DnD 5e – Spell List Breakdowns Updated to Include Strixhaven Spells

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos includes 5 new spells, and I’ve updated my spell list breakdowns to include all of them. There are some exciting tactical implications to many of the spells, and of course Silvery Barbs is a thing. I don’t think any of the new spells except Silvery Barbs are exceptionally powerful, so I think we’ve gotten some fun new options that support solving problems in new ways, but without much power creep.

There are still some issues, of course. Silvery Barbs is… controversial, to say the least. Borrowed Knowledge arguably allows a single spellcaster to make non-magic skill-based builds irrelevant if they have enough time to prepare. But beyond those two issues, I’m really happy with the new spells.


  1. Vamp119 March 26, 2022
    • RPGBOT March 26, 2022