PF2 Howl of the Wild Review

PF2e Howl of the Wild Review: Bigger, But Also Smaller Beasties – RPGBOT.Podcast S4E62

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Show Notes

“If you ever wanted to run a monster hunter campaign, just use this book and nothing else”

In this episode of the RPGBOT.Podcast, we review the Howl of the Wild release for Pathfinder second edition. We explore the various features and options available in the book, including the introduction of tiny and large races, rules for riding PCs, and the addition of new ancestries like the Athamaru, Awakened Animals, Centaurs, and Merfolk. We highlight the unique abilities and mechanics of each ancestry and discuss the potential gameplay implications; and, talk about our excitement for the expanded wilderness and aquatic options in the book. We breakdown the new ancestries and character options in the Pathfinder Second Edition Advanced Player’s Guide.

We also talk about the aquatic races, such as merfolk and sahuagin, and the unique challenges and abilities they possess; and discuss the minotaur and circe ancestries, as well as the new beast-themed patrons and feats for witches. We highlight the versatility and customization options provided by the new archetypes, such as the Beastmaster and Claw Dancer. Overall, we are impressed with the design choices and variety of options in the book.

We also go through the various archetypes, spells, and monsters in the Pathfinder 2E supplement, Secrets of Magic, highlighting the Ancestry options, including the Acyli and Circe, and the new archetypes like the Beastmaster and Wild Mimic. We also talk about the new spells, animal companions, and advanced animal companion mechanics. We are excited for the unique monsters in the book, such as the Almaraj, Thruniosaurus Rex, and Scrounge Feather.

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