Each Pathfinder Society character must be associated with a Pathfinder Society Faction. As you play Pathfinder Society games, your character will gain reputation with your faction, which comes with some benefits beyond what’s on your character sheet. These typically come in the form of hirelings, items, and services.

Keep in mind that these boons draw from the same pool of Achievement Points which you use to unlock character options like ancestries from outside of the Core Rulebook.

For the full list and description of boons, see the Factions and Reputation page. To purchase boons, visit the Boons tab of the My Organized Play page and click the link “Rewards purchaseable with Achievement Points – PFS(2ed)” to expand the list. Note that this loads very slowly, so click it once and wait a minute.


When you play a Pathfinder Society scenario, you must choose to represent a faction. Playing earns you reputation with that faction.

Example: I played one session at a convention with my new Pathfinder Society character and chose to represent the Grand Archive. That session earned me 4 reputation.

Your chosen faction can change each time you play, even if you’re playing with the same character. This can be beneficial if you want boons from multiple factions, such as multiple upgrades to your Wayfinder (this is explicitly allowed).

Boons Available to All PCs

A handful of boons are available to all Pathfinder Society characters.

  • Hireling (4 AcP): A helper trained in one skill and one lore skill. Their sole function is to perform skill checks. The way that these hirelings function is somewhat odd: you essentially take whatever action is being done (climbing is used as an example) and suffer any consequences for failure, so it seems like the hireling is melded into your body for functional purposes. I can’t imagine that this is intentional, but the example explanation is confusing. You may only have one hireling boon active at a time (this includes Hiring Translator). Hirelings with better proficiency become available as you Reputation improves.
  • Hireling Translator (4 AcP): Effectively lets you converse in Common plus two other languages of Common rarity. You may only have one hireling boon active at a time (this includes the standard Hiring).
  • Secondary Initiation (2 AcP): Initiation into an organization other than the Pathfinder Society. While the exact mechanics of this aren’t explained, I think the intent is that you gain access to things like the Hellknights.
  • Wayfinder (4 AcP): You must play one session to obtain a Wayfinder, and you get one for free after two sessions. Wayfinders obtained this was have a value of 0 gp, so you can’t turn Achievement Points into money 14gp (half the gp cost of a Wayfinder) at a time. You can upgrade your Wayfinder once you are Liked (20 Reputation) by a faction. Each faction has a different version.

In addition, you can gain access to more boons as your reputation improves. Some boons are available based on your highest reputation in any faction, including better hirelings and Treasure Bundle Insurance.

The Factions

Each faction includes a Mentor boon which helps your allies when they’re benefiting from a Level Bump when playing with higher-level characters. If you routinely play alongside lower-level characters, these boons can be a great way to support your friends at the table.

Envoy’s Alliance

Envoy’s Alliance seeks to grow and diversify the Pathfinder Society (the in-world organization, not the organized play league) and to make the society stronger and better trained.

Boons typically make your life easier as a Pathfinder, including faster crafting and cheaper resurrection.

Grand Archive

Dedicated to studying and preserving history, in part by sending pathfinders abroad to experience the world for themselves.

Ostensibly a good option for bookish characters, the boons aren’t great and aren’t useful for every character. The Esoteric Wayfinder is passable for characters that rely on Recall Knowledge.

Horizon Hunters

Dedicated to exploring lost or unexplored territories and building the reputations of pathfinders who do so.

A good general option for boons. Storied Talent is great if you’re using Downtime to Earn and Income, and Exotic Edge provides a once-per-adventure combat boost for characters who rely heavily on making several attack rolls each turn.

Radiant Oath

Emphasizes kindness, compassion, and redeptiom, but also stands ready to combat great evils.

Boons are generally supportive or protective. A good option for support characters.

Verdant Wheel

Focused on studying and preserving nature, though the exact methods are largely left up to the interpretation of individual pathfinders.

The boons are odd and complicated. One lets you craft an alchemical item or potion quickly, one lets you take Leshy Familiar as a class feat, and one lets you get a bonus Nature skill feat. Generally you’ll need to be trained in the Nature skill.

Vigilant Seal

Protect, contain, and destroy dangerous beings and artifacts. Very much the SCP Foundation for Pathfinder Society.

The Adversary Lore boon is a must-have for anyone relying on Recall Knowledge in combat. Curse Breaker effectively lets you craft a magic item without Crafting. The Wayfinder upgrade gives you a Reaction to reduce a tiny amount of energy damage. There’s somethin here for almost everyone, but it’s not quite as broadly appealing as Envoy’s Alliance

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