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DnD 5e – New Wizard Races Handbook

Following my recent poll about moving race coverage out of our class handbooks, I’ve begun to make that transition. I also added filters to help you narrow down displayed race options to those that your group actually uses, which is a feature people have wanted for a long time and which became considerably easier to implement on a race solely dedicated to races.

I started with the Wizard because wizards are my favorite, but Patreon supporters will be picking the order of the remaining class handbooks to receive updates.

For the people who were opposed to this change, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts in the poll. I think that everyone would have eventually reached the point that they agreed something needed to be done, but that point varies between people. Calls to separate race coverage have become increasingly frequent over the past several years as races became more numerous and complicated.

People proposed some options like making the section collapsible or using tabs on the page. While those options are doable, they come with some tradeoffs that mostly make things difficult for users on mobile devices, and mobile users were already the ones most impacted by the increasingly long class handbook pages. I had basically the same discussion when I decided to move subclasses out of the class handbooks.

Moving the race coverage to separate page does mean that people will need to open another page to see that content, but much like the subclass breakdowns I hope people will find that the more condensed, focus content will be helpful and easier to navigate.


  1. Shawn M March 30, 2022
  2. Omenis April 3, 2022