Tool Proficiencies


Race, class, feats, and backgrounds will grant proficiencies in tools, gaming sets, and vehicles. Unlike skills, the number of options of these types is undefined, and varies between game settings. For example: some settings feature airships, and a corresponding vehicle proficiency. In settings that don’t contain airships, characters will not be able to select airship proficiency. If there is no vehicle, there is no vehicle proficiency.

Tool Proficiencies

These often cater to a specific profession, like Mason’s Tools for masons or Brewer’s Tools for brewers. These proficiencies most commonly come from a character’s Background, and because not all backgrounds grant tool proficiencies not all characters have them.

Example Tools

Some are described in the Player’s Handbook, and additional options are presented in Xanathar’s Guide to everything. The examples below are a selection intended to serve as examples of the breadth and variety of available options.

  • Artisan’s Tools: A grab-bag that is less obviously useful for adventurers.
  • Forger’s Kit: Specifically used for forging documents. It shares a lot with similar kits like the Calligraphy Kit.
  • Healer’s Kit: Used to non-magically stabilize dying creatures. Does not require proficiency to use.
  • Herbalism Kit: Used to do things with herbs, but more importantly to craft Potions of Healing.
  • Thieves’ Tools: Used for disabling traps and picking locks. Rogues get proficiency at 1st level, and several backgrounds also grant proficiency. This is the most valuable in a typical game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Additional kits were introduced in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (affiliate link).

Gaming Sets

Gaming set proficiencies cover proficiency with a single game, such as Three-Dragon Ante. Proficiency in a gaming kit allows you to add your proficiency bonus to ability checks to play that game.


Vehicle proficiencies are broad, generally covering the type of terrain over which they travel. For example: the Sailor brackground grants proficiency in Vehicle (Water), which covers boats and ships of all sizes. Characters can also gain proficiency in Vehicles (Land) to drive carts, wagons, and carriages. In settings where such vehicles exist, you might be able to gain proficiency in other sorts of vehicles like Vehicles (Air) for airships, or any number of other fantastic modes of transportation.

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