MONKS Levels 5 – 20 – Beyond the Flurry of Blows: Strategic Tips for Mastering the Class – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E58

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Show Notes

In Part 2 of this RPGBOT.Podcast on Monks, we continue our ongoing discussion of the D&D 5e Monk, continuing from level 5. At level 11, Ash gains the Tranquility feature, which grants the effect of a sanctuary spell. Tyler gains the Aspect of the Worm feature, allowing him to create an aura that frightens enemies or grants resistance to dragon damage. Randall gains the Empowered Arms feature, which adds extra damage to his attacks and allows him to create an aura that grants temporary hit points. At level 12, Tyler takes the Chef feat to boost his Wisdom and gain extra healing, while Ash takes the Strike of the Giants feat to enhance his melee attacks.

The conversation also explores the tactics and combat strategies of the monk class. The hosts talk about the different features and abilities that the Monk gains at each level, proficiency in all languages, Diamond Soul, Timeless Body, Quivering Palm, and Empty Body. They also discuss the usefulness and limitations of these features, as well as potential tactics and strategies for playing a high-level Monk.

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