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Show Notes

In this episode we talk about magic items in 5th Edition and explore the game-changing rune system of Pathfinder 2nd Edition. Get ready to discover the untapped potential of these rune-enhanced weapons and armor and how they can add a new level of customization to your game by bringing PF2’s runes into 5e. From anarchic axes to axiomatic swords, join us as we discuss the possibilities of incorporating these dynamic runes into your 5th Edition campaigns. Plus, stick around as we share some tips on introducing new tones and themes into your games, and how to shake things up with a villain’s perspective. So grab your dice and get ready to level up your TTRPG with the RPGBOT.Podcast!

  • Magic items in D&D 5th Edition often lack uniqueness and customization, relying heavily on numerical bonuses.
  • The Pathfinder 2nd Edition rune system offers a solution to the limitations of magic items in 5th Edition, providing flexibility and customization.
  • Property runes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition add unique effects and abilities to weapons and armor, allowing for more dynamic gameplay.
  • The level-based restrictions on runes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition ensure that players receive appropriate and balanced magic items. Adapting weapon properties from Pathfinder 2e to 5e can add unique and interesting options for players.
  • Determining the rarity of adapted weapons can be based on level restrictions and vulnerabilities.
  • Allowing multiple property runes on a weapon can provide players with more customization options.
  • Bringing armor runes to 5e can enhance the variety and customization of armor options.
  • The inclusion of magic item prices in OneD&D can provide guidance for DMs and players when acquiring and pricing magic items.
  • Open discussions with players are important when attempting tonal shifts in a campaign. Have a conversation with the group to gauge their interest in exploring a new tone or theme.
  • Consider running a short arc with a different tone to provide a break from the main campaign.
  • Explore the villain’s perspective by running a one-shot where the players play as goons in the villain’s army.
  • Use horror survivor scenarios to instill fear and create a sense of revenge in the players.


  1. The Issue with Magic Items in D&D 5th Edition
  2. The Appeal of Pathfinder 2nd Edition Rune System
  3. Fundamental and Property Runes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition
  4. Exploring Property Runes in Pathfinder 2nd Edition
  5. Adapting Axiomatic and Anarchic Weapon Properties
  6. Determining Rarity for Axiomatic and Anarchic Weapons
  7. Level Restrictions and Vulnerabilities
  8. Allowing Multiple Property Runes
  9. Reducing Enhancement Bonus for Property Runes
  10. Bringing Armor Runes to 5e
  11. Magic Item Prices in OneD&D

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