DnD 5e Arcane Archer Handbook

DnD 5e – New Arcane Archer Handbook

I’ve been playing DnD for over two decades, a realization which gives me a new gray hair every time I’m forced to speak it aloud. The Arcane Archer has existed at least that long, and likely longer. In all that time, the Arcane Archer has always been thematically awesome but mechanically underwhelming, and 5e has steadfastly maintained that time-honored tradition.

The Arcane Archer Fighter is one tiny house rule away from being both fun and satisfying to play. Our subclass handbook offers several suggestions that will work so that you can pick your favorite, and the example build manages to capitalize on the subclass’s strengths to let you quickly eliminate high-priority enemies even with extremely limited resources.

Arcane Archer Fighter Handbook

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