DnD 5e Oath of Devotion Paladin Handbook

DnD 5e – New Oath of Devotion Paladin Handbook

Rounding out the list of Paladins, we have the more interesting version of the most basic Oath: Devotion. It’s the one in the OGL, partially because of its ease of use. The options aren’t particularly complicated, only the Channel and the capstone are active abilities, and the whole thing just fits very well into what a Paladin should be. That means that making an example build should be fast, easy, and require hardly any work to pilot… right?

Well, we did that once already. It’s on the main Paladin Handbook page, and it is a perfectly fine generic Defender. But we are a collective of optimizers, and that didn’t sit well with me as being the only version on the site. Because we already have a super basic version, I was able to skirt around the guideline we usually stick to of not multiclassing in handbooks and make something that is actually mechanically interesting and requires constant tactical decision-making. I hope you like it!

Oath of Devotion Paladin Handbook

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