Pathfinder Society requires some bookkeeping to keep your character portable within Pathinder Society games. This ensures that your character’s progression is tracked, that you have appropriate items, and that you’re not replaying adventures when you shouldn’t.

Post-Session Tasks

The steps below are handled in order. The results of these steps and the results of your adventure are recorded on a “Chronicle”. Note that if you played a pregenerated character, the rules for applying rewards to your permanent character require an additional step.

Negative Effects and Recovery

Your character regains lost hit points and your damage equipment is repaired for free. Any non-permanent status conditions (poisons, diseases, etc.) are removed.

Permanent conditions including curses, polymorph effects, petrification, and death all persist. Other player characters may use their own resources to help you (such as casting Remove Curse), but they are not required to do so. You may need to pay for Spellcasting Services, in which case the cost to do so is recorded on your Chronicle for that game session. Alternatively, you can purchase the Second Change boon to revive your character.

If you used a pregenerated character for the session, any lingering negative effects are applied to the character whose id you used when you started the session. So if you played Valeros, the pre-generated fighter, and used your id number for Bob, your PFS wizard, your wizard might now be cursed, petrified, dead, etc. Using a pregen does not shield your character from harm, unfortunately.

Permanent Spells

You can retain one casting of Continual Flame and one of Secret Page. Any other ongoing spell effects end.


You gain Reputation with the faction you chose for the session.


Your character will recieve a flat quantity of gold based on your level.

You do not recieve specific items as a reward, but your chronicle may grant access to certain items at a reduced price or might grant access to items above Common rarity.

Characters can purchase items listed in one of their Chronicle documents of a level up to the character’s level + 2. This means that you can access higher-level items early if you encounter them as treasure.


Your character will recieve 2 days of downtime per point of experience earned, typically 8 days for a PFS Scenario or 2 for a PFS Quest. This downtime can be used to Earn an Income, to Craft items, to work toward rewards associated with a Boon (such as learning a new language or lore skill), or for other downtime activities. If you something other than Earn an Income, be sure to see the full text on additional downtime options.

Whatever you do with your downtime is recorded on your Chronicle.

Pathfinder Society Chronicle

The results of the adventure and the steps above are recorded on a “chronicle,” a one-sheet document detailing your adventures and your rewards. You should keep your chronicles with your character sheet; your GM may need to check it to verify that everything is in order.

Below is an example of a chronicle I recieved following a convention game while playing a fresh character.

Example pathfinder society chronicle

The “Items” section details an item available to me via the chronicle at a discounter price. I chose to Earn an Income with my downtime, and the result of my roll to do so was aded to the GP Gained field.

Do not lose your chronicles. Do not lose your chronicles.

Leveling Up

Every 12 experience points advances your character one level (do not reset to 0). This typically means that every 4 Scenarioes will get you to a new character level.

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