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Pathfinder - Practical Guide to Teamwork Feats

Last Updated: May 18th, 2015


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Many characters are created in a vacuum. Players often conceive, build, and run their characters with little consideration for other characters in their party, and at best might consider the roles of the other characters in the party when building their own. Teamwork feats rely on coordination between players, and typically require that multiple characters take the same feats in order to reap the benefits. It is often difficult for players to justify a feat when they can only be guaranteed to gain its benefits while their teammates are in place to cooperate.

Fortunately, many classes provide options for sharing teamwork feats which can remove the need for multiple characters to take the same teamwork feats. With some careful coordination, the party can share several groups of teamwork feats with each other, thereby gaining the effects of considerably more feats than a character could otherwise have.

Teamwork-Friendly Classes and Archetypes

Many classes and archetypes provide bonus Teamwork Feats, and many of those provide a means to share those feats with your allies. Having even one character in the party who can share Teamwork Feats can be a huge boon to the party.

Brawler (Exemplar): Field Instruction allows the Exemplar Brawler to grant teamwork feats to allies for a few rounds at a time. Combined with Martial Flexibility, this gives the Brawler access to a dizzying number of options.

Cavalier: The Cavalier gets bonus Teamwork Feats at 1st, 9th, and 17th level. The Cavalier can share one (two with Master Tactician) of these feats one to five times per day for a few rounds at a time. To get any interesting Teamwork Feats you will need to spend your regular feats on Teamwork Feats.

Cavalier (Strategist): The Strategist doubles down on the Cavalier's Teamwork Feats. Drill Instructor allows the Cavalier to grant Teamwork Feats to allies for 10+ minutes at a time, which saves you actions in combats, and saves daily uses of Tactician.

Fighter (Tactician): The Tactician can select Teamwork feats as Fighter Bonus Feats, but doesn't have any way to share them with allies.

Hunter: The Hunter gains bonus teamwork feats every 3 levels, and the Hunter can change the most recently selected teamwork feat on the fly. This is helpful for teamwork feats which are situational, but which have prerequisites which you already meet. On top of that, Hunter Tactics automatically gives the Hunter's Animal Companion all of the Hunter's Teamwork Feats, giving the Hunter an easy option for teamwork.

Inquisitor: The Inquisitor is a fantastic option for Teamwork Feat enthusiasts. In addition to receiving free Teamwork Feats every 3 levels, the Inquisitor's Solo Tactics ability allows the Inquisitor to benefit from Teamwork Feats even if allies don't have any. On top of all of that, the Inquisitor can change their most recently selected Teamwork Feat, opening up a lot of situational Teamwork Feats which you can't justify taking as a permanent option.

Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsmaster): In addition to the Inquisitor's existing Teamwork Feat abilities, the Sacred Huntsmaster automatically grants all of their teamwork feats to their Animal Companion, automatically granting the Inquisitor an ally with which the Inquisitor can cooperate, and leaving the Animal Companion's small number of feat slots open for other things.

Paladin (Holy Guide): The Holy Guide gets exactly one free teamwork feat, and can grant that feat (and only that feat) to allies for a few rounds by spending one of the Paladin's very few uses per day of Smite Evil. Because the Holy Guide gets this feat at 5th level, it's hard to get anything really interesting to share with your allies.

Paladin (Holy Tactician): The Holy Tactician gains a total of 5 bonus Teamwork Feats, and can share one Teamwork Feat (any one known, not just the bonus feats) to allies. Because there is no duration, you can set this once when you meet your allies, then change it for the rest of your career as a swift action. This is incredibly powerful, especially if you have several high level Teamwork Feats to share.

Slayer (Vanguard): The Vanguard gets one teamwork feat at second level, and thus can't get anything even remotely powerful. The Vanguard can then share this lousy feat once per day with their allies, and can gain one additional use a time by wasting a Slayer Talent.

Warpriest (Divine Commander): The Divine commander grants one bonus Teamwork Feat at 3rd level, long before you can get anything interesting, and a second at 12th level. You can grant one of these feats to your allies 1 to 3 times per day for a few rounds. The 12th level feat will allow you to select from several fantastic options, and you can use it as a swift action, but the limited uses per day make it hard to justify focusing on this ability.

Teamwork Feats

* - This is a combat feat, and can be selected as a brawler, fighter, gunslinger, swashbuckler, and warpriest bonus feat.