How to Play Vampire: The Masquerade – Part 1: Concepts and Themes – RPGBOT.Quickstart S3E53

Show Notes

On this episode of the RPGBOT.Quickstart, we discuss the basics of Vampire: The Masquerade. Ash walks us through the basic mechanics and how the game works so that you’re ready to bite into the game.

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  • Vampire requiem is not an edition of vtm; it is a separate game
  • There were actually five editions
    • First edition was 1991-1992 and is barely remembered
    • Second edition is what people think about when they are talking about old world of darkness and lasted from 92-98
    • Revised edition was from 1998-2004 and saw the end of the canon meta narrative and temporary discontinuation of vtm
    • 20th anniversary edition brought it back in 2011 and that brings us to the current fifth edition

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