DnD 5e – Centaur, Changeling, Fairy, and Harengon Handbooks Updated

Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse has released alongside the rules expansion gift set, an with it we got 33 reprinted races. If you haven’t listened already, we did a RPGBOT.News episode where we discuss the contents, including some of the bigger changes to race design.

Naturally, I’m hard at work on updates to my race handbooks to account for these changes. I’m going to start with the “low hanging fruit” and address the races with only minor changes first so we can rush through the boring stuff. The Changeling also hadn’t been updated since Tasha’s was released, so I was excited to make updates there.

I’ve updated the advice in both handbooks to account for updates to the traits. I’ve also added a “versions” section to each handbook to briefly explain the release history and mechanical changes to each race which have taken place over time. In the case of the Centaur and the Changeling, the new versions aren’t much different from the custom origin rules, so both options are covered in the same sections. In the case of the Fairy and the Harengon, the Versions section is the only change.

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