DnD 5e – Lizardfolk Race Handbook Updated

The Lizardfolk was reprinted for the first time in Monsters of the Multiverse, and it got some significant updates to its mechanics. It still has the classic issue where Hungry Jaws and Natural Armor are never useful for the same character in combat, but Hungry Jaws was updated to be a much more useful source of temporary hit points, so if you can carry a bag of rats, you have a ready source of temporary HP which you can dip into between encounters.

We did lose Cunning Artisan, which is disappointing, but it was always a sort of “ribbon” ability that was only meaningful for flavor purposes. It definitely takes away some of the flavor of the race, but it’s not mechanically impactful. If you still want to craft weapons out of monsters, talk to your DM about using a suitable tool proficiency.

I hadn’t updated the Lizardfolk Handbook since the release of Tasha’s, so this is another big update.