spooktober 2022

Spooktober 2022

Ah, Spooktober 1st. Spooky season has begun. My neighbors have been decorating for weeks, but my cobwebs have magically transformed from “chore” to “seasonally appropriate decoration”, so who’s the real winner here?

For the month of Spooktober, we here at RPGBOT will be doing all of our usual nonsense, but we’ll also be bringing you some wonderful, spooky, monstrous stuff. The RPGBOT.Podcast will be airing some spooky-adjacent content, and we’ll be posting monsters and monster-related nonsense on twitter.

Grab a bag of your favorite halloween candy, put on a nice scary movie (or don’t, if you’re me), and get comfy. Maybe revisit last year’s podcast episode on Horror or our Spooktober Haloween Spectacular. If you want to join in the fun, wait about 24 hours (hint), cook up a monster in The Monsterizer, and share it on Socials with #Monsterizer. I’m excited to see what weird, terrifying things you come up with.