Strength represents a character’s physical might. Strong characters do more damage with melee Strikes and with thrown weapons, can carry more Bulk, and are well-suited to some special attacks like Grapple and Shove.

Strength and Skills

The only Strength-based skill is Athletics.


Athletics is used to perform difficult physical tasks, such as climbing, jumping, and wrestling.

Strength in Combat

Melee Strikes

By default, melee Strikes add your Strength modifier to both your attack and damage.

For example: if your character performs a Strike with a longsword, you will add your Strength modifier, your proficiency bonus with longswords, and any other modifiers to your d20 roll. When rolling damage, you roll the weapon’s damage dice, then add your Strength modifier and any other additional damage.

Ranged Strikes

While ranged Strikes don’t typically apply your Strength modifier, there are some exceptions. Thrown weapons, such as javelins or thrown daggers, add your Strength modifier to damage. Weapons with the Propulsive trait, such as composite longbows, add half of your Strength modifier to damage (rounded down, as usual).

Special Attacks

In addition to Strikes, there are some special attacks (actions with the Attack trait) which rely on Strength:

  • Escape: You can use Athletics to escape a grapple.
  • Grapple: You can use Athletics to grab a creature or object and apply the Grabbed condition.
  • Shove: You can use Athletics to push a creature up to 10 feet away.
  • Trip: You can use Athletics to knock a creature Prone.

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