Pathfinder 1e — The Ratfolk Handbook

“Rats!” An animal so important to human civilization it’s name is synonymous with an exclamation. Some people think of them as pests, some as pets, and some fear them, but pretty much everyone feels some way about them. We’ve told stories about rats for hundreds of years, if not thousands, and that’s what makes them such an interesting humanoid-animal hybrid race in Pathfinder.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at ratfolk. What they’re good at, what they’re bad at, and of course, how to optimize them to the best of your ability. Ratfolk have one of the weirdest and most powerful racial abilities in the game, Swarming, and it only gets more fun if you can convince a fellow player to play with you, so send this to your whole group when you sit down for character creation.

The Ratfolk Handbook