DnD 5e Sorcerer Subclasses Breakdown – Updated subclass assessments and improved advice

I’m still working on my ongoing updates to my DnD 5e coverage in a post-Tasha’s world. Patreon Poll picked the Sorcerer as the next class to receive updated subclass coverage.

The only subclass which changed ratings was the Draconic Bloodline, which I reduced from blue to green. Draconic Bloodline hasn’t truly gotten worse; in fact, as more spells are added, it gets better because we now have considerably more damage options for each element, allowing you to build a blast focused on something other than fire. However, WotC has added some very powerful subclasses for the Sorcerer, and Dragon Magic and its blasting capabilities simply aren’t good enough to keep up with Aberrant Mind or Shadow Magic.

I made the usual improvements to my coverage of other subclasses. I made small rating changes to specific features, but most of the changes are just adding more and better advice. I spent a lot of time on Wild Magic, a subclass which has long captured people’s imaginations but which I’ve always found unpredictable and frustrating. Among other advice, I recommended a house rule for how the DM should handle Wild Magic (The subclass specifically give the DM the power to decide when your class features work. Unpredictable and frustrating.) in a way that’s consistent, fair, and fun. I would actually play a wild magic sorcerer under my proposed rule, which I’ve honestly never said before.

Updates are live on both versions of the site.