DnD 5e – New Hadozee Handbook

Hadozee are a weird race. WotC seems to be struggling to find a way to make them mechanically interesting without making them problematic, so they’re in a very strange place mechanically.

Please note that WotC has issued changes to the Hadozee’s traits and lore, and has posted a statement regarding the controversy around the Hadozee. The current version on DnDBeyond cut much of the Hadozee’s lore and reworded the Glide feature, and those changes will be reflected in future reprintings of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space.

We’ve chosen the Tarsier to represent the Hadozee. They’re a critically endangered species of primates native to the Phillipines. You can learn more about the Tarsier from the Phillipines Tarsier Foundation, a charity endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation.


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