RPGBOT.Quickstart S3E6 – How to Play Pathfinder 2e – Part 1: Concepts and Themes

Show Notes

On this episode of the RPGBOT.Quickstart, we discuss the basics of Pathfinder 2e. We cover all the basics of the mechanics and how the game works so that you’re ready to play in a hurry.


  • Feats: Feats are not “mostly activities” as we stated on the show. Many feats are passive, and many are single Actions.
  • Focus Point: You can use the Refocus activity if you have used a Focus Point since the last time you Refocused. You do not need to wait for your pool to be empty as we stated in the show.
  • Reloading: Each item which requires reloading (crossbows, firearms, etc.) lists how many Actions it requires to reload in the weapon’s rules entry.

Materials Referenced in this Episode


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