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DnD 5e – New Knowledge Domain Cleric Handbook

Have you ever looked at a Divination Wizard and thought “that seems really cool, but managing a spellbook and not being able to wear armor just sounds like way too much of a pain in the butt?” The answer is a Knowledge Cleric. Between their expanded spell list, Channel, and the standard Cleric access to a ton of supportive spells, they’re able to know pretty much everything, including how to be good at whatever’s about to happen, and then back that up by enhancing themselves to have an excellent chance of success. Even when out of tricks for covering nearly every party role (they can very easily perform in the Wizard’s and Rogue’s traditional spaces), they still have staples like Spirit Guardians and Healing Word which will make them feel very comfortable in their role as a support caster.

Plus, did you know that Egyptian deities are canonically worshipped in Faerun? That sure can’t lead to any problems.


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