DnD 5e Fighter Subclasses Breakdown – Updated subclass assessments and improved advice

I’m still working on my ongoing updates to my DnD 5e coverage in a post-Tasha’s world. A Patreon Poll picked the Fighter as the next class to receive updated subclass coverage.

The only subclass which changed ratings was the Champion, which I reduced from green to orange. While the Champion hasn’t gotten worse, all of the things that make the Champion appealing are now available from several other sources. The Champion has always been a bit boring, but not they’re not even unique. I added some suggestions for changes to my subclass assessment which can make the Champion a bit more interesting, but as published they’re just not very good. They’re not so bad that you should never play a champion (which I would indicate with a red rating), but they’re certainly not good.

I made some significant improvements to my coverage of other subclasses. I made small rating changes to specific features, but most of the changes are just adding more and better advice. The article now includes useful advice like how to make ranged Battle Masters and ranged Eldritch Knights work, as well as more advice on specific tactics which work well for various subclasses.

Updates are live on both versions of the site.

Happy gaming.


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