The Nuzlocke Calibrator is loading, but while you wait you may find the text below informative.

About the Nuzlocke Calibrator

The Nuzlocke Calibrator is a simple tool to help you customize your Nuzlocke run, to get a general idea of the difficulty of that run based on your choice of house rules, and to keep track of and share the rules which you have selected.

What is “Nuzlocke” and how do I play it?

Check out my Practical Guide to Nuzlocke.

Why isn’t my variant or house rule in the calibrator?

Probably because I don’t know about it. If you have clever ideas for new variants or house rules, start by presenting them to discussion channels like /r/Nuzlocke or The Nuzlocke Forum to get feedback. If your idea is well-recieved by the community, I’ll consider adding it to the calibrator.

Remember that I can’t possible add every idea that everyone on the internet has ever had, so I may choose to refuse your suggestion if adding it would be difficult, complicated, redundant, or otherwise unpleasant. I also reserve the right to edit your suggestion for clarity, grammar, and spelling, and to assess the percieved difficulty of the rule you propose.

Once you feel like your variant or houserule is ready to be added, email me and I’ll consider it.