RPGBOT Announces BFRD.net and ToV Optimization Content

Today, in partnership with our friends at Kobold Press, RPGBOT is proud to announce the launch of BFRD.net, your online source for the Black Flag Reference Document and your rules companion for Black Flag Roleplaying.

From Kobold Press:

The BFRD is a completely free, open, and 5E-compatible RPG designed to provide gamers with a comprehensive reference document that includes everything they need to create characters, write adventures, and even publish their own content.

We invite you to read Kobold Press’s full press release.

We’re supporting Tales of the Valiant and Black Flag Roleplaying in the same capacity that Archives of Nethys has long served the Pathfinder community, providing a free and accessible source for rules content.

While we’re still making improvements to the site, the full content of the BFRD is now live and freely available. We invite you to explore the site, and if you encounter any issues, we invite you to email us at Contact@BFRD.net.

In addition, we’re already hard at work on character optimization content for Tales of the Valiant. We’re actively developing class handbooks with expanded builds and advice for the Valiant Six pregen characters which you have come to expect from RPGBOT.net. The initial content will be released Friday, May 10th, 2024 at the beginning of Kobold Con so that you can enter the convention ready to play. Organized play sessions are Saturday and Sunday; check the convention schedule for more information.

We strongly recommend starting with our 5e to ToV transition guide, which we’re continually updating as we identify differences in the rules so that you can smoothly adapt to the new system.

With the launch of Tales of the Valiant fast approaching at Kobold Con this Friday, we hope that you’re as excited as we are.

Be Valiant.

Tyler Kamstra

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