New RPGBOT.Podcast Transcription Effort

I’d like to take a moment to talk about transcripts for the RPGBOT.Podcast.

We stopped doing podcast trancripts well over a year ago at this point. They were a huge time cost, even with transcription software, and we couldn’t make the time for it. I’m still sad that we had to do this. Accessibility matters.

As the podcast has grown, we’ve received more requests for podcast transcripts, so we’re looking for a way that we can make that happen.

So we’re going to try an experiment: We’ll post the rough automatic transcripts from our recording platform on podcast posts on the site. In addition, we’ll post a Google Doc which is open to public comments/suggestions so that motivated members of the community can help us clean things up.

We’ll experiment with this for a few episodes to see how well things go. If all goes well, we’ll go through the entire podcast backlog.

If you’re excited to see this in action, we’ve started with our recent episode on the Ethereal Plane, and we’ll do the same for new episodes. We can’t do this for the remastered episodes currently, but we’re hoping to correct that in the near future.

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