Introducing: The Monsterizer.

After well over a year of development (Off and on; it was a side project), I’m ready to present an exciting new tool to improve your experience with Dungeons and Dragons:

The Monsterizer.

The Monsterizer is, to put it simply, a monster builder. But it’s better than just that.

Maybe you’ve used the one on DnDBeyond. It’s fine. It’s basically a bunch of giant text boxes, but you’re on your own to do any actual math. And when you’re trying to build or modify a creature, the math is the scariest part. The rules for doing it span 8 full pages of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Sure, two of them are a gigantic table, but that doesn’t make it better. And even then, one mistake and your CR might be wildly incorrect.

How many DMs out there have thrown a homebrew monster at your players only for them to walk through it like an open door? Or worse, how many have resulted in a TPK in what you thought would be a fair fight?

Well, the Monsterizer is here to help.

With the Monsterizer, you can build your monster without opening your Dungeon Master’s Guide once. Based on the rules in the DMG (with some changes to address very real math problems in those rules), the Monsterizer does the heavy lifting for you. You don’t need to worry about the math.

You don’t even need to worry about formatting. Seriously, look at this beauty:

Screenshot of Monsterizer stat block for the SRD Air Elemental
Screenshot of Monsterizer stat block for the SRD Air Elemental

You can make stat blocks that look that nice without ever once needing to manually mark something bold or whatever. All the hard, boring parts are done for you.

Perhaps even better, you’ll see this right above your stat block:

CR Calculations for SRD Air Elemental
CR Calculations for SRD Air Elemental

The “Target CR” is the one that you’ll find in the Monster Manual and in the stat block. The rest tells you how close that number is to correct. In this case, the Air Elemental’s calculated CR is 5, but since their offensive CR is lower, they might be on the weak end of 5. There’s some “fuzziness” there with special traits like whirlwind, but it still gives you a good idea that this creature is on track to be CR 5.

The Monsterizer does all that for you. Want to add spellcasting to a dragon? It’s there. Regular, innate, even pact magic if you want a dragon warlock. Special traits? Every one of them that’s in the SRD. They’re all there pre-formatted and nice, or you can write your own. Give a demon petrifying gaze. Damage resistances? Conditions? They’re all there. Make your zombies two-headed. Make a skeleton immune to fire, then give it the ability to cast Produce Flame. Get creative.

I can honestly say that I don’t know of an easier way to build a monster, and I’ve never had more fun doing it.

Go fill the world with monsters.


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