MONSTER CORE REVIEW: Pathfinder 2e Remaster Project from Paizo – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E35

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Step into a world of magic and mayhem, where heroes must face their greatest challenges in the form of terrifying monsters. The Remastered Pathfinder Monster Core rulebook for Second Edition is here, packed with over 400 pages of new foes to challenge your players and add depth to your campaigns. Join us, on the RPGBOT.Podcast, as we explore this essential addition to the Pathfinder universe, and discuss how you can create unforgettable encounters for your players.

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Tyler Kamstra

Ash Ely

Randall James

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Randall James (01:45.42)

Welcome to the RPGPod .Podcast, I’m Randall James and with me is Tyler Kamstra. And as she lie.

Tyler (01:49.909)

Hi everybody.

Ash (01:52.592)

monster she’s my favorite monster no just me okay i’m the only one i’m the only one who has watched uh uh peacemaker via uh on hbo fair enough all right let’s go

Tyler (02:00.821)

I don’t know that one.

Randall James (02:01.382)

I don’t know that one either. I don’t know what that says about you or us.

Tyler (02:12.213)


Randall James (02:12.454)

I have not seen it. I’ve only watched the intro several times because several times people have walked up to me with phones holding them in the face and you have to watch this right now. Okay.

Tyler (02:18.389)


Ash (02:20.176)

It’s great. It’s fantastic. If you like James Gunn, watch it.

Randall James (02:25.51)

That’s fair. It’s an interesting premise.

Tyler (02:25.525)

Okay, Lincoln. Lincoln the show notes, I guess.

Ash (02:28.166)

Yeah. No, we don’t need to put a link in the show. That’s for that. Just go to HBO Max.

Randall James (02:30.566)

getting started already. That’s great.


Tyler (02:35.125)

Look, according to Apple Podcasts, yes we do because it was discussed on the podcast. They have rules that don’t enforce them even a little bit.

Randall James (02:45.798)

But we follow the rules. We believe in rules. We believe in mechanics. Sometimes we have to adjust these things, though.

Tyler (02:51.701)

Yeah, yes.

Ash (02:52.582)

You guys are what they call narcs is what you are.

Randall James (02:56.998)

This is teachers pets. I don’t know. That’s very.

Ash (03:00.998)

No, I think I think narc is the most accurate one.

Tyler (03:01.213)

Narc is probably the right word.

Randall James (03:06.022)

Apple, please notice me. Is that, is that a thing?

Tyler (03:09.213)

Ah, wouldn’t that be nice?

Ash (03:11.588)

Notice me, Senpai? I don’t know.

Randall James (03:11.95)



Alright Tyler, what’s happening?

Tyler (03:18.439)

All right, we have an advanced copy of the Monster Core for Pathfinder Second Edition. So this is the third in the trio of core rulebooks for the Pathfinder remaster. We’re very excited and we’re gonna look at what’s in it.

Randall James (03:34.214)

I love the way that you phrase that we have an advanced copy, like there was a D on the end. It’s like this copy, it’s better than any other copy. Like you guys, you’re gonna get the boring, like the baseline. It’s only gonna have two covers, like a front and a back with paper in the middle. You should see ours.

Tyler (03:37.845)



Tyler (03:44.789)


It’s got the elite template. It’s great.

Ash (03:50.854)

Yeah, yeah, it just says you just open it just says lol losers check our guys have not that’s

Randall James (03:57.798)

It’s like the search doesn’t work in the back. The other thing I love about this is you said it’s the third in the trio. My favorite thing about the trio is we’re getting the fourth book during the summer. We’ll get Player Core 2. It is.

Tyler (04:10.325)

That, it’s an expansion. It’s an expansion, but we’ll get Monster Core 2 someday, I’m sure.

Randall James (04:17.414)

Yeah. Okay, so let’s hit reset on this thing. This is exciting. We are going to go a little bit in the way back machine, way, way back to two January’s ago, the OGL fast go with D &D. Why are we getting a monster core that has a lot of the monsters from Bestiary one from Pathfinder, a few monsters from Bestiary two, view monsters in Bestiary three, with some cool changes. We’re getting this because Paizo looked at the landscape and said,

We don’t want to be on top of the ODO anymore. It’s not reliable. We want to have our own product. And with this, the publishing of the third book in the trio, they’ve done it. There is now a complete book set for the player, for the GM, and a set of monsters that stands alone, completely independent of any Hasbro or Watsi licenses.

Ash (05:06.502)

Actually, I think Tyler put it beautifully in the card. So if I may, I will do a dramatic reading. A day may come when assault over the OGL fails. When we first forsake our very reasonable stance on the definition of perpetual and break our bonds of sanity. But it is not this day.

Tyler (05:30.165)

I’m glad you got that. Thank you. I felt so clever writing that. Folks, if you’re a Patreon supporter at one of the tiers that gets you the ad -free stuff, check the show notes on the Patreon episodes, because we include the show outline in there. And I write jokes and swear words in them sometimes, and they’re fun, and they make me happy.

Ash (05:31.654)


Randall James (05:35.174)

Ha ha ha!

Ash (05:53.062)

They’re quite delightful. There’s a lot of Stark in a lot of them, so it’s good.

Tyler (06:01.429)

It doesn’t have to be a family -friendly podcast when it’s in text form on Patreon.

Ash (06:05.51)

There you go.

Randall James (06:07.078)

Perfect. The cards are not family friendly. We just chew them and this is what comes out. So I feel like it makes sense before we hop into talking about like, okay, we have this new Monster Core. There’s a lot of content we’ve seen before. A lot of it is in better shape. It fits the new rules of the remaster for Pathfinder 2. Before all of that, for folks who maybe haven’t played Pathfinder 2, or at the very least haven’t been behind AGM screen and therefore spend a lot of time looking at PF2 Monster stat blocks,

Let’s talk about why running monsters in PF2 is cool.

Tyler (06:40.917)

Yeah. Okay, so my experience as a GM in PF2 is actually pretty limited. Like, I’ve spent more time as a player at this point. All of the things that make playing a character fun in PF2 also apply to monsters. Like, you still have that three -action penalty. Every monster has, like, a bunch of cool buttons to push. Every encounter feels unique because every creature is unique. Like…

There are almost no creatures that are just, here’s a blob of hit points with teeth, which is like one of the bigger criticisms of 5e, the monster design is very frequently super boring. PF2 doesn’t have that problem.

Ash (07:23.654)

Yeah, I mean, having been going back and forth between PF2 and 5e, I run just as many 5e games as Pathfinder 2 at this point. Going back and seeing like these cool high level monsters, I’m like, cool, what does this thing have? Oh, it has a bite attack and a claw attack.

Randall James (07:40.614)

But it has a multi -attack at least, so it gets to do two things in a turn. That’s great, right?

Ash (07:41.51)

Cool. Oh, you mean the same thing that something like that has like 10 levels earlier? Cool. Yeah, Pathfinder 2, there’s no competition. Pathfinder 2 Monster Design is leagues better than 5th Edition. It’s not even a contest. There’s a lot of things where I will say, OK, this is what 5e does better. This is what Pathfinder 2 does better. No, if you’re arguing that the 5th Edition Monsters even come close.

Tyler (07:42.485)


Tyler (08:06.869)


Ash (08:10.246)

to the impeccable design of Pathfinder 2 Monsters. You’re full of it. I’m sorry. The biggest thing also that I do really appreciate about the Pathfinder 2 Monsters, the elegant level system that applies to everything, makes it really easy to design encounters. And it also makes running solo boss encounters very easy. In fifth edition, I always feel like I have to add like

a ton more hit points and more legendary actions for it to even last around against most players, especially at higher levels. But in Pathfinder 2, that’s never a problem. Just because of the way the math works out, if you put a high enough level monster difference between your players and it, it’s going to feel just as brutal as you would want it to. And what’s also cool is that if you put an

Tyler (08:47.765)


Ash (09:09.35)

really overpowered monster like 10 levels ahead of the player at like level five and they get their ass handed to them. Am I allowed to say that? I’m going to I’m going to do that again. If you put a really high level monster in front of low level players, they get their butts handed to them and then they they realize what a threatening monster it is. They work, they level.

Randall James (09:19.622)

You are now.

Ash (09:35.59)

They come back, they fight that monster again, and suddenly they have a chance. There’s a great sense of accomplishment there where you can’t really achieve that in fifth edition.

Randall James (09:45.99)

Yeah, I mean, CR does its best, but you know, here we are. Yeah. So Tyler, you earlier stated the three action penalty and I’m just going to talk about that for a second. So right. Pathfinder two, anybody who’s listened to podcast for a while and heard us talk about Pathfinder two, we have the three action economy. So instead of having what five E has in the action and the bonus action, instead you have three actions. Most regular attacks are single action actions, meaning you could attack three times in a turn.

Tyler (09:57.877)


Randall James (10:13.958)

If you were sending back to a monster, you didn’t need to move to get to them, something like this. Most spells and a lot of cool abilities are going to be two action actions. And so in a lot of ways, like, especially if you’re a caster, things wind up feeling a little bit like I kind of have something that feels like a five action, which is a two action thing. I kind of have this bonus action for a lot of marshals. What makes playing Marshall so much fun is that you have these actions. They have these traits that make them more interesting. If you succeed, your, you know, your successes lead to.

more rewarding actions on the same turn. But ultimately I can attack and attack and attack again. And then the multi -attack penalty is what kind of balances things out. We’re not going to go into the weeds of that. If you played PF2, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, it’s a great game. You should. What I want to highlight here is playing monsters. One of the things that drives me crazy, it’s exactly what Ash was saying a second ago. I’ve got this awesome stat block, but all I have are…

either let’s say multi -attack actions where I get to deal some damage and I’m directly threatening, or I have an action which is some debuff, which is interesting. Maybe it’s a cool spell, maybe it’s a cool Rider effect that like, hey, not a lot of damage here, but it’s gonna set me up next turn. But in the overall action economy, I’m throwing away a turn to do a thing just so next round of combat feels better. And then the players save on the saving throw and it didn’t matter anyway. So I basically wasted her on a combat.

Tyler (11:36.565)


Randall James (11:38.854)

and a quarter of this creature’s life. Or even up to a third or a half if I have like, you know, well optimized players, player characters. In PF2, with the three action economy, you have the menu in front of you, you have what’s available to in front of you. The strategy of driving these monsters feels so much better, which ultimately creates better combat for you, you’re having more fun as a GM. I promise you your players are having more fun too, because they feel more engaged, they feel more threatened, they feel like their skills,

are actually getting tested against these monsters. So for all this reason, I love combat in PF2 from the GM’s perspective.

Ash (12:14.79)

Yeah, it feels like you get to use more of your abilities like in 5e, like what Randall said, it really is like you have all these cool like, debuff and stuff things that make some monsters unique, but you’re not going to use any of those because they have a good chance of failing and then oh, I’ve wasted my entire turn and the monster didn’t even really get to do anything cool before it beefed it. Whereas in Pathfinder 2, especially with harder encounters,

Tyler (12:38.453)


Ash (12:43.302)

the the combats can go longer than three rounds. And so you’ll get an opportunity to use cool stuff more. There may be some growing pains, I would say for people who are used to fifth edition and are used to hitting things consistently, especially if you’re fighting against a boss monster, which are supposed to be like two, three or even four levels ahead of your players. They’re not going to be doing that all the time, which is.

Kind of the point, but that is a thing that’s your group, if you’re trying to convert them to Pathfinder 2, that’s a grand pain they’re gonna have to come to terms with. So.

Randall James (13:22.342)

Yeah, one particular aspect of Monster is that I love in PF2. I feel like…

Tyler (13:32.661)

Me too, bud, me too.

Randall James (13:39.718)

There’s a word that I’m searching for. I can’t remember what it is. It’s like the summary of these things. But curses, diseases and poisons. Thank you. Afflictions. I was searching for the word. I’m like, it’s a lost in my head. OK, curses, diseases and poisons are way more interesting in PF2. They’re more common. And ultimately, it can both create storytelling through dealing with whatever the affliction is that your players are dealing with, as well as, again,

Tyler (13:46.867)



Randall James (14:05.734)

You know, we always talk about resource attrition in 5e and resource attrition is important in Pathfinder as well. But in addition to this, like not catching a curse, not picking up a disease, not being poisoned. That’s also an additional constraint where either you have to make sure you have the right resources to deal with them at the time, or potentially things are going to get really interesting. So I have a particular disease that I want to talk about later in the episode when we talk about one of the monsters in the monster core. But but yeah.

Good stuff.

Ash (14:37.318)

Yeah, there’s the thing that makes Pathfinder 2 monsters so much more interesting than 5e is there’s a lot of use of conditions and stuff like that because the condition system is so robust in Pathfinder 2, a lot of monsters engage with that. It’s not just a thing that sometimes happens, and those can be very cool. But what’s also great about it is that every creature has a weakness, even if it’s not like the weakness thing where it takes extra damage from a certain type.

that does existence more common in Path of Honor 2 than in 5e, where vulnerability is next to non -existent outside of like a skeleton. But like if you’re not able to hit something, then maybe go for one of its saves. If you realize one of its saves is bad is pretty good. Chances are one of its saves is not as good as the rest. And that’s what makes like knowledge of creatures and using recall.

Tyler (15:13.813)


Ash (15:36.464)

uh, uh, using recall knowledge actually really helpful in certain circumstances because it will tell you what the weaknesses of those creatures are. And it’s, it’s just a really engaging system and it makes monsters feel interesting, dynamic and unique to fight against.

Randall James (15:55.91)

Okay, cool. So monsters in PF2 are a lot of fun. As a GM, it’s a lot of fun to drive. I think it’s better. It’s more engaging a lot of times for players at your table. With that, let’s talk about the Monster Core. So we are talking about a book that it is a remaster. There’s multiple bestiaries in PF2. This is primarily a remaster of Bestiary 1, but there are some other products that came in. I guess with that, let’s maybe approach it that way. Let’s talk about what’s out, what’s new, and what’s changed.

Tyler (16:25.557)

Yeah, so the things that are out are… they make sense. It’s things that were created by either Wizards of the Coast or TSR, specifically for Dungeons & Dragons. So creatures that were made whole cloth for D &D. So owlbears, mind flayers, rust monsters, things like that. If you look at it and say like, yes, this is very clearly a thing that came from D &D and only from D &D.

Those things are largely gone.

Randall James (16:57.766)

No, that makes a lot of sense. So like ghosts, for instance, those are obviously created by D &D.

Tyler (17:02.069)

Oh yeah, fairies, ghosts, dragons, all of those things entirely crit – nah. That’s true.

Ash (17:02.566)


Randall James (17:07.43)

Well, it’s Dungeons and Dragons, so I’ve…

Ash (17:08.006)

Yeah, all we’re left is an animated broom. That’s it. No, more than you would expect is public domain stuff like a lot of these monsters come from mythology. So people would be like, well, they took all of the D &D. What’s left? A lot, actually, quite a bit. The big two the big two that are.

Tyler (17:13.045)

So, uh…

Randall James (17:14.278)

Sweeping my lies under the rug.

Tyler (17:30.485)


Randall James (17:31.174)

Most, most of it, honestly. Like.

Ash (17:35.462)

like gone that everybody’s talking about is obviously albers. albers are a big thing. And yeah, and intellect of ours, it’s like the bars are still in the monster manual, but they are reskinned and flavored a different, different way. They’re called zoo Aryans now. And they have their own unique sort of flavor to them. But they are like a brain that can take over your body. So it’s kind of the same thing.

Randall James (17:40.678)

Can’t get around that.

Tyler (17:42.675)


Tyler (18:00.373)


Randall James (18:02.342)

Yeah, it’s like I feel like in the spirit of Albert, they should have gone with brain dog. But here we are with Zoran and.

Tyler (18:07.829)

Yeah, it is a brain dog, yeah.

Ash (18:10.79)

In retrospect, probably.

Randall James (18:10.822)

No, look at it. That’s what it looks like. It’s on four.

Ash (18:15.206)

In retrospect, probably a better name was Zoairia than Brain Dog.

Tyler (18:19.733)

Yeah. Brain dog? I prefer brain kitty, which is really fun if you played Baldur’s Gate 3 all the way through. Kitty! Yeah.

Ash (18:28.772)

Oh, yeah, because it can turn into a kitty. Yeah. We love us. This is a us favorite household.

Tyler (18:37.333)

Let’s see, I think I did call this one out. Rust Monster is completely gone. So famously, a bunch of early D &D creatures were created when Gary Gygast went into a dollar store and bought a little bag of just weird little monster toys from China, I guess. Like they’re all just like, look at this weird creature. It doesn’t have a name, whatever. It’s a bag of toys for a dollar. What do you want? So he took all of those and made monster stats for them. And that’s how we got, I

I definitely the rust monster, bullets, I think umber hulks and maybe also owl bears, I’m not 100 % certain on that one.

Ash (19:16.07)

Yeah, uh, there’s a legend. I don’t know if it’s true or not that uh, the holders came from uh, gary gags woke from a nightmare, uh, where he just saw eyes and saw his His, uh son’s soccer ball and he was like I can make that into a monster

Tyler (19:30.157)

I would believe that yeah. Oh, yeah beholders not in there

Randall James (19:32.55)


Ash (19:36.102)

Well, yeah, I don’t think they were in there originally, because that is so iconic to D &D. Yeah, same with Mind Flayers. I don’t think Mind Flayers were ever in Pathfinder. But yeah.

Randall James (19:36.518)

Again, makes sense.

Tyler (19:39.605)

I, well, oh, that’s, eh.

Tyler (19:46.293)

I can’t remember if they’re in the SRD. Anyway, so those things are all gone. And that’s fine. Technically, like, if there were stats for them in B -Series 1, et cetera, you could still go and use those. They still technically, they still work. Like, the rules haven’t changed enough that it’s a problem. Just, we will never see them appear again in official Pathfinder content.

Randall James (20:05.126)


Randall James (20:12.166)

And also, they’ll still be on Archives of Nethus. You might notice that there’s going to be the legacy creature, and then there’s going to be the remastered version of the creature. For some of these things that didn’t get replaced, but they were in one of the original bestiaries, you’re just going to find it as a legacy creature, still available. Nobody’s going to take it away, I think. I think?

Ash (20:25.606)


Tyler (20:28.437)


Ash (20:30.916)


Tyler (20:31.113)

They can’t come into your house and take it, I guess. Although, if they revoke… That’s true. If they do revoke the… If they do revoke the OGL successfully, yes, Archives of Methods would have to take it down, which would be a sad…

Randall James (20:35.11)

Okay, so they can go into our archives and take it. Yeah.

Randall James (20:49.35)

And not to say that they won’t. I don’t know that I’ve seen any commitment that they’re absolutely going to keep all of that legacy content posted.

Ash (20:49.486)


Ash (20:54.47)

I don’t actually think that they would have to because it’s free content. They’re not making any money off of it. So.

Tyler (21:01.621)

you’re still distributing intellectual property without permission. I guess it’s under the Creative Commons now and that’s not… Wrong episode for this, yes. All right, Randall is correct. All right.

Randall James (21:05.574)

I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

Ash (21:07.91)

Yeah, yeah.

Randall James (21:14.038)

Alright, so that’s what got deleted. Let’s talk about what’s new.

Tyler (21:16.661)

Okay, uh There’s a lot of new things like all of those things that got taken out your red dragons your blue dragons your silver dragons all those things Owlbears all those things that are gone have all been replaced by cool new stuff One of the earliest things you’ll find in the book like the earliest new thing is there’s a little sidebar with some content warnings These are monsters. They do things that are scary and unpleasant. So Paizo put in a little sidebar and said like

Here are some potentially traumatic topics that people might be uncomfortable with, and here are the monsters that deal with those things. So, if you don’t want those things, maybe just don’t use those monsters.

Randall James (21:58.982)

Yeah, if you do a session zero, if there’s a lot of templates, I think we have one on RPGBot that we’ll link in the show notes where you can kind of solicit for folks like, hey, what are your lines and what are your veils? Lines we don’t cross, veils we don’t talk about. If you have hard lines for your game that you don’t want to cross, I really love this content warning structure because it’s literally one place to go look and find out for this table, either these creatures don’t make it to the table ever.

Or if I do, I just know that I’m not going to leverage certain aspects of their background or maybe certain abilities that they have. Easy peasy.

Ash (22:34.156)

lemon squeezy.

Tyler (22:37.813)

So we we talked about these a little bit in When we reviewed rage of elements elemental scamps, they’re a whole new thing So these are replacing methods from D &D methods the weird little imp looking elemental dudes Scamps are weird little elemental like bats. I guess they’ve got like big bug eyes and big ears and cute little teeth They’re adorable. Yeah

Randall James (23:02.79)

They’re adorable. Let’s be like, like, Mephits looked like imps, like impish creatures, and they’d be hue to color to go with whatever thing that we were dealing with. These things, like, I want plushies of them. I’m sorry, I miss, my kids want plushies of them.

Tyler (23:16.725)


Ash (23:19.654)

No, you want plushies of them. It’s okay. It’s okay. We’re all here for you. Yeah.

Randall James (23:22.534)

Okay, look, sometimes it’s both, all right?

Tyler (23:24.309)

Yeah, look, I still have some number of those plushies on the desk behind me. Yeah. The Yeti from…

Ash (23:27.75)

I have to take a look.

Randall James (23:31.206)

Okay, the one that’s over your right shoulder is absolutely haunting. That is the worst thing ever.

Ash (23:34.694)

God… I…

Randall James (23:38.598)

It’s just got all I can see because it’s pixels, right? So I’ve just got these like little teeth just coming out. It’s great.

Tyler (23:41.493)

Yeah. Yeah.

Ash (23:44.678)

I love these scamps, they’re adorable. Yeah, they’re very cute. So much better than Mephits in my opinion. Mephits just look hideous.

Tyler (23:47.093)


Tyler (23:53.813)

Yeah, I mean, their stats are also pretty cool. Like they fly, they cast a couple of spells, they have a breath weapon. They don’t explode when you kill them like Mephits do, which honestly, good riddance. I hated that mechanic. Like…

Ash (24:09.414)


Randall James (24:09.766)

Uh, yeah, my, my only TPK came because my DM added just a handful of methods, not considering like the cascading grenade damage.

Tyler (24:17.941)


Ash (24:20.134)

Yeah, those mud methods and Baldur’s Gate three were very annoying. Yeah. Yeah.

Tyler (24:24.597)

Yeah, still are too. Yeah. Okay. Okay, so we we mentioned this already, but there are new dragons. They’re so cool. So cool. Okay, I have I have played D &D since third edition was just the core rule books. And I’ve got to say like when I know there’s a dragon fight coming up, I am

Randall James (24:29.574)

Still do what they used to do.

Ash (24:39.16)

Yeah, they’re very cool.

Tyler (24:53.909)

Like, I’m always excited to fight a dragon. Third edition had this big problem where all dragons were spellcasters. So as a DM, to run a dragon encounter, you either had to pretend that they’re not spellcasters, in which case they’re underpowered, or you basically had to build a complete sorcerer that happened to be a dragon. And then, of course, that led to the problem that…

Dragons are essentially just powerful sorcerers that happen to be a flying lizard and the fact that they’re a dragon didn’t really matter all that much. So, fourth edition and fifth edition reverse that heavily. They’re basically just flying wizards that breathe damage on you, but don’t really do anything noteworthy or magical. Like, they have the best treasure, they have the most treasure, sometimes they’re scary, but mechanically they’re just not very interesting. Like,

The most exciting parts of dragons in 5e are their lair actions. And unless you’re fighting the dragon, it’s a lair, you just might never see those and that sucks.

Ash (25:50.95)


Ash (25:55.974)

Yeah. Yeah.

Randall James (25:59.11)

So I really like what they have done with dragons. So coming from 5e, we’re used to, we have our good aligned metallic dragons, we have our evil aligned chromatic dragons, and we have our new product aligned.

Ash (26:11.334)

neutral neutral line gem dragons and no they’re not new products they’ve been around since second edition so yeah

Tyler (26:11.477)

neutral. They are neutral. Yeah, new product.

Randall James (26:15.522)

Jim Dragons.

Tyler (26:20.565)


Randall James (26:21.222)

Okay, well, they got repackaged for me recently. So, so what they’re doing with PF2, if you read this, there’s a sidebar, you can get into it. But essentially, I think we’re going to describe some of these dragons, I don’t know if we’re going to hop into all eight of them. But essentially, we have eight new flavors of dragon, two from each of the magic traditions in PF2. So that’s our that’s our now how we’re thinking of our alignment. So it’s no longer good aligned neutral.

Ash (26:24.71)


Randall James (26:51.046)

evil, it’s magic line. So we have our arcane dragons, our divine dragons, our occult dragons, and our primal dragons.

Ash (26:59.206)

Yeah, and also that’s another thing to point out is that Pathfinder 2 has completely done away with alignment. Alignment is not a factor in anything anymore, which was good. I didn’t really like alignment, so bye. Oh, yeah. And it also allows them to make more nuanced creatures in place of alignments. They’ve now used the terms holy and unholy to refer to specific creatures. So holy refers mostly to Celestials.

Randall James (27:12.038)

It wasn’t helping and now it’s gone.

Ash (27:28.23)

and then unholy would refer to like, you know, fiends, undead, and certain other creatures that have like, do extra damage to each other and take extra damage from each other. So they kind of cancel each other out that way. But yeah, so the eight new dragons, arcane has fortune and mirage dragons. Divine has a split between two dragons. There’s a

Tyler (27:42.421)


Ash (27:56.334)

holy divine dragon which is you know remember i just mentioned holy and unholy a holy divine dragon and an unholy divine dragon so the holy divine dragon is called an imperial and an unholy dragon is called diabolic makes sense uh the primal dragons are adamantine and horned and the occult dragons are conspirator and omen these are they’re just rad names better than blue dragon red dragon

Tyler (28:23.349)


Ash (28:25.955)

One fish, two fish, black fish, blue fish.

Tyler (28:28.725)

I feel like Horned Dragon is like the weird one out here. It’s like everything else is like it’s they all have horns. Like I –

Ash (28:32.42)


Ash (28:36.964)


Randall James (28:37.126)

Yeah, but this one’s a special. No, no, not gonna.

Tyler (28:39.477)

Yeah. It’s basically a rhinoceros that happens to be a dragon. Like, mechanically also.

Ash (28:44.614)

Yeah, well, also each of the dragon families are described as having like different sort of, you know, behaviors. The primal dragons are like more bestial, follow an instinct less, less, less likely to engage you in conversation and more like wild beasts.

Randall James (29:02.022)

I think a comparison to a ridiculous is absolute. I’m going to take that over.

I think a comparison to our rhinoceros is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, the horned dragon has awesome capabilities. Like, look at this. This is really cool. So it’s a two action attack impaling charge. What I wrote… Wait.

Randall James (29:29.83)

Yeah, okay, that’s fair. Maybe it is or it not.

Tyler (29:31.189)


Ash (29:32.582)

Yeah, that’s all right, Nazareth.

Randall James (29:34.534)

All right, that’s fine.

Tyler (29:35.956)

Uh, there really is just so much to like about these. Okay, so I hadn’t really dug into how dragons worked in PF2, because I figured like, I’ll look into this someday when I need to kill players with dragons, or if I’m ever gonna fight a dragon and feel like cheating. Dragons have a lot of cool stuff going for them. The classic metallic and chromatic dragons, like they have a lot of the same problems that 5e dragons do where they’re boring, and they’re basically flying lizards with a breath weapon.

They do also have some innate spellcasting, which is cool, but like other than the innate spellcasting, honestly, they don’t have that much going for them. But they do have two really, really cool abilities that all dragons have. Draconic Frenzy, which is basically just multi -attack if you’re coming from 5e. You have three attacks for two actions. It’s cool. And then Draconic Momentum. So when dragons use their breath weapon, it has a cooldown, usually 1d4. With Draconic Momentum, it’s passive. If they score a critical hit,

their breath weapon automatically recharges. Using the breath, yeah, using the breath weapon is two actions. So there’s one action left so they can use a breath weapon, make a strike, score a crit, and then just repeat.

Randall James (30:38.853)

That’s cool.

Tyler (30:49.941)


Randall James (30:51.11)

Yeah, now imagine somebody in the party is really easy to crit on because remember, it isn’t just a d20 that gets you a crit. If you beat the check by 10 and you’re successful, that success becomes a critical success. If you beat it by 10, you have succeeded.

Ash (30:51.268)


Tyler (30:54.453)


Ash (31:05.318)

Yeah, and if the dragons if the dragon smart enough, they’ll just be like, oh, you have low AC. I’m going to farm you for free breath. But I do feel like you’re doing kind of a disservice to some of these dragons are very cool in terms of what they can do. It’s not just like lizards who can breathe on you.

Tyler (31:05.685)

Yeah, so hide that wizard.

Tyler (31:13.589)

Exactly. Yeah.

Randall James (31:15.27)

to death.

Tyler (31:25.173)

Oh no, sorry. I was talking about like the old metallic dragons and chromatic dragons, like the pre -Remaster. Like these ones, that is the absolute floor and the least interesting new dragon is that plus some stuff. So like they are all so much cooler than that.

Ash (31:30.022)

Oh, okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha.

Ash (31:42.628)


Yeah, like, I mean, even adamantine dragons, which are basically just like really tough dragons that work on instinct and are flying lizards with breath. They breathe rocks at you, which is frickin wild. Like they throw that they breathe out and boulders just come at you. My favorite, though, is fortune dragons. They eat. They can eat magic, capture a spell, which is so cool. And they breathe force damage.

Tyler (31:53.429)



Randall James (32:03.878)


Tyler (32:07.445)


Tyler (32:11.285)


Randall James (32:11.942)

Wait, read that, okay? Read the capture spell. If you don’t have it in front of you, I do.

Ash (32:16.614)

Would you read it? It’s in front of you then.

Randall James (32:20.134)

Okay, cool. So capture spell, it’s a reaction. The trigger, the dragon succeeds or critically succeeds on a saving throw against a spell. The effect, the dragon attempts to capture a portion of the spell’s magic to feed themself. They attempt to counteract the spell, counteract rank five, counteract modifier plus 20. If successful, the dragon is unaffected by the spell and regains one expended spontaneous spell slot. Other subjects are affected by the spell normally. So think about that. Like you go to attack it and as a reaction, it effectively gets a counter spell.

Ash (32:44.653)


Tyler (32:45.717)


Randall James (32:49.53)

awesome modifiers on top of it and then gains one of its own spell slots back. So it’s like, ah, you’ve you’ve literally just played my trap card.

Tyler (32:56.455)


Ash (32:56.774)

Yeah. Oh, you’re going to put you’re going to put cloud kill on me. Mm. Yummy magic. It’s very. It’s very. What does that do?

Tyler (33:01.109)

I really like their share the wealth action.

Oh gosh, okay, so Fortune Dragons absorb magic, including magic items, Klingstim. The art of them, they’re just covered in items. They wear magic swords as lit piercings. One of their actions is called Share the Wealth, and they shake like a wet dog and throw the treasure all over them and damage everything in a 30 -foot radius. They can only do that once, though, and then they’re no longer covered in treasure.

Ash (33:29.958)

I missed that part. That’s awesome.

Tyler (33:36.885)

But they have another action that lets them dive into their horde to cover themselves in treasure again. So they just Scrooge McDuck to rearm.

Ash (33:42.214)

I mean…

It’s a great dragon that embodies the arcane type of dragon, like just just a wizard on his in his tower eating magic and magic items. Like, yeah, perfect. Absolutely brilliant.

Tyler (33:58.485)


Tyler (34:03.125)

Let’s see, so the section also talks about the appearance between different tradition of magic. Those types of dragons all have some similar characteristics cosmetically. The occult dragons all use their wings as a secondary set of legs, essentially. So most dragons walk on four legs. Occult dragons use their wings as their front legs.

and use their front claws for other things in the text. Yes, you have to look at the art, but in both of the pieces of occult dragon art, they’re clutching something in their little grabbies. So it’s like they’re standing on their wings and holding some item that they really, really like.

Ash (34:41.318)

What does that mean?

Ash (34:47.14)


Tyler (34:59.413)

Like, every occult dragon you ever see is just holding some little trinket and then walking on their wings. Yeah. I realize you’re CR20, but you are adorable.

Ash (35:00.07)

of that.

Ash (35:04.558)

No! Mine! MINE!

Ash (35:13.186)


Randall James (35:15.654)

need to melt my face away. I think you talked about it earlier, but I don’t, I want to maybe explicitly talk about it. So the default stat sheet, there are spells they’re likely to cast available for the young dragon, for the adult dragon. And so if you want to put a spell list together, you just boom, you can put it together. It’s going to make perfect sense. But they use that word tins do. And so as a GM, you have the ability, you can be looking at this, here’s some guidance.

Tyler (35:17.363)


Randall James (35:45.67)

for about what’s appropriate and then to keep this at the appropriate level. But of course you could hop in and you can absolutely swap these things out if something makes more sense for the story you’re trying to tell.

Tyler (35:56.117)

Yeah, and let’s see, mechanically, if you haven’t looked at how dragons work, the Draconic Frenzy and Draconic Momentum abilities that I mentioned earlier, if you want to make your dragon a spellcaster, you just swap those out for spellcasting. So you don’t have to change the level. It still fits exactly in whatever adventure you’re using them for. So it’s like, do I want this dragon to be scary dragon? Do I want this dragon to be flying sorcerer? You get to pick. It’s nice.

Ash (36:24.518)

Yeah, that’s great.

Tyler (36:31.221)

So Ash mentioned earlier the holy -unholy thing. So we haven’t seen that appear a whole lot until now. Creatures that are holy or unholy are specifically aligned to previously good or previously evil. Like Ash mentioned, those creatures will typically have vulnerability or resistance to one, the other, or both. So like, Celestials will have resistance to holy damage.

and then weakness to unholy damage. So like Ash said, fiends and celestial very frequently kill each other very fast. Now, this is going to be really exciting based on the previews that Piozo has given us. When we get the champion in Player Core 2, champions will also get the holy or unholy trait depending on which version of champion you pick. So they will get to…

deal that bonus damage to those creatures very easily. So like, undead are going to have unholy very frequently, so champions, any, any, well again, I can’t say go to line, any holy champion is going to be massively more effective against those creatures than any other comparable character. Which, it feels thematically appropriate in my opinion.

Ash (37:50.598)


Randall James (37:54.566)

Do we want to hop in and kind of hit what’s different? Like what are some of the subtle changes that you’re noticing in this book?

Tyler (38:01.927)

Let’s see, there’s a lot of stuff in here that was probably just snuck in or like they made minor quality of life improvements. I had to go do some digging around, like read some blog posts, YouTube videos, et cetera. Apparently they made some changes to improve balance at very low levels. So some like level one and two creatures had unusually high attack bonus or AC. So it made them very difficult to fight for low –

characters, so they worked on those numbers and brought the math more where it was supposed to be.

Randall James (38:35.558)

Yeah, in that same vein. So there were like the elite adjustment and weak adjustment blocks prior to this. They’ve changed that so that if you do the elite adjustment block, you’re trying to make a creature a little bit more stronger. Instead of adding a level, it’s going to add two levels to minus one and zero level creatures. Similarly, if you weaken a creature, if you weaken a level one, you’re actually knocking it all the way back to minus one. And that was again, in the spirit of let’s have things appropriately leveled where adding 10 points,

10 HP to a creature at level five, not super impactful. Adding 10 HP to a minus one level creature really is a very different level creature at such low levels. So this made a ton of sense too.

Tyler (39:16.725)


Ash (39:16.902)


Ash (39:20.748)

Probably the most noticeable change that people recognize especially if you’re pretty familiar with how the the old bestiary the looks of a lot of creatures have changed some people are Out crying because they like the old ones One of the biggest changes was to our cons which are kind of like angels but different they tried to

move away from the like more humanoid angel things that’s kind of ties them back to you know D &D and More embraced the weird Abrahamic depictions of angels that are kind of like eldritch monsters, which I’m all for I think that’s great less hot winged Angels in my setting although I realized a lot of people were attached to that the one that everybody is

Randall James (40:03.398)

Yeah, yeah.

Tyler (40:03.477)


Randall James (40:11.814)

Yeah, and more like, do not afraid.

Ash (40:15.75)

Yeah, please do not look at me or I will blind you and your head will explode. But one of the big ones that people are pretty mixed on, or at least like there’s a subset of people that are very, very against the changes, which is less. These are now just 100 percent cute. I personally thought they were cute anyway, but some people liked their freaky lashes, which OK, I don’t care.

Tyler (40:16.563)


Tyler (40:37.045)


Ash (40:43.398)

I like the leshies. I think the leshies are adorable. Even the creepy mushroom ones were adorable. I’m sorry. So you’re fooling yourself if you think that they were not 100 % cute before.

Tyler (40:50.901)

Ha ha!

Tyler (40:57.715)

kinda with you on that one Ash yeah like I want an ugly cute Lushie I want to take a plant that you look at and you’re just like oh no and then turn that into a Lushie like you ever seen a plant that you’re just like I feel bad for you?

Ash (40:59.416)


Ash (41:09.966)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, exactly. I mean, in my Pathfinder game, my… Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Randall James (41:15.11)

Yeah, the old leshies.

Tyler (41:23.751)

Randall has a physical copy of a few flowers more, and it’s holding up the the dandelion lion dandy leshy. Fighting I don’t know what that is.

Ash (41:28.26)

Oh yeah.

Ash (41:33.382)

Yeah, it’s a door. It’s adorable. It’s adorable. I don’t know what you’re talking about. But they’re now even cuter, which, yes, I will squeal all day. I’m a girl. What do you expect? But yeah, no one my my DM in my current Pathfinder game, my dad, who is dead, who I who lives in the Feywild because that’s where druids go when they die.

Randall James (41:33.67)

It does matter what it’s fighting. Yeah. 100 % it’s adorable. It’s great.

Tyler (41:45.077)


Ash (42:03.266)

has a Leshy companion who is a cactus who always wants hugs and it’s adorable and I love it. Yeah, I know. I know. I know. I know. The only person the only person well, the only person who can hug it is the is our monk who has DR 10. So it just doesn’t matter.

Randall James (42:08.87)

Oh, that’s rough. Got to put on the leathers. Get in there.

Tyler (42:09.297)

It’s plate armor.

Tyler (42:20.565)

Ah, okay. So your monk can give them some next level hugs. All right.

Ash (42:25.318)

Yeah, yeah, that’s great. So some of the other.

Randall James (42:30.212)

Next level hugs is in the chat. That’s it.

Tyler (42:32.341)


Ash (42:34.502)

So some of the other big changes that might not be obvious if you don’t really care about lore, but that I appreciate is changes to the lore, especially that change things closer to like the real world mythological equivalent or also trying to avoid some of the more problematic elements of some of the creatures before, like one that I really appreciated. Nulls are now called Kolos. They’re functionally the same thing.

But they did make them less like this is chaotic evil, very chaotic evil. Like if you look at the descriptions of them between the bestiary and now it’s like night and day, like those are described as horrible abominations unto nature that feast on human flesh, worship demons, have slaves and all of just the awful, you know, cliche evil race guy. That’s no longer the case.

Tyler (43:09.397)


Ash (43:32.102)

They don’t mention slaves. They mention that maybe they eat an occasional human burger. But then who doesn’t on occasion? But that they are basically like people you wouldn’t want to be neighbors with that pride themselves on finding creative solutions to out of the box problems and more of like

Tyler (43:37.749)


Randall James (43:42.534)

Wait, what?

Tyler (43:43.765)


Ash (44:02.15)

it’s it’s less of a selfish culture and more of like, you have to you, we do underhanded tactics in order to survive, because that’s kind of what we have to do. And trying to approach a thing fairly is just a recipe for getting you killed. And also that they value their community, which I think is, it’s funny from a no perspective. But I like that they’re doing that, like they value one another.

in a way like they respect and elevate their peers, they just don’t extend that same courtesy to outsiders. So yeah, that’s cool. And I like that they’re doing that. I like that they’re allowing themselves to have more nuanced approaches to classically evil, quote unquote, races. The the one irritating thing, I know why they did it. But it’s just because organization is a nightmare for me.

Tyler (44:33.173)


Ash (44:56.518)

They took away the Golem family the the Golem family. Yeah, so it’s it’s they’re all named different things Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no like the like a clay Golem or a steel Golem they’re all called different things now and They’re not near each other and it’s a nightmare to find them but the reason they did that is because Golems are associated with Jewish religion and If you’re fighting against them, you’re usually doing something wrong

Tyler (44:56.565)


Ah, yeah.

Randall James (45:03.782)

Yeah, golem not, no. Not the golem, okay.


Ash (45:26.246)

So they wanted to be more sensitive to that cultural identity and move away from it a bit.

Tyler (45:27.349)


Randall James (45:35.878)

Which, yeah, so all of the golems that were in previous, like in best year one, for instance, are still there. You have to go look for them. We always talk about Pivsu’s tagging system. It’s awesome. Look for constructs and you’re probably pretty quickly like, you know, iron and construct, you’re going to find the iron warden, which is the replacement for the iron golem, for instance.

Tyler (45:36.105)

Yeah, I bet.

Tyler (45:56.373)

Yeah, similar change, and I think they made this in actually in bestiary one actually. Liches no longer have a phylactery, which is again an artifact associated with Jewish religion. They now have a soul cage, which honestly, I kind of like that name better. It also tells you what it is. Like when you say the word phylactery, most people are like, you made that word up. And they’re like, no, no. Yep.

Ash (46:18.502)

Yeah, nope, nope, it’s a real thing.

Randall James (46:21.83)

You’re looking up and trying to figure out, yeah, anyway. What’s interesting, if you search for Gollum in the Monster Core, the only thing you’re going to find, five entries about the product identity, Paizo Gollum, in the actual, like in, yeah, the little, yep.

Tyler (46:24.725)


Tyler (46:43.647)

That’s right. Because the Paizo logo is a golem. Yeah. Interesting. I wonder if they’ll rename that. Like, oh god, that has to be some legal nonsense, like changing your trademarks. Hmm.

Randall James (46:54.054)

Yeah, I bet. I think this is great. I’m not, yeah.

Ash (46:56.294)

Yeah, I think they probably if they’re going to change it, yeah, it’s going to be a nightmare to change it. And it’s probably that’s why they haven’t changed it yet. While we’re on the subject of Golems, a thing that they addressed that was a big complaint with Golems previously was that Golems, pretty notoriously in Pathfinder two are resistant to most magic, except for like maybe one or two things like they they’re immune to most magic, I should say.

Tyler (46:58.741)


Randall James (47:04.198)

Yeah, otherwise they would have done it with these books.

Ash (47:24.646)

So basically made spell casters feel completely useless during fights with golems. So they came up with what I think is a pretty elegant compromise. Instead, golems still have like specific energy types that they’re weak to or that they aren’t resistant to. But everything else they say they’re resistant 10 to magic damage, which I think is a good compromise. So it’s just like you can still contribute to the fight. You just.

Tyler (47:43.765)


Ash (47:51.078)

It’s not going to feel like, well, I’m just guess I’m going to sit here while the barbarian wails on it for a bit.

Randall James (47:57.51)

Yeah, to give a specific example, so if I look at the Iron Warden, their resistance is physical 15, except adamantine, spells 15, except acid, and spells that cause rust. So kind of intuitive. If I’m going to cut metal, I need a harder metal. If I’m going to destroy metal with magic, it needs to be things that ruin fine silverware.

Ash (48:06.15)

Mm -hmm.

Ash (48:10.982)

Yeah. Yeah.

Tyler (48:11.797)

Yeah. Yeah.

Ash (48:21.03)

Oh, yeah. And that’s a that’s a thing that I feel I should mention to new GMs of Pathfinder 2, which I I didn’t know right away. If it says that it’s resistant physical damage, that includes magical physical damage. So just because you have a magical weapon doesn’t mean you’re going to be bypassing that resistance. It’s not like five. Where there will because if it is resistant to non magical physical damage, it will call that out specifically. But physical damage just means.

Tyler (48:21.109)


Ash (48:50.694)

all physical damage it’s resistant to. So something to keep in mind.

Randall James (48:55.334)

And then maybe one more point here for folks who are like, you know, deep lingering in five, it’s like, why you’re calling out resistance and you’re adding a number to it. What does that mean? If you have resistance, you get to take you just knock that much damage off. So imagine the nightmare of being a low level creature like I’m a level two fighter and I’m stabbing an iron warden without an adamantine sword. You’re going to have a bad day.

Ash (49:06.298)

Mm -hmm.

Ash (49:17.828)

Yeah, because like you’re gonna have do if you do like 10 damage it is, you know, do it as a as damage resistance 15, which means your damage is effectively canceled out. So yeah, yeah, you do zero damage.

Randall James (49:30.758)

You deal zero damage, it turns out. And this is a level 13 creature. So don’t fight at a level two. It’s that easy.

Ash (49:36.55)

Yeah. And weakness applies in the opposite direction. So it’ll take more damage of the equal value. So if it’s weakness 10 to acid, that means if you do an acid damage, it’s going to take 10 more damage. So yeah.

Tyler (49:39.637)


Tyler (49:51.125)

Yeah. Which is why you’ll frequently see abilities that deal like one point of damage, and you’re gonna think, oh, that’s awful, it only does one point of damage. Yes, but that’s specifically there to trigger vulnerabilities. Eh. Yeah.

Randall James (50:03.686)

Yeah, occasionally. Yeah. Alchemists have all the fun.

Ash (50:04.134)

Yeah. Yeah. Well, a lot of neat. Hey, it’s it’s Pathfinder man, there’s going to be niche abilities everywhere. That’s just the nature of Pathfinder. So a few other monsters I want to call out that I think are cool ghouls got a rework. They’re now more like aristocrats who occasionally, you know, partake in the succulents of the flesh.

Tyler (50:11.989)


Ash (50:31.91)

So they’re kind of like vampires except they eat flesh instead of drink. They’re not like those golemi type golem from Lord of the Rings. Golemi type things that like are hunched over and eat flesh. They have suits now. So they’re a corporate overlord? I don’t know.

Tyler (50:49.013)


Tyler (50:53.717)

I don’t like this change. This makes me sad. I feel like it’s stepping too much on the vampire’s identity. Like, the vampires are supposed to be like, we’re noble, hedonist aristocrats who live forever. And now Ghouls is like, okay, so you drink them, I’ll eat them, and we’ll just share.

Ash (50:59.398)

I like it. I think it’s cool.

Ash (51:17.318)

Well, I think it actually kind of makes sense from a lore perspective because in Galarian, which is the main world of Pathfinder, there’s multiple cities that have a sizable Google population. And people are always like, how does that work with a bunch of like, you know, golemy type of things is running around. I think that if you still I think gas are still here, which are largely kind of similar. So I think the issue they were running into is like,

Tyler (51:34.893)


Ash (51:47.014)

Gas and ghouls are very similar. How do we make them different? And so that’s kind of what they set on. If you don’t like it, hey, guess what? The legacy is there for you. I personally think they’re cool. Also, kobolds.

Tyler (51:59.285)

That’s true.

Randall James (52:04.582)

Wait, okay, wait, wait, wait, let’s not leave ghouls yet. Okay. So for folks who have played Pathfinder 2 and have used the legacy ghouls, you’re used to the idea of ghoul fever. Ghoul fever was a disease that would eventually kill you and turn you into a ghoul. Okay. We got rid of that. What we have, I think, is better. Okay. So potentially you are going to be cursed.

Tyler (52:04.659)


Ash (52:06.79)


Tyler (52:27.893)


Randall James (52:32.614)

with forbidden cravings.

Tyler (52:36.871)

Okay, okay, don’t care for that.

Randall James (52:38.758)

Okay. Yep. This is getting a little dark. Just everybody at home, just come with me. I’m going to keep it not so dark, but I’m going to keep things as light as I can. Okay. So the way curses, diseases, and poisons, afflictions in general work in PF2 is they have stages. Every stage will have a specified duration and a saving throw. And at the end of that duration, you’re going to make another saving throw. If you…

Tyler (52:42.989)

Okay. Content.

Ash (52:44.612)

Content warning content warning

Tyler (52:47.349)


Ash (52:49.478)


Tyler (52:49.973)

Content warning, snacks.

Randall James (53:08.198)

Critically succeed, you reduce your stage by two. So if you were stage one and you succeed or critically succeed, you’re no longer afflicted, you’re done with it. Okay. Critically succeed, reduce your stage by two. Succeed, reduce your stage by one. Fail, increase your stage by one. Critically fail, increase your stage by two. So think about this from the story aspect. If you don’t have the ability within the party to get rid of the affliction, you’re gonna carry it with you. So now that we understand how stages advance,

I want to describe the progression of the curse, which is forbidden cravings.

Stage 1, Carrier with no ill effects. Stage 2, 2d6 void damage and the target is sickened 1 until it consumes raw meat.

Stage 3, same as stage 2. Stage 4, same as stage 2 unless the target has consumed raw meat in the past 24 hours. Then it takes 46 void damage in a second two until it consumes raw meat.

Tyler (53:54.997)


Tyler (54:10.131)


Randall James (54:11.334)

Okay, so you’re feeling compelled. You need to do this. You need to do this. We get all the way to stage five. Stage five, if the creature has eaten raw meat in the past 24 hours, it dies and rises as a ghoul. Otherwise, return to stage four.

Tyler (54:26.549)

So if you don’t give in and eat raw meat, you take the 46 void damage and you’re sickened too, but if you eat the raw meat, you can die and come back as a ghoul. Oh. That’s brutal. Okay. Yeah.

Randall James (54:38.118)


Ash (54:38.122)


Randall James (54:41.094)

So you gotta get a little bit unlucky to let it advance that far. Yeah.

Ash (54:44.166)

It’s very cool. It’s very cool. And the way that you get infected by this is a ghoul grabs you and whispers sweet nothings into your ear.

Tyler (54:52.821)


Ash (54:52.998)

I’m not kidding. That’s how it works. Yeah. Ghouls are rad, man.

Randall James (54:53.862)

Go, go the whispers.

Tyler (54:56.277)


Just someone walks up to you and just leans in and whispers like, hey, you look like a snack.

Ash (55:06.47)

Yeah. Hey, baby, what’s your hey, baby, what’s your Facebook is? And that’s just that that disgusts you so much that you now have a craving for raw flesh. It it also what’s what’s funny is it doesn’t actually call out that you have to eat human meat. It just has to be raw meat. So that’s interesting.

Randall James (55:07.328)

But more.

Tyler (55:10.965)



Tyler (55:17.141)

Yeah, it’s extremely, extremely rare steak.

Tyler (55:28.277)

Mm -hmm.

Randall James (55:28.87)

Which I think, honestly, to let people run the game how they might want to run it, that makes a ton of sense. We don’t have to let it get so dark.

Ash (55:33.766)

Yeah. And hey, we still have that archetype of ghoul. So if you become a ghoul, you can now take an archetype of ghoul.

Tyler (55:43.845)

Does uh, does sushi qualify as raw meat? Or are we gonna do the like meat versus fish dichotomy? No? Okay.

Ash (55:48.27)


Randall James (55:49.447)

Yeah. No, no, no, no. It’s going to be great. Absolutely. Yeah. Also, Tartar.

Ash (55:51.558)

No, I would count it. I’d count it.

Tyler (55:55.829)

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Ash (55:57.51)

Yeah, beef dark tar. Yeah. Don’t don’t eat. Don’t eat raw meat or you’ll turn into a ghoul. Yeah, they did get lose their paralysis feature, which sad. But but paralysis, but paralysis kind of sucks. So I’m kind of OK with that. I think it’s it’s the one condition in Pathfinder two that I still am not a huge fan of. I don’t like anything that just completely takes you out of the fight. But yeah, it is what this.

Tyler (56:00.053)

just eat sushi turned into a ghoul.


Tyler (56:08.245)

Yeah, they’ve had that forever.

Tyler (56:12.917)

Okay, fair.

Randall James (56:26.406)

You wanted to hit Cobalt, right? Okay, sorry, I wanted to hit that. I was excited about it.

Ash (56:27.992)

Yes, Kobolds. So Kobolds are so I’ve always loved Kobolds. I think they’re great. They’ve always been tied to dragons. That is changed a bit, but also kind of stays the same in the fact that Kobolds can now be influenced by where they’re born, which is so cool. Like if they they’re born in the hells, you might get a diabolic Kobold or if they’re born in the fey, you might get a fey Kobold. And that’s

Tyler (56:49.013)

Uh huh.

Ash (56:57.67)

glorious and I love it. The one thing that is maybe disappointing to people is they’re no longer as associated with traps as they were like they still have like a trap like feature, but they don’t get the bonus to craft anymore, which sucks. But cobalt are still fun, and I still love them. And I will use them every chance I get.

Tyler (57:13.141)


Tyler (57:19.349)

I’m hoping…

Tyler (57:41.525)

So in the pre -remastered version of the Kobold, their Ancestry Feats give them a lot of benefits that make them really good at using snares, which is basically the player -friendly version of traps. So there’s a snare -crafter archetype, and then rangers can do a bunch with snares. If you want to really lean into snares, you build the Kobold Ranger.

And since they’re moving away from the trap association in the monster stats I’m really worried that they’re gonna take that away from us in the in the player core too when we get Kobolds as an ancestry again like it might be one of those things where they have to because they have to move away from D &D’s idea of Kobolds, but like I want my happy little trap man. I’m my little scurry lizard like I want to be small but mighty.

And I wanna throw traps in hallways.

Ash (58:38.18)


Tyler (58:38.485)


Randall James (58:40.742)

I mean, could they could they patch that with just a an ancestry feat that you have to come from a small ancestry to get access to?

Make sure a few other people get the toy too, but at least then like you still have it. I can put it together.

Tyler (58:50.037)

Sure. Yeah, that would probably be fine. Yeah. Technically, the legacy content is still allowed, but there are going to be people who only play with the remastered material. That’s going to be a thing.

Randall James (59:11.91)

Yeah, that is actually something like I’m thinking about. So I think we pretty much have our group convinced to do Kingmaker as like a one to 20 adventure. I’m stoked for it. But it’s pre remastered content. So I’m actually wondering, like, I’m thinking about I’m going to look up some common monsters and just see like, okay, is there a remaster? How much would it break things if I go to this? Like, I want to embrace the new content and kind of bring it in as much as possible. So also, I guess I get to see what that’s like.

Tyler (59:20.277)

I’m so excited.

Ash (59:40.966)

Speaking as a DM who’s currently running some Pathfinder 2 games, it is a nightmare trying to suss out what’s remastered and what’s not and which you need to use.

Tyler (59:47.421)


Tyler (59:53.885)

Alright, so, okay, so there’s one big rules change that they they announced like they specifically called this out is like, here is something we are changing for a reason. They announced this early in the remaster process. A lot of creatures have abilities that have grab, knockdown, pull, push something like

So when they hit you with a strike, just automatically they will trigger those effects. So like if it’s a grab attack, they’ll hit you with the strike and then you are grabbed, which is one of the grapple conditions. This didn’t require a check, it just happened automatically and that was really useful for a lot of things. Like it made some creatures very scary, it made a lot of summoned creatures scary even though their damage might not keep up since summoned creatures are always so much lower level than you.

They’ve changed this so those effects are no longer automatic. Now they get to make an athletics check as a free action. So like I think giant ants have grabs so like they bite you and then they make an athletics check to grab you as a free action. So this gives them the ability to potentially score a critical success. They might fail. So the effect is much more variable and there were certain character options that would give you

like some circumstance bonus or something to resist exactly this, but those character options existed in a world where grab or whatever was automatic. So those options never made sense. So they made this change partially to make those character options make sense and partially so that players have a chance to not be affected by these things.

Ash (01:01:33.862)

affected worse. Yeah, it’s a it’s a mixed bag. I think I think there’s some positives to it. I think there’s some drawbacks to it. It can make certain creatures less scary that were scary before because they punched above their own weight. But it can make scary monsters even more scary because now if they’re like a higher if they’re a beefy monster that that has the tendency to crit on like, you know, lower fortuit.

Tyler (01:01:35.573)

Yeah, yeah, yes.

Tyler (01:01:50.675)


Ash (01:02:03.734)

party members now they’re gonna be restrained which is gonna be brutal. So yeah it’s a mixed bag. I think I get why they did it. I don’t hate it. I think it really just kind of depends on the monster in the situation.

Tyler (01:02:21.013)

My one big problem with it is it’s gonna slow down play a whole lot with those creatures. We had the same problem back in third edition where creatures had improved grab or whatever and like they would they would attack you and if they hit they now get to make a check to grapple you and it’s like oh god look at the grapple rules do all these things takes 20 minutes to resolve one attack.

Ash (01:02:24.614)


Ash (01:02:39.75)

Well, at least the grapple rules are pretty simple in this compared to third edition.

Tyler (01:02:44.341)

Yeah. Yeah. Oh, god. Yeah, so much better. Yeah. OK. So a lot of people are unhappy with this change. It’s fine. I’m not thrilled about it. I don’t think the logic behind it is great. And apparently, there are a couple of creatures in the GM, or sorry, a couple of creatures in the Monster Corps where they have this ability.

but they forgot to give these creatures an athletics bonus, so they’re just rolling straight strength to try and grapple you. It’s only like one or two, so it’s probably just an editing error. It wasn’t a decision to just make these things bad, but it’s still frustrating, you know?

Ash (01:03:15.908)


Ash (01:03:26.31)

Yeah, I mean, like I said, it’s a mixed bag. I’ve mixed feelings on it. I think it’s going to make some encounters very much more dynamic and interesting, and it’s going to bog down others or just make a monster that could punch above its own weight just be a wet noodle now. So yeah, your mileage may vary.

Tyler (01:03:43.029)


Randall James (01:03:45.542)

Yeah. And it’s maybe worth highlighting. The expectation, right, is that you that check that you make the check that the GM is making to grab is not being made with a multi -attack penalty. So it could be my third melee attack. I don’t have anybody grabbed by some crazy odds. I managed to make the strike. Now I have just as good of odds of actually successfully doing this grapple as I did on the first two attacks as well. Yeah.

Randall James (01:04:17.222)

So let’s see what we think.

Tyler (01:04:21.631)

Overall, I think this is a big improvement. I think the design changes that they made for the most part were just objectively good, regardless of the context. There are a few things that I’m not super excited about. I think ghouls are too similar to vampires now. I think they could have done something different, but also they have in -world lore that they are interested to. That’s a whole thing. Overall, I do think this is a lot better.

I’m excited about it. I think I’m almost entirely happy.

Ash (01:05:01.326)

Randall. I’m with Tyler. I think that I think this is mostly a good change. I like the dragons like stay nuts for me or like I like the dragons. I like the lore changes and stuff. I think those were needed and welcome. I like the doing a way of alignment because alignment was stupid. I believe I realize I’m in the minority, but I I

Randall James (01:05:01.54)

Ash, what about you?

Tyler (01:05:28.565)

Get off my lawn!

Ash (01:05:30.854)

I’ve always I’ve always hit alignment it people get to attach to their alignment stuff and it drives me nuts and it’s just like it’s it’s a very 2d Yeah, exactly. It’s a 2d system Meant to reduce people down to like a fundamental math, which I’m just not a fan of But Things I’m not a huge fan of I get why they did it but I want my golem family back

Randall James (01:05:31.43)

I don’t think you’re in a minority at all.

Randall James (01:05:39.462)

or people ignore it and so why bother having it at all?

Ash (01:06:00.87)

I wish kobolds were better at traps. And yeah, the grab, knockdown, pull, push stuff is a mixed bag. But overall, I think definitely they did the best with the crappy position that they were in. And…

Ash (01:06:23.206)

And yeah, it’s definitely an improvement in most aspects. What about you, Randall?

Randall James (01:06:30.47)

I’m stoked. And honestly, I’m probably more stoked about what this book coming out represents that Paizo as a company has the PF2 brand, which is a product that is now completely independent of Watsi or Hasbro and Dungeons and Dragons. It is an amazing product. I think it is my favorite tabletop RPG. And it’s wholly theirs now. And I think just for the industry,

Tyler (01:06:49.077)


Randall James (01:07:00.23)

For tabletop in general, for tabletop fans in general, this is a fantastic milestone. And also, these new dragons are dope.

Tyler (01:07:08.661)


Ash (01:07:08.71)

Yeah, dragons are the dragons are definitely the standout for me. Like the dragons were just a they’re so cool. They’re just a they’re just a they’re just an across the board win. Just a massive improvement over boring dragons. So, yes, if if nothing else, this was worth it to get those cool dragons.

Randall James (01:07:13.254)

But they’re so cool.

Tyler (01:07:15.509)

Ha ha ha.

Tyler (01:07:19.893)


Randall James (01:07:27.534)

And then on top of that, like they didn’t close the door, you know, we might get more dragons in these magic traditions as additional books come out. Exactly. Yeah.

Ash (01:07:32.55)

Oh, I hope so. I’m sure they will. I’m sure they will add more dragons. But yeah.

Tyler (01:07:39.605)

I mean, they already have canonical, like a bunch of other kinds of dragons that they got mentioned in the sidebars. So like there’s the sky metal dragons, there’s shadow dragons from the netherworld, which we talked about that on. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ash (01:07:51.878)

Sky metal dragons that sounds awesome That sounds awesome. That sounds like something you’d find in Skyrim. I Need sky metal to make you your what your weapon

Randall James (01:07:54.502)

That’s higher than Metal Dragons.

Tyler (01:08:00.319)

It really does.

Tyler (01:08:05.205)


Ash (01:08:08.454)


Randall James (01:08:12.326)

All right, if you’ve enjoyed it. I was just kidding a second ago.

Ash (01:08:14.758)

Actually, I have a question of the week from Wing Lady if you want to do that. I saw a while ago that we never did and I thought it could be a cool one if you guys want to do it. Okay.

Randall James (01:08:23.27)

I do now.

Tyler (01:08:23.285)


Randall James (01:08:30.822)

Let’s do it. Yeah. I’m stoked.

Ash (01:08:37.062)

We have a question of the week this week. This question of the week comes to us from Wing Lady on Discord. If you had to build a character from the starting point of a theme song, what song would you pick and what build would you extrapolate it from?

Tyler (01:08:37.301)

I put the…

Tyler (01:08:52.757)

Ah, jeez.

Ash (01:08:53.03)

What bill would you extrapolate from it? I apologize.

Randall James (01:08:59.142)

Okay, I saw this conversation happen in Discord. I didn’t engage in it nor have I really given any thought. Immediately, immediately, immediately, my first thought is, I’m gonna do the Brady Bunch. And I’m gonna do a Decromancer.

Ash (01:09:07.046)


Ash (01:09:13.094)


Interesting. Are you going to name all of your zombies after the different bunch? I love that. That’s fantastic. Yes. Yes. Good on you, sir.

Randall James (01:09:22.534)

Exactly, exactly. Yeah.

Tyler (01:09:32.885)

God, that’s still funny.

Randall James (01:09:33.03)

So that’s me. What do you folks have?

Tyler (01:09:35.861)

I don’t know, man. I’m not prepared for this.

Randall James (01:09:41.078)

Normally Tyler picks the question of the week, he picks it like two weeks ahead of time and just spends two weeks.

Ash (01:09:41.638)

Get prepared. Get prepared.

Tyler (01:09:44.981)




Randall James (01:09:51.206)

That’s not really true, but.

Ash (01:09:51.206)


Tyler (01:09:55.157)

Ash, buy me time.

Ash (01:09:58.118)

I’m trying to think too. Like I thought about this for a while. There’s so many good ones. You know what? You know what I would do? OK. This is this is going to be a little bit a little bit messed up, but I think it could also be funny if played the right way. A person who a bard who is very interested in making everybody like them and just having as many friends as possible.

Tyler (01:10:00.021)


Ash (01:10:26.502)

And it comes from the theme song for Friends.

Tyler (01:10:29.557)


Ash (01:10:31.014)

I’ll be there for you cuz you don’t really have a choice

Randall James (01:10:39.634)

You love us, Broker Joe. Yeah, no, that’s great.

Tyler (01:10:43.445)


Ash (01:10:43.559)

You love life, sicko.

Tyler (01:10:48.565)

Okay, I don’t have, I’m not coming up with a satisfying answer, so I’m gonna do.

Randall James (01:10:52.864)

The Bard’s like, all my friends are losers. Everything sucks constantly. Sorry, Tyler. I’m still thinking about our good friend Chandler being the Bard.

Tyler (01:10:56.181)


Ash (01:10:58.63)


Ash (01:11:05.088)

Ha ha ha ha ha. Shenandoah, bong, yes.

Tyler (01:11:05.301)

I’m going to do what a lot of debaters do when they’re failing and struggling to come up with ideas, and I’m going to engage with a logical fallacy, and I’m going to beg for question.

Ash (01:11:21.062)

Oh boy. Oh boy.

Tyler (01:11:22.933)

Yeah, alright, so instead of making me pick a song and then pick a build for it, I would say if I was gonna do this, someone would have to give me a song and I will struggle. So like, if you were gonna do this for a party, you could walk in and just like, pretend you still owned physical albums and just drop one on the table in front of your pretend physical game. Say, this is the theme music for the game, pick a song on the album, that’s your character.

Randall James (01:11:23.526)

Go on.

Ash (01:11:33.67)

Hmm, okay.

Ash (01:11:53.382)

Okay. Oh yeah, that’s a good one. I do. Are you familiar with the Pixie song, Where Is My Mind?

Randall James (01:11:53.766)

Okay, cheers. Oh, I’m sorry, Ash, do you have a good one? Okay, go.

Tyler (01:12:03.829)

I can’t recall the lyrics, but I’m sure I’ve heard it many many times. Alright, where is my mind? I’m gonna play…

Ash (01:12:08.23)


Tyler (01:12:15.158)

I’m gonna play a spellcaster who is all about astral projection and mind control and taking control of other creatures’ bodies. It’s not so much that you’re asking, where is my mind? You know where your mind is, it’s in somebody else.

Ash (01:12:30.726)

It’s where is your mind. Alternatively, you could make a character based off of Matt, you’re insane and you’re trying to induce that insanity on other people. To answer your question, to answer what you were gonna say, Randall, I have one for you for the cheers, where everybody knows your name. I know Neuromancer.

Tyler (01:12:42.581)

So just gulok, got it.

Randall James (01:12:48.678)


Tyler (01:12:52.981)

I’ve never heard that combination of word before.

Randall James (01:12:55.116)


Ash (01:12:55.75)

I believe that was one of the UA. I don’t know if it’s an official one yet, but it was a wizard that focused on true names.

Tyler (01:13:03.925)

Oh God no. Oh God no. Nope. We don’t need true Namers back. No, thank you wizards. No.

Ash (01:13:05.542)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Randall James (01:13:06.79)

Okay, alright. I did it.

Ash (01:13:13.574)

I don’t know if I don’t know if I don’t know if it was a no a Neuromancer is the dream is a dream wizard but it was one of those things that they did do one that was true it was actually a really cool subclass I don’t know if you guys ever saw it but it was I can’t remember what it’s called but it was it was a really cool subclass it was about you finding the true names of things and then being able to do different effects based on those true names so yeah

Randall James (01:13:15.014)

making me laugh, I don’t get it.

Randall James (01:13:26.214)

not nominal mentor. I don’t. Yeah.

Tyler (01:13:28.725)


Ash (01:13:43.142)

where everybody knows your name. I know your name. It’s in my book. I hope we answered your question satisfactorily wing lady.

Tyler (01:13:45.493)



Randall James (01:13:51.654)


Ash (01:14:01.734)

No, we’re not getting copyright strike. Stop.

Tyler (01:14:02.719)


Randall James (01:14:08.742)

What just happened?

Ash (01:14:10.15)

Yeah, what did you just do?

Tyler (01:14:12.469)

All right, Dan, cut this. So I planned this as an RPGBot .News, so I went for the News template, which has a different outro. Which outro do we want to do? I don’t know anymore. Okay.

Randall James (01:14:24.198)

I’ll do the big one, it’s fun.

Ash (01:14:25.06)

I don’t care. Yeah.

Randall James (01:14:28.294)

I’m Randall J. Bringing you up to a moment of cut. Dan, you’re doing great. We appreciate everything that you do for us. This is me like hailing you, but I’m doing a lot.

Randall James (01:14:39.94)

All hail the leisure luminati! Hail! I’m Reynolds James, you’ll find me on amateurjack .com and on Twitter and Instagram at Jack Amateur.

Tyler (01:14:42.07)


Tyler (01:14:48.789)

I’m Tyler Kamstead, you’ll find me on RPGBot .net, Facebook and Twitter, RPGBOTDOTNET, most other socials as RPGBot.

Ash (01:14:59.492)

I’m Asher Eli and you’ll find me following the wild tarasque on X or Twitter as it should be called at Graven Ashes and you can find me studying more of the flora and ecology on YouTube at Ashraven Media. If you want to know how to hunt a specific monster and what their weaknesses and strengths are then come hire me as your dungeon master and guide to the world of magic at startplaying .games. Link.

in the description.

Randall James (01:15:33.382)

a lot. Like you should just clip that out and post it somewhere.

Ash (01:15:34.182)

Thank you.


Tyler (01:15:38.197)

Okay Ash, you raised a horrifying question for me. Okay, Pathfinder lore. Rovagug, the destroyer, the god that’s gonna eat the multiverse. Rovagug has children, quote -unquote, who are a series of kaijus that basically fell off of its back at some point in history. One of them is the Tarasque, the apocalypse engine. And…

Ash (01:15:48.292)

Mm -hmm.

Ash (01:15:57.414)

Yes, I’m familiar.

Ash (01:16:01.978)

Mm -hmm. Yep.

Tyler (01:16:04.669)

If I remember the lore correctly, the Tarasque is supposed to be like the first sign that Robogug is gonna get out. Like, the Tarasque shows up and everyone goes, oh no, the world is about to end. Huh.

Randall James (01:16:14.022)

It’s like, this is bad, but also it gets worse.

Tyler (01:16:16.981)

Yeah, what are they gonna do? Because the Tarrasque is definitely one of those creatures that they can’t use anymore.

Randall James (01:16:25.414)

They’re just going to use like bebop and Ropsteady instead.

Ash (01:16:25.414)

Oh, no, no, to ask is to ask is actually not a D &D property. It’s from it’s it’s from law. Yeah, it’s from mythology. Yeah. To ask is a monster. And yes, it’s a monster from French, French folklore. So yeah, D &D cannot hold claim to it. They can hold claim to their Godzilla esque version of to ask. But in all honesty, that was the more boring version of the task. So.

Tyler (01:16:32.149)

Oh, that’s right, it’s the French thing.

Randall James (01:16:35.782)

Yeah, we did a whole episode on this three years ago.

Tyler (01:16:36.053)

Gosh… We did it.

Ash (01:16:54.47)

If you’ve seen like classical depictions of the dress, it’s like a turtle with a face on it and kind of mixed with a dog. So let’s see that because I think that’s more awesome than just Godzilla. But D &D.

Tyler (01:16:59.433)

Yeah, it’s so dorky looking.

Tyler (01:17:08.117)

It’s just the face of a guy on a giant turtle with grizzly bear feet.

Ash (01:17:12.07)

Yeah, and that’s horrifying. Are you kidding me? Yeah. Well, also, I should say, Tarasque is not actually a monster in Pathfinder. They have a ritual that can summon a Tarasque, but they don’t have Tarasque in there. Yeah. Mm hmm.

Randall James (01:17:12.998)

Look, they’re gonna spice it up. It’s gonna be great. You wait.

Tyler (01:17:17.973)

It looks like a child drew it.

Randall James (01:17:31.206)

Yeah. In the show notes, link to our episode on rituals.

Tyler (01:17:31.637)


Yeah. And the terrasque, apparently.

Ash (01:17:37.4)

Or no, it’s not a ritual, it’s a spell. It’s a 10th level spell. It allows you to summon the apocalypse monsters. Yeah. Mm -hmm. Mm -hmm.

Tyler (01:17:44.149)


Randall James (01:17:45.19)

Nah, I’m done with this world, let’s get it over with.

Tyler (01:17:49.301)


Ash (01:17:49.412)

Mm -hmm. Yep.

Randall James (01:17:51.622)

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Ash (01:18:10.438)

Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm.

Ash (01:18:17.958)


Randall James (01:18:20.934)

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