Keith Baker's Forge Adept Artificer

DnD 5e – New Forge Adept Artificer Handbook

Hot off the presses, it’s a new guide for an older 3rd-party book. The Forge Adept Artificer Subclass from Keith Baker’s Exploring Eberron is a weapon focused combatant. Similar to the Armorer and Battle Smith in that it fights with Intelligence-based weapon attacks, the Forge Adept focuses on offensive support while fighting with a special signature weapon infusion.

In this handbook not only will you find a breakdown of the features in this subclass you many never have heard of before, you’ll also find a mathematical breakdown of how to calculate the DPR increases from applying infusions to allies as explained in the recent update to the Fundamental Math of 5e, useful information for every Artificer. And stay tuned, we just might have more handbooks coming down the pipe for things you may not have seen.

Keith Baker’s Forge Adept Artificer Handbook


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