DnD 5e — Practical Guide to Animal Shapes

There are few spells that are as overlooked as Animal Shapes. You may have glanced at it once, seen a spell that transforms a party into beasts and never given it a second thought. However, Animal Shapes is weird, messy, and most importantly; interesting. Even if it’s no Mass Polymorph, it deserves to be properly understood.  

Within the following article, the precise rules of the spell will be covered in detail, as well as the best options for choosing forms for the transformed subjects. Additionally, the article describes strategies that may cause your dungeon master to throw their hands up and say “I give up!”

There were times when writing this article I feared for the kind of chaos I was unleashing on unsuspecting DMs. However, it is my solemn duty at RPGBOT to put the power of optimization in your hands, and Animal Shapes can be optimized by degrees of magnitude. Because of this, I must issue a warning of grave importance: 

Please use Animal Shapes responsibly. Talk with your fellow players prior to using the tactics penned within the article. Animal Shapes harnessed to its full potential can make combat take dramatically longer or necessitate the dungeon master to consult the DMG for supplemental rules.

Practical Guide to Animal Shapes


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