Baldur’s Gate 3 – New Practical Guide to Feat Selection

On average, around three times in each character’s life you’re going to be presented with a list of 30-something options to choose from and have to decide “which is best right now?” Multiclass characters will maybe get fewer and Fighters will get more, but that’s a baseline. While Ability Score Enhancements are still often a good choice, you might not need them if you’ve for example, found an item that sets your strength to 23 (or make giant strength elixirs all the time), or if you’re staying ahead of the fundamental math with other magic items. In such a case, you could theoretically end up with several levels where you aren’t sure what feat you should take. If only there was optimization content to help you.

Rejoice! It exists now. This article looks into the feat selection and presents commentary on each, including referencing behind-the-scenes aspects of the game you might not be familiar with. Take a look and see why Alert goes from being barely orange in the tabletop version to easily blue in the video game.


Practical Guide to Feat Selection – Baldur’s Gate 3

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