DnD 5e – Updated Advice on Handling Magic Items

We have two articles titled Practical Guide to Awarding Magic items and Practical Guide to Starting Above 1st Level (which includes the “Wealth by Level” table). Both articles have received noteworthy updates.

For the Practical Guide to Awarding Magic Items, I changed the title (previously it was “using magic items”, which was ambiguous), expanded the section on making items interesting by suggesting curses among other things, and expanded the section of advice on setting prices to purchase magic items based on entries in source books like Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos which were released after the initial version of the article.

For the Practical Guide to Starting Above 1st Level, I corrected a misunderstanding regarding consumable items: the tables which provide consumable items provide “minor” items, not just consumables, and that key distinction is crucial because it allows players to select things like a bag of holding rather than solely using their magic items for things like magic weapons and wands of face melting. The result is that players can actually get more permanent magic items than I previously thought, but the new items are “minor items” like a bag of holding, goggles of night, and some other surprisingly awesome magic items.

So… oops, I guess. If you’re a DM using our Wealth By Level table, sorry if I caused you trouble. Maybe open up the Practical Guide to Awarding Magic Items and start handing out some curses and other complications to keep players from getting too crazy.