)

Vlog at a win occasionally. Broken clock.

Tyler (01:49:38.15)

Okay, so 4th level paladin spells mostly just borrowed from the cleric, but introduced in Tasha’s we get Find Greater Steed. Now, I absolutely love this spell because this is where we can get a flying mount. And that’s just great. You can get a Pegasus. You can get a

Ash (01:49:54.392)


Ash (01:49:58.356)


Tyler (01:50:02.838)

You can get a Pegasus, you can get a Griffin, you can get a Hippogryph. I think you can also get like a Dire Wolf or a Rhinoceros, but like, they can’t fly. Why would you?

Ash (01:50:11.922)

When do I get my dragon, Wadzi? When do I get to fly on a dragon as an oath breaker or a conquest paladin? I want it. Give it to me. I’m the favorite child. I’m the favorite son. I deserve all the spells. Give it to me. Give it to me the power. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened there. I kind of blacked out there. Yeah. Come on.

Tyler (01:50:22.115)

Yeah, I-

Randall James (01:50:22.216)


Randall James (01:50:28.115)

I think Lord Salt’s an Oathbreaker and he’s got a Death Dragon, so that’s pretty… Maybe you should aspire to more.

Tyler (01:50:33.258)

That is true. I don’t think he had to summon that. Hahaha. Alright.

Ash (01:50:37.842)

Yeah, where’s my death night subclass? That would be dope a death night subclass for Paladin make it Kind of yeah, that’s true. Yeah

Randall James (01:50:44.819)

I mean, isn’t that what an oathbreaker is?

Tyler (01:50:45.107)


It’s as close as you get, yeah.

Randall James (01:50:52.124)

You just, you got to skin that thing. And then leave the skin behind.

Tyler (01:50:52.185)

I wanna-

Tyler (01:50:57.726)

Ew. Okay, I want them to add Dragonelle to this list. It’s basically a scaly pegasus, when you think about it.

Ash (01:51:06.75)

Yeah, give it to me. Give me the power. I don’t have enough. I need more.

Tyler (01:51:13.69)

If you ever want to be just horrendously disappointed look up the third edition art for Dragonells it is Sad just like you’ll look at him be like, oh no why what no

Randall James (01:51:22.545)


Ash (01:51:27.265)

Alright, I’ll uh, I’ll call you on that.

Randall James (01:51:28.491)

I love that it was so bad that you’re remembering it now. I mean, like, but I need to snipe this, right? Somebody brought up Dragonells. Everyone here needs to know that arc was disappointing.

Tyler (01:51:32.561)


Ash (01:51:38.294)

Let’s take a look. Oh, that is disappointing, yes. It looks like a sad underfed horse with horns and wings.

Tyler (01:51:40.655)

Okay, Ash is pulling it up, Ash!

Randall James (01:51:40.871)

Yeah, okay.

Tyler (01:51:45.586)

Describe it to us visually.

Tyler (01:51:53.262)

Yeah, it’s an emaciated horse with dragon wings, and it’s bright yellow, for some reason.

Ash (01:52:00.238)

Yeah, I don’t know why. Why would you do this?

Randall James (01:52:05.408)

What? Yeah, what happened? Are the wings backwards? I guess not.

Tyler (01:52:06.719)


I don’t know. It’s just the perspective’s off.

Ash (01:52:14.059)

I’m posting this in the podcast for our audience. Very sad, very not good.

Tyler (01:52:17.107)


Randall James (01:52:21.18)

Right. We all agree it’s not good.

Tyler (01:52:24.01)

Alright, so that is fourth level spells. Level 14, welcome to Cleansing Touch. So I forgot to talk about what Lay on Hands could do beyond just healing, because we talked about the hit point restoration. Alternatively, you can spend five hit points from your pool to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it. And you can cure multiple diseases and poisons with the single use by spending extra points.

So like Lay on Hands already does more than just hit point restoration right from level one. But then, then at level 15, we get, sorry, 14, we get Cleansing Touch. You can use your action to end one spell on yourself or one willing creature that you touch. And you can do this a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. So like somebody hits your buddy with a hold person

Boop. No. None of this. Yeah. So you’re not gonna use it all the time. I’ve never actually seen it used, unfortunately, but like, you know, you could save somebody from being petrified.

Randall James (01:53:36.976)

Yeah, well, I mean, at first they were afraid.

Ash (01:53:37.035)

Yeah, that’s true.

Tyler (01:53:39.446)


Randall James (01:53:41.363)

Here’s what I’ll say though. The way that we’re going, the direction we’re moving, monsters don’t cast spells anyway.

Tyler (01:53:48.082)

Yeah, yeah, what are they gonna do with that?

Ash (01:53:48.906)

Well, at this level you’re at this level, you’re probably running into monsters that do like

Randall James (01:53:54.535)

What? No, but the they’re stopping to call them like spell actions and instead you just have an action and everybody’s looking at me like that’s a spell.

Ash (01:53:58.806)


Tyler (01:54:02.802)


Ash (01:54:03.426)

It’s a spell adjacent ability. It’s fine. It’s like the monsters.

Randall James (01:54:07.183)

As a DM, I’ma rule it that way.

Tyler (01:54:07.4)


Ash (01:54:10.346)

Yeah, it’s the Monsters of the Multiverse thing, where it’s like, you’re casting spells.

Tyler (01:54:11.298)


Tyler (01:54:18.011)

Curious Quasid is asking in chat, would it affect petrification from Medusa? No, but it would affect stone to flesh. Or flesh to stone, the other one. Yeah.

Ash (01:54:24.638)


Randall James (01:54:25.851)

Yeah, the bad one. I guess they’re both bad, aren’t they?

Ash (01:54:29.294)

Yeah, or someone gets hold person. That’s also a good one to use it or dominated, especially at this level. Like if your barbarian gets dominated, they’re kind of out of the fight. Depending on the that’s the that’s the that’s the barbarians biggest weakness is being dominated. So being able to cleanse that from your barbarian is arguably very handy.

Randall James (01:54:35.455)


Tyler (01:54:37.167)

Oh, yeah.

Tyler (01:54:43.713)


Randall James (01:54:54.083)

It’s a little funny, I can’t end May’s with this, cause they’re gone.

Tyler (01:54:58.234)

Oh yeah, that’s true. Ah, unfortunate.

Ash (01:55:00.438)

That’s true.

Randall James (01:55:04.179)

What if they left a little bit of themselves behind? Like there’s a finger, like just.

Tyler (01:55:09.394)

that does that count? I don’t think it does. All right. Yeah. All right. Level 15. Yes, more subclass features. All right, I get protective spirits starting level 15 protective or a holy presence mends your wounds in battle you’re getting hit points equal to one d six plus half your Paladin level if you end your turn in combat with fewer than half of your hit points.

Randall James (01:55:10.783)

Probably not. No, okay. Cleansing touches, cool though. 15.

Ash (01:55:17.086)

More features!

Tyler (01:55:37.358)

and you aren’t incapacitated. So like if I drop to zero, I don’t get this, but as long as I’m conscious and we are in combat, I get to heal myself up to half. So like if you are this paladin and you’re injured seriously, combat ends, just like pick a fight, just like put them up, just make somebody roll initiative at you and then you’ll heal to half. Okay.

Randall James (01:56:01.179)

I’m not doing it.

Ash (01:56:02.091)

I can do this all day. I can do this all day. You keep punching me in the face. I can do this all day! You understand? Uhuh

Randall James (01:56:06.256)


Tyler (01:56:11.93)

Yeah, I mean right now is like level 15 It’s already 1d6 plus 7 healing like that’s not massive but like creatures with a lot of regeneration in 5e will have like 10 so like 1d6 plus 7 that’s an average of 10 and a half. I’m doing great

Ash (01:56:31.114)

Yeah, and it’s every turn. It’s every turn that you’re that you’re under half. So you are you’re pretty tanky. You’re pretty tanky.

Randall James (01:56:32.478)


Tyler (01:56:34.267)

every turn. Yeah.

Tyler (01:56:40.496)

Oh man, um, a Dumpere? Dampere? Half vampires. Yeah, Dampere. They get advantage on attacks with their bite if they’re below half hit points. So just this, that, good to go.

Ash (01:56:45.383)

Damp here.

Ash (01:56:55.266)

Dampier Redemption Paladin? That would be an interesting character.

Randall James (01:56:56.051)

Wait, but if they’re below hack headpoints, you’re just gonna get to use that feature less, right?

Tyler (01:57:04.655)

Uh, well, I mean, you just hang out below half hit points all the time, because like, yeah, whatever, I’ve got regeneration, it’s not like I’m gonna die.

Ash (01:57:12.042)

Oh yeah, I guess that’s a good point, because it said that a damp, pure redemption paladin is basically just Alucard from Castlevania. Yeah, accurate. Accurate.

Tyler (01:57:20.352)

Maybe. I thought Alucard did a whole lot of slaying and not a lot of talking.

Ash (01:57:25.558)

He did, but he tried his best. Well, at least in the show, not in the video game, but in the show, he tried to find a way to redeem his dad before he tried to kill him. So.

Tyler (01:57:29.032)


Randall James (01:57:38.091)

also say you didn’t give full credit to the snark that Klauset gave us. What he actually said was, I believe it’s pronounced Alec.

Tyler (01:57:46.348)

Yeah, alright.

Ash (01:57:47.038)

Yeah, that’s fair. That’s fair.

Tyler (01:57:50.147)

Alright, what do you guys get? Level 15.

Ash (01:57:53.338)

I get, you guys are gonna hate me. I get resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from non-magical elephants. So that thing that’s stone skin, yeah, the thing that stone skin gives you as a spell, I get all the time.

Tyler (01:58:00.83)


Tyler (01:58:05.394)

Yeah. That is really good. Man. Like that’s like level 18 for War Domain Clare. It’s like dang. Jealous.

Ash (01:58:11.065)


Ash (01:58:15.582)

Yep. Earthbreakers, man. They’re ridiculous.

Tyler (01:58:19.196)


Randall James (01:58:20.779)

Gordonful Rebuke. Starting at 15th level, those who dare strike you are psychically punished for their audacity. Whenever a creature hits you with an attack, that creature takes psychic damage equal to your charisma modifier if you’re not incapacitated.

Tyler (01:58:35.626)

So like three, four? Yeah, it’s fine. It’s not amazing. Like, yeah.

Ash (01:58:36.248)


free damage. It’s free damage.

Randall James (01:58:40.268)

I’m excited about it.

Randall James (01:58:44.303)

Yeah, you come at me with a multi-attack, you hit me three times, I’m gonna give some back. I don’t wanna go blow for blow.

Ash (01:58:48.386)

The only issue I see with this feature is that your class is so specialized in making people have disadvantage on attack roles or can’t get to you that this feature feels like it’s not going to synergize very well. Just saying, yeah.

Tyler (01:58:48.906)

Yeah, okay.


Tyler (01:59:04.974)

Yeah. Ha ha ha. That’s true.

Randall James (01:59:07.23)


Yeah, I mean, hopefully only one of them save at a time and that I’m just dealing with that person, right? Like, oh, you’re awake.

Ash (01:59:13.874)

Yeah, that’s fair.

Tyler (01:59:14.922)


Okay, so that’s level 15. All right, level 16, we get yet another feat. I have resilience, like I’m nice and durable, I’ve got my charisma. I’ll take Inspiring Leader, just pass out temporary hit points. Or I could go for Chef and pass out Snacks that grant temporary hit points. Like Inspiring Leader is more temporary hit points than Chef, but Chef is Snacks. And I like it.

Ash (01:59:44.775)

Yeah, you’re the camp counselor. You might as well start bringing snacks. Who want snacks, y’all? I brought some trail mix. Eat up. You need your energy. You’re going to need your energy for the hike to Mount Doom. All right.

Tyler (01:59:47.698)


Tyler (01:59:53.088)

I love trail mix.

Tyler (02:00:00.101)

Alright, how about you guys? What are you doing?

Ash (02:00:05.583)

I’m getting Alvin accuracy because I’m a hypocrite.

Tyler (02:00:14.073)

Look, it works. It’s easy mode for martial characters. Although…

Ash (02:00:15.9)

That’s great.

Ash (02:00:19.971)

Yeah, that’s why would you why would you play anything other than an elf if you’re gonna play Hey

Tyler (02:00:26.326)

No. Yeah, okay. So important thing about Elven Accuracy, it only works if you’re attacking with dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, or charisma. So you can’t be strength-based. Yeah, but you just be a dex-based paladin.

Ash (02:00:38.883)


Ash (02:00:44.554)

Okay, for…

Tyler (02:00:45.278)

Just look, even better, use a whip.

Ash (02:00:48.874)

Ooh, now I have Dami- now I have Dami-mami vibes, which I don’t hate. Wait.

Randall James (02:00:50.632)


Tyler (02:00:50.716)


Oh god. I didn’t mean to make it horny. I meant to make it mean.

Ash (02:00:57.866)

Is that true? Quasit, are you using dexterity weapons with your new paladin? Because I don’t remember. Oh, charisma, right? My bad.

Tyler (02:01:04.738)

He’s a hexblade, he’s attacking with charisma.

Ash (02:01:10.79)

Alright, you’ve gotten away with it this time.

Tyler (02:01:14.638)

I may have built this a few times. Double scimitar for max genanigans. Way to go, Quasit. That is max genanigans. Yeah. Okay. Alright, so that’s level 16.

Randall James (02:01:19.196)

WIPs included.

Ash (02:01:25.59)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

When he presented his build to me, I was like, I’m in danger.

Tyler (02:01:34.75)

Appropriate. Okay, so level 16, that is the end of tier 3. I feel like our tactics really haven’t changed, like at all in this tier. Yeah, mostly more of the same. Now we’re flying maybe. That’s really about it. Yeah. I’m still trying so hard to-

Ash (02:01:48.518)


Ash (02:01:53.83)

I’m hitting things but hitting them harder.

Randall James (02:01:54.463)

That’s exciting.

Tyler (02:02:03.25)

Just one person to say like, sure, I’ll mend my evil ways in exchange for not being smotened in non-existence.

Randall James (02:02:11.683)

Yeah, it’s not going to happen. Probably eventually we should fight. Or, you know, it’s going to be great.

Tyler (02:02:17.811)

I won’t.

Ash (02:02:20.006)

Or me and Randall will stab you in the back when we’ve gotten fed up with your shenanigans.

Tyler (02:02:24.798)

That’s fair, that’s fair. Okay, level 17. The game has gone off the rails. The wizard is casting Wish to summon an army of infinite naked wizards. We get fifth level spells. And we get some cool stuff, actually. Okay, so… Yeah, I mean…

Randall James (02:02:26.592)

Right now they’re still cheeky and fun.

Ash (02:02:46.57)

And our last free spells too.

Tyler (02:02:51.41)

So subclass spells always go up to 5th level, and since we only get up to 5th level spells, subclass spells go the whole range, which is pretty cool. I get Hold Monster and Wall of Force, which is actually pretty awesome. I love Wall of Force. Yeah.

Ash (02:03:03.81)

That’s pretty good. Wall of Force is really good. Another ultimate timeout from you. That’s great.

Tyler (02:03:11.142)

Yeah. Just this entire section of the camp over there now. How about you guys?

Randall James (02:03:11.239)

Yeah. It’s like there’s a theme. Yeah.

Ash (02:03:17.458)

Y’all are naughty y’all are bad and you’re sitting in a timeout over there and maybe we’ll play dodgeball later if you’re nice

Tyler (02:03:30.235)

Ash, what do you get?

Ash (02:03:31.642)

I get contagion. All right. And I wish that spell was better. But it’s not good. Fun thematically not fun in practice. Dominate person, which is definitely good and definitely fits the vibe. So yes.

Tyler (02:03:35.318)


Tyler (02:03:41.483)


Tyler (02:03:47.68)


Tyler (02:03:54.367)


Randall James (02:03:56.883)

I get Cloud Kill and Domine Person.

Tyler (02:04:00.586)

Boy, you really are copying each other’s homework, yeah.

Ash (02:04:01.311)

Me and Randall, we’re just copying each other’s homework. It’s hilarious.

Randall James (02:04:03.324)


Tyler (02:04:08.508)

Okay, all right, so I want to take a quick look at Contagion because this is a very, very easy spell to overlook because it has multiple points of failure, which is really confusing. You make a spell attack. On a hit, the target is poisoned. At the end of each of the poison targets turns, they must make a constitution saving throw. If the target succeeds on three…

of these saves. Not one, three, then it is no longer poisoned and the spell ends. So it does not matter how garbage your Spell Save DC is, if you can hit with Contagion, they are poisoned for three rounds, which is a fight most of the time. And while they are poisoned that way, you get to add one of the other effects. For example, Blinding Sickness.

Ash (02:04:59.534)

But I think they have to fail three saves in order for that to take effect, though. That’s the downside to it.

Tyler (02:05:07.082)

poison if the target fails 3 save no longer po- oh yeah you’re right they get one of the diseases but still like spell attack they’re poisoned for three turns which you know against some enemies that’s really good I don’t I don’t um

Ash (02:05:19.166)

Yeah, it does target Constitution though, which is the worst save so

Tyler (02:05:24.598)

True. But I… Okay, poisoned. They get disadvantaged on attack rolls and ability checks, and they can’t use legendary resistances to get out of it. Like, they can use legendary resistance, automatically succeed on the save, but they’re still poisoned for three rounds. So if you get that off on a boss, like… fight is done. Yeah.

Ash (02:05:35.502)


Ash (02:05:45.902)

Okay, better than I thought it was. Better than I thought it was, yeah. The poison for a minimum of three rounds is pretty good.

Tyler (02:05:56.062)

Uh, people in the chat are calling out like, yeah, immunity to poison. Definitely a huge problem. So it obviously doesn’t work on everything, but, you know, when it works, it’s real good.

Ash (02:06:02.281)


Ash (02:06:05.879)

this stuff that yeah, the stuff that it works on. It’s great. 18th level. Boring.

Tyler (02:06:12.37)

18th level. Oh, hang on. So let’s look at just core Paladin fifth level spells because we get a couple of cool things. Yeah. Holy weapon. You choose a non-magical weapon. It becomes plus three, deals bonus radiant damage and glows real bright. Lasts like an hour. I believe it is the best like turn a non-magical weapon into a cool weapon spell.

Ash (02:06:17.422)

Oh, okay, fair enough.

Tyler (02:06:42.618)

Yeah, 2d8 bonus damage. Okay, no enhancement bonus. My memory is bad. I’m used to 3rd edition where it just becomes plus 5 and holy. Yeah, okay. Yeah, but I mean, it adds 2d8 radiant damage on hit to your weapon, which is pretty okay. I think I would rather cast Spirit Shroud or Elemental Weapon or something like that, just to get the…

Ash (02:06:54.498)

Sadly, no.

Tyler (02:07:09.706)

Like, Spirit Shroud will do other damage types, Elemental Weapon gives you a bonus to hit. So, yeah, I should go double check what my assessment is on this. All right, we also get Destructive Wave, which is weirdly the only spell on the Paladin spell list that’s just area effect damage. The only one. You hit the ground, shockwave around you, knocks creatures prone, does thunder and bludgeoning damage. It’s 10d8, which is decent. Yeah.

I like that you can knock folks prone, especially if they’re in the air, just like all of you up here, ground.

Randall James (02:07:45.567)


Tyler (02:07:49.259)

All right, level 18. So now we get aura improvement. So this is really cool. You know, like we’ve been spending all of these levels trying to stay 10 feet away from all of our buddies to make sure they’re in or protection. Now it’s 30 feet. And that’s nice.

Ash (02:08:04.526)

Yeah. It sucks that we get it so late, but it’s still.

Randall James (02:08:04.607)

Feels real good.

Tyler (02:08:10.87)

I mean, it would be cool if we got like a 20 foot step somewhere in the middle, like level 12 or somewhere in there. Ah.

Ash (02:08:16.706)


Randall James (02:08:17.479)

Yeah. Even 15 would be impactful. It’s a lot more spaced.

Ash (02:08:21.248)


Tyler (02:08:21.662)

Yeah, yeah.

Ash (02:08:24.082)

Ability score improvement.

Tyler (02:08:27.378)

Yeah, level 19, our last ability is score improvement or feat. Does anybody have anything in mind for what they want? Because I’m grasping at straws at this point.

Ash (02:08:36.23)

I’m bumping my charisma by two. That’s it.

Tyler (02:08:39.062)

Hmm. Okay. How about you, Randall? All right. Oh, I can take a, I’ll take skill expert, put the plus one into my constitution, get it to 16 and then whatever skill proficiency, but then expertise and persuasion. Now that we have plus six proficiency bonus, I’ve got.

Randall James (02:08:42.223)

Yeah, I’m cranking stats. It’s going to be great.

Tyler (02:09:01.822)

12 from proficiency, five from charisma. I can use my channel divinity to get another five and my minimum modifier on charisma persuasion checks is plus 22 and I can cast guidance.

Ash (02:09:14.254)

Jesus Christ.

Randall James (02:09:15.715)

Yeah, somehow you are the best camp counselor. It’s like the end of every year for some reason these kids still respect you.

Ash (02:09:20.431)

Yeah, yep. Oh, they were all they were all really. They were all really well behaved, Mrs. Sarah, all really well behaved. Here’s your kids back. I don’t abuse them or nothing.

Tyler (02:09:21.142)


Tyler (02:09:25.802)


Tyler (02:09:30.507)


Ash (02:09:35.778)


Tyler (02:09:35.826)

Alright, so that’s 19, level 20. So Paladin is weird. Paladin’s level 20 capstone is from their subclass rather than from the class. So every one of us gets a different capstone. Some of them are great. Others are there.

Randall James (02:09:38.217)

for a kid.

Randall James (02:09:58.203)

Yeah. So I…

Ash (02:09:58.959)

This is the way that all subclasses should work, in my opinion. Each subclass should get its own unique capstone feature, in my opinion. But. Yes.

Randall James (02:10:08.679)

and then some of them should be better than others. No, I, okay, here’s the deal. I feel like every single time we’ve done this, I have picked a subclass. Let me say this differently. We get to this point, we’re looking at the capstone and I am nothing but disappointment. With the Thorntzer, I refused to come with you. I went somewhere else because it was so bad. I feel like this is the first time where I’m reading the capstone for my subclass and immediately.

Tyler (02:10:27.958)


Tyler (02:10:31.679)


Randall James (02:10:39.183)

I have won. I love it. Everything should be this way. Invincible Conqueror. At 20th level, you gain the ability to harness extraordinary martial prowess. As an action, you can magically become an avatar of conquest, gaining the following benefits for one minute. You have resistance to all damage. When you take the attack action on your turn, you can make one additional attack as part of that action. Your melee weapon attacks score a critical on a 19 or 20.

Tyler (02:10:41.514)

Alright, what do you get? Tell me.

Tyler (02:10:46.591)


Tyler (02:11:10.678)

were good. Yeah. Okay. So you’re getting a total of four attacks, counting the bonus from Polarm Master. Yeah, you crit twice as often. That’s pretty good.

Randall James (02:11:22.311)

Wait, okay, we got extra attack twice, didn’t we?

Ash (02:11:22.326)

Yeah, that’s really good.

Tyler (02:11:27.194)

No. Yeah, only fighters. Yep.

Randall James (02:11:30.843)

Won’t, won’t, oh, okay, yeah, okay, that makes sense. Action search, they’re winning. Still, I’m feeling really good about this. I’m gonna burn so many Smites. I got the extra one D8 on all four of those attacks. I’m having a great time. And I’m twice as likely to crit. I’m critting 10% of the time. Odds are if I stab you, it hurts.

Tyler (02:11:37.354)


Tyler (02:11:56.878)

Alright, how about you Ash?

Ash (02:11:58.95)

I get the ability Dreadlord. Which is just a great name. So I am also kind of an avatar of hate and fear and stuff. So as an action, I can surround myself with an aura of gloom that lasts for one minute the aura reduces any bright light in a 30 foot radius around the Paladin to dim light. Whenever an enemy that is frightened by the Paladin starts his turn in the aura takes 4d10 psychic damage.

Tyler (02:12:03.978)

Okay. Yeah.

Tyler (02:12:22.814)


Ash (02:12:28.202)

Additionally, the Paladin and the creatures he or she chooses in the Aura are draped in deeper shadow. Creatures that rely on sight have disadvantage on attack rolls against the creatures draped in shadow. While the Aura lasts, the Paladin can use a bonus action on his or her turn to cause the shadows in the Aura to attack one creature. The Paladin makes a melee spell attack roll against the target. If the attack hits, the target takes necrotic damage equal to 3d10 plus my Charisma modifier.

Tyler (02:12:56.79)

That’s real good.

Ash (02:12:57.722)

Mm-hmm. Yeah, don’t mess with me

Randall James (02:13:01.774)

Why did they add the charisma modifier at the back end of that? 3D10 plus.

Ash (02:13:06.189)

I don’t know. That’s why I bumped my charisma.

Randall James (02:13:09.971)


Tyler (02:13:11.655)

Alright, so you guys have to turn your features on. Mine is always on. Emissary of Redemption, 20th level, you become an Avatar of Peace. You have resistance to all damage dealt by other creatures, so I can still hurt myself normally. Whenever a creature hits you with an attack, it takes radiant damage equal to half of your

Ash (02:13:16.856)


Ash (02:13:29.57)

Holy crap. Wow.

Randall James (02:13:29.951)

That’s great.

Tyler (02:13:37.886)

half the damage you take from the attack.

Ash (02:13:41.05)

Whoa! Jesus Christ!

Tyler (02:13:43.57)

Yeah, uh, but yes, but there’s a caveat. There’s if you attack a creature, cast a spell on it or deal damage to it by any means, but this feature, neither benefit works against that creature until you finish a long rest. So like I, I have to pick enemies one at a time. Be like, you have chosen to be smote.

Randall James (02:13:45.287)

which is a quarter of the damage because you took half.

Tyler (02:14:12.018)

and then smite them.

Randall James (02:14:17.643)

Imagine taking you to fight a dragon.

Ash (02:14:17.67)


Tyler (02:14:19.943)

Uh huh. Ehh.

Ash (02:14:21.561)

this. This is I’m just getting a real good sense of brandy right now. It’s just like, no, stop. No one. Everybody attack me.

Randall James (02:14:25.731)

Thank you.

Tyler (02:14:26.117)

Look, I’m so I’ve got

Tyler (02:14:32.61)

Look, I’ve got protective spirit so I’m regenerating 1d6 plus 10 every round. Just like, just hang out below half hit points while people kill themselves on me. It’s like, you done? Bud?

Ash (02:14:46.4)

I can do this all day, bud. I can do this all day.

Tyler (02:14:50.481)

I’m just gonna keep letting him hit me until he wears himself out, lays down.

Ash (02:14:53.598)

It’s basically your Randall.

Randall James (02:14:53.835)

It’s just, you’re using your turn to lay on hands yourself. Just, ugh.

Tyler (02:14:57.682)


Ash (02:15:00.03)

Yeah, as Randy the camp counselor who I’ve decided Tyler is playing You just uh, you’re just like putting your hand on the guy’s head while he swings at you and yours Yes, are you are you ready to give up

Tyler (02:15:11.786)


Is radiant damage embarrassment?

Randall James (02:15:19.051)

That’s why your cheeks turn red.

Tyler (02:15:19.602)


Ash (02:15:21.594)

Arguably, that’s really badass that you don’t even have to attack. You can just sit there and just tank damage. Even if they choose to not attack you, your feature allows you to take the damage and deal it back to them anyway. That’s actually pretty great. And I love that so much. Oh, my God.

Tyler (02:15:28.115)


Tyler (02:15:33.055)


Tyler (02:15:39.847)

Oh god this character is so annoying.

Randall James (02:15:45.419)

Do you mean awesome?

Ash (02:15:46.664)

Yeah, it’s why DMs don’t like redemption paladins, but they’re arguably very funny and I love them. Oh man, so great.

Tyler (02:15:47.17)

Uh, okay.

Tyler (02:15:50.952)


Tyler (02:15:56.183)

Okay, I might throw Heavy Armor Master into this build because you get to subtract 3 from bludgeoning, piercing, slashing damage. And with Emissary of Redemption, that’s going to reduce the retaliatory damage too, but it’ll stretch the fight out longer. It’s going to give me more time to regenerate with Protective Spirit.

Ash (02:16:03.638)


Tyler (02:16:21.726)

Yeah, long fights are where I thrive. Just, they can keep hitting me until they’re tired and dying, and I’m just gonna keep healing, cause why would I?

Ash (02:16:29.894)

Yeah, you could. Yeah, and you can keep redirecting. You can redirect any damage that’s done to your allies to you as really just makes your DM very mad. It’s like I can’t do anything to your friends. I can’t do anything to you because you kill my guys who try to hit you. Can you do something in this battle, please? Besides heal and buff, please? You’re just standing there and you’re causing me so much pain. And I hate this game.

Randall James (02:16:30.347)

I don’t think that three is going to matter at this point.

Tyler (02:16:33.887)

Probably not.

Tyler (02:16:39.917)


Tyler (02:16:47.09)


Tyler (02:16:57.458)

I know you think that I am not actively engaging in this combat. I am actively infuriating you.

Ash (02:17:06.72)

It really is the class that you play to just really piss off your DM.

Tyler (02:17:08.501)


Tyler (02:17:12.328)


Tyler (02:17:15.987)

And not even because it’s like just insanely powerful. It’s just like you’ve derailed all of the challenges Like wait, yeah

Ash (02:17:26.587)

So how do you want to do this? Do you want to just like average the damage that your creature would do and apply it to yourself over a number of turns? Or do you want to actually play this out and have zero fun?

Tyler (02:17:39.974)

The monsters all start getting a reputation for Randy, they’re like, Oh God, he’s here, just kill ourselves. Just skip to the end of the fight, just lay down.

Ash (02:17:45.278)

No, go away, please.

Ash (02:17:50.59)

Like they’re just taking a whip and hitting themselves. Are you happy, Randy? I’m a good boy, Randy. I’m a good boy. Please don’t put me in time out, please.

Randall James (02:17:56.165)


Tyler (02:18:00.555)

Wait wait!

Tyler (02:18:04.818)

I can use Order of the Ga- I can use Order of the Guardian to take the damage for them. I can literally say, stop hitting yourself. It hurts me more than it hurts you. Yeah.

Ash (02:18:14.154)

Oh god.


And then you reflect it back onto them. Oh God, that’s the ultimate. That’s the ultimate middle finger. So it’s like, I can’t even hurt myself because you will just take the damage for me and redirect it back at me just to spite me. God, this class is so dumb. Oh, I love it so much. Oh my God. Ah.

Randall James (02:18:26.026)

but then they only take a little bit of it.

Tyler (02:18:33.386)

Yep. Oh my god. Like I said, I’m building a problem.

Randall James (02:18:40.33)

It’s like they’re.

Ash (02:18:43.199)


Randall James (02:18:44.083)

The scene from Fight Club where the narrator beats himself up.

Tyler (02:18:49.042)


Ash (02:18:50.454)

I am Jack’s untempted rage. Oh god.

Tyler (02:18:57.498)

Ah. Taladans, yeah.

Ash (02:18:58.35)

Paldons y’all.

Randall James (02:19:03.051)

This week we have a question of the week. This week our question of the week comes to us from Curious Quoset on Discord. Any favorite soundtracks for background music in your games? We’ve had some Hades and Witcher music crop up in Ash’s playlist, and in the past I’ve had a DM put on the Doom 2016 soundtrack for Descent into Avernus, which was…

Tyler (02:19:23.359)

Ha ha

Ash (02:19:24.042)

That’s a pretty inspired choice. Yeah, as Quasip, shout out, I do use Hades music for combat. I’ve used Witcher. I also am a big fan of Final Fantasy music in games. I use it a lot. Elder Scrolls is just a classic that a lot of people use, that I’ve used as well. They’re good for just like ambience.

Tyler (02:19:27.912)


Randall James (02:19:39.316)


Ash (02:19:51.05)

Other ones that I would also recommend that are overlooked, Hollow Knight has a really good soundtrack. And I’ve used Ori and the Blind Forest for like more ethereal settings or Feywild stuff. Like video game music, there’s so many banging soundtracks and you can find a lot of good stuff.

Tyler (02:20:12.867)


Randall James (02:20:15.931)

So I’m going to agree with everything you said, like you gave an awesome list. So double down, I’ll add to it. I’ve actually had a lot of fun with the describe Sonic library. Um, it, you can just drop in. Dump, you know, dump music, find things I’ve like, oh, I would like to have a village or I would like to have this that are the other, but then there’s a lot of great combat stuff. If you want to take it one step further, you can actually add additional moments. So if you wanted, for instance, like the horns to go off the symbol that reinforcements are arriving, or you wanted a bomb to go off to symbolize that.

You know, you could either retreat into the castle or out of the castle because now there’s a wall that’s fallen. Like it’s, you’re able to leverage the sound to cue events, uh, so that it isn’t just the ambient background music kind of setting the, the tone. There can also be audio cues of what’s happening next. And I think that’s a lot of fun.

Tyler (02:21:09.078)

Yeah, Randall has used that in our game to great effect and it was a lot of fun for everybody. Honestly, I don’t use music or background effects or anything when I DM. Personally, I find them too distracting. I would rather put that time in…

things. I had big dreams to someday run Doom-style combat as an ongoing series of convention games, and if I wasn’t at a convention, I could put on an orchestral version of the Doom music and just see how long I could go before people notice.

Ash (02:21:47.994)

Yeah, I’ve seen split opinions on this. People either love music in D&D or they hate it. No, I don’t I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who just thinks it’s OK for me personally, like if I’m playing in a game and there’s no music, I’m going to go crazy because I can’t deal I can’t deal with just no silence. I can’t get into the mood. But for other people, like Tyler said, music can be distracting. So that’s the thing you have to discuss.

Randall James (02:21:55.947)

I think it’s okay.

Tyler (02:21:57.837)


Tyler (02:22:07.565)


Ash (02:22:17.842)

I also just remembered another big source that I take from this is a deep cut. Genshin Impact has some incredible music, probably some of the best music that I’ve heard in video games aside from like Final Fantasy. Very good.

Randall James (02:22:38.211)

All hail the leisure Illuminati! Hail! Hail.

Ash (02:22:40.758)

Hail! Hail to you, sir!

That’s my paladin.

Randall James (02:22:47.215)

I’m Randall James, you’ll… No, it was pretty good, I liked it. I’m Randall James. Yeah. I’m Randall James, you’ll find me on and on Twitter and Instagram at Jack Amateur.

Tyler (02:22:50.027)


Tyler (02:23:02.042)

I’m Tyler Kambsch, you’ll find me on, Facebook, Twitter, RPG, BOT, DOT, NET, I have taken an oath to optimize every character.

Randall James (02:23:12.843)

Who? Ha ha!

Tyler (02:23:15.595)

Most other socials as RPGBot.

Ash (02:23:20.522)

I’m Ash Eli. You can find me consistently breaking my oath to not go on Twitter, on Twitter, at Graven Ashes or on YouTube at Ashraven Media. If you want me to uphold an oath to serve you, my lord and lady, to make a venture worthy of going on, then find me at Link in the description.

Randall James (02:23:46.431)

Okay, now do the start playing games again, but do it as Randy the Cam Counselor, go.

Ash (02:23:50.042)

Okay, fair enough. All right, y’all, if you want to join me, Randy, at my camp for growth and harmony, where we learn about teamwork and conflict resolution, then you can hire me at StartPlaying.Games. Link in the description, y’all. Click it.

Tyler (02:24:13.75)

Or this.

Randall James (02:24:16.367)

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Ash (02:25:14.446)

Thanks for watching!

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